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How to use false time constraints


Using False Time Constraints

I don’t have long, but let me tell you how to use false time constraints real quick.

See what I did there?

Remember when you were younger and really liked a girl, you would always make the time for her, right? You would wait until she said “Hey, let’s go home” even if you wanted to leave hours earlier.

How about the time when that one chick was all over you and you did the same back to her? You clung to her all night, then the next day when you called her she wouldn’t even pick up the phone.

Why was this?

You will be immediately labeled

There are two types of men: Active and Boring.

Active men are always moving, doing something and are interesting to be around. The boring men just sit around until the night is over, then they go home and rub one out before falling asleep alone.

You’ve seen it, it’s everywhere.

I challenge you to go visit a local bar or club after you read this article and you will notice just what I am talking about. You’ll be able to instantly drop every man that you see into either the Active or Boring categories.

Women don’t find boring men to be attractive at all, however they are drawn to the active men. You as the man have to appear busy, you have to appear to always be on the go.

That type of man is attractive.

However, appearing to be more desirable is only a byproduct of using false time constraints. The true purpose of this trick is to disarm women who have their guard up, particularly in situations in which the expect to be hit on by men.

Allow me to elaborate:

When you approach a group of women, before you have an opportunity to gain social value within the group, they will most likely think of you as being no different than any other guy.

They will not be very receptive to you entering their group space.

Unless you prove otherwise, they will expect you to annoy them and waste their time. This is not a favorable mindset for them to be in, and it will set you back in their minds from the beginning.

This can not be controlled because there will always be guys with zero game approaching women, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t change their mind instantly when you approach.

You will always start at the bottom

At first they will always view you negatively simply because you approaching them will be viewed as a pick up attempt.

Of course it is, but you need to “hide” that until you’ve gotten the chance to show them what a boss you are.

This is where the false time constraint comes into play.

When you approach without a false time constraint, they will think the same things that they do when every other guy tries and fails:

“How long is he going to be here?”

“How can we get rid of him?”

In order to be invited into the group openly, you need to remove that stuff from their thoughts by giving them the idea that you are going to be leaving soon, and it won’t be any problem to allow you in for a couple of seconds.

Your goal here is to get the group to feel that you are just about to leave and you will be no inconvenience.

This will free up their minds and give you the chance to show them that you are worthy of holding a conversation with them. Nothing shady is involved, this is simply a way to navigate around them defenses that women have built up to fend off the hoards of asshole who approach them.

It’s a filtering process.

They expect real men to know their way past all of that, which is what I’m teaching you to do right now.

Basically, the best way to define a false Time Constraint is that it is a statement that dismisses your prolonged stay, allowing you to enter freely and without opposition.

Examples of False Time Constraints:

“I have to get going now, but…”

“I’ve got to meet a few friends in a second, but…”

“I only have a second, but let me ask you about…”

“Hey, I have to get going soon, but you have to hear about this…”

“Hey, I can only stay a second, but if my friend Dave…”

These are just a few examples of common and simple false time constraints. They can be anything similar as long as it gets the job done.

Displaying the right body language

When you use a false time constraint, always keep your shoulder orientation pointing away from the girls that you are talking to.

Having your body pointing to the side while turning your head toward the girls non-verbally tells them that you could leave at any moment, even though that is not your intention at all.

Don’t stop now – keep the ball rolling

Once you have opened properly and used a initial false time constraint, you should just continue the conversation normally.

If you can demonstrate social value to the girls, they will want your prolonged company.

However, after rapport is established you can leave the conversation through the use of another false time constraint and then have them chasing after you.

Your goal should always be to make girls chasing you, not the other way around.

There are many ways this can be accomplished, and a second false time constraint is just one of them. If you have reached the point where you’re sure that the group now wants you to stay, this is where you go back to your original time constraint.

By now, they have become intrigued by you and your conversation, so they are more than likely not thinking about it. Go back to that constraint, and you will have begun the process of having them chase after you or trying and keep you around.

Examples of a 2nd False Time Constraint

”Well, like I was saying earlier, I have to go meet some friends in a second…”

“I really have to get going now…”

“I have to get back to…”

Again, those are just some basic examples of a second false time constraint. They can be anything, and creativity helps.

When using a second false time constraint, be sure to tie it in with the first one to maintain consistency.

Add in some non-verbal time constraints

After a time constraint has already been used, it is very effective to use body language to your advantage to create the feeling that you will be leaving at any time.

“Body Rocking,” or constantly using body language to indicate that you are about to leave is another way of showing a time constraint.

Work to incorporate both verbal and non-verbal time constraints into your game.

Once perfected, a combination of the two is a bulletproof way to disarm any initial beliefs that a woman (or group of women) may have about you during the first few -extremely vital – moments just after you’ve approached.

You now know the basics of false time constraints; how they work, how to use them, and how to make your own.

A false time constraint is one of the most useful things to use during your approach, so be sure to remember what you’ve learned here.

For more on approaching women, check out “The Player’s Black Book” to learn my best secrets!

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