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Initiative defines an alpha male


What Makes An Alpha Male?

Girls are attracted to alpha males, we all know this.

It’s built into them just like it is built into us to stare at a nice rack or ass, we simply can’t help it, and neither can they.

Right now I am about to explain the #1 thing that separates the alpha males from the rest of the pack, and no it is NOT confidence.

You can have so much confidence that it seeps out of your ears but will still always be outdone by someone that has this quality: Initiative.

Initiative means that you are always first, and make sure of it. You are the first to make a move in all situations:

You walk straight up to a girl and initiate a conversation with her instead of waiting for her to come to you.

You never walk behind other people when walking in a group, you stay in the front.

You are the first to go and participate in activities like sports.

You always go for the first kiss without asking.

You always make the first move towards sex and always lead the girl to the bedroom.

You are always the one who drives when you go out with others.

Get the idea?

Many guys have confidence, but not all of them can be called true alpha males because they lack initiative, and that is the trait that defines a true alpha male.

At all times you should guarantee that you have the initiative, especially when you are in the presence of the opposite sex, even fight for it if you have to.

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