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How to get laid on the first date


Get laid on the first date I’m finally ready to confess my personal method for how I’m always able to get laid on the first date. Yes, this is the same strategy that everyone has been asking me about for so long. Believe it or not, I learned this by accident – pure luck – on two different occasions with first dates that were separated by more than a year apart. Both...

How to make out with a girl – 10 Steps


10 Steps : Making out with a girl Are you ready to learn how to make out with a girl like a boss? In this article I’ll teach you 10 steps that are guaranteed to make her always come back begging for more! First, here’s a fun fact: Did you know that your saliva is a natural aphrodisiac? When you make out with a girl, the testosterone in your saliva is transferred to her, causing a...

How to go down on a girl like a boss


How to go down on a girl The majority of women love getting some oral treatment – when it is done properly – which is why you need to know exactly how to turn a girl on and how to go down on a girl the right way if you want to be considered a great lover. Deep down, girls love sex just as much as men do (well, almost as much), although they aren’t usually as open about it. Ask a...

How to make a girl orgasm every time


How to make a girl orgasm Being able to make a girl orgasm is what separates the guys who are great at sex from the ones who aren’t. This one skill makes all the difference. You could be a “minute man”, but if you can make her cum within that minute she is going to be satisfied and tell her friends that you’re incredible in the sack. This is not only how you keep your...

How to get her to have sex with you


Get her to have sex with you Alright, so you’ve managed to get a girl back to your place. She seems a bit nervous or looks visibly uncomfortable. What now? How do you make her to feel comfortable and horny enough to get her to have sex with you? The first step to this is something you should do before you knew she would be coming over. You need to set up a sexual atmosphere. I’m not...

How to talk about sex with a woman


Talk about sex with a woman This is an often overlooked topic, which is surprising given the fact that during any type of relationship with a girl you are going to be talking about sexual things with her at some point. Knowing when and how to talk about sex with a woman can be one of the main contributing factors in whether you actually have sex with her or not. Let’s jump right in...

Get her wet with these foreplay tips


Foreplay : How to get her wet As men, we don’t really need more than to see a sexy woman naked to become completely aroused and ready to go. However girls aren’t like that when it comes to foreplay, so you need to know how to get her wet and ready for sex. Having a lot of game doesn’t mean that much if you can’t turn a girl on when it matters most. If you don’t...

How to last longer while having sex


Last longer while having sex Have you ever wondered what kind of secrets only porn stars knew about that enabled them last longer while having sex and then fire off a load like a lawn sprinkler? Have you ever thought that maybe it is possible for men to have multiple orgasms like women can? Maybe even contemplated learning what all that tantra stuff was really about? Well, you’re in luck my...

How to make a woman cum furiously


How to make a woman cum They say that the average man thinks about sex 50% of the time. (I have no idea what we waste the other 50% on). If you’re going to be meeting lots of girls, you should also know how to make a woman cum and kick some ass in the bedroom. I’m going to teach you how. Right now! I tell ya, after being with many girls, one thing I’m quite used to hearing from...

Does pheromone cologne work?


Does pheromone cologne work? What are pheromones? Do pheromones really work to attract women? If so, how does pheromone cologne work exactly? Read below to learn all of these answers and why pheromones can be a great asset if you want to seduce and attract women. The truth about pheromones In the dictionary, a pheromone is defined as: “A chemical secreted by an animal, especially an insect...

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