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How to turn a girl on in 3 seconds


Turn A Girl On In 3 Seconds

Do you want to know a simple trick for turning any girl on in just 3 seconds? Even one that you’ve just met?

How about being able to make a girl crave you instantly and in any setting to get her hot and wanting you to take her home?

You can do one little thing that will make her attracted to you in seconds and be desiring you all night.

I’m talking about whispering.

I know, I know. Not such a revolutionary concept, right?

Sure, when it isn’t done properly.

However when you know the secrets to using this the right way it can go from being something simple and boring to a powerhouse technique for turning a girl on and getting you laid.

Everyone loves to be whispered to, and it makes them attracted to the person doing it to them.

Here, I’ll even go so far as to prove it to you:

Imagine a somewhat average looking girl that you only find mildly attractive. The type of girl that you wouldn’t normally go out of your way to try and pick up, but not so ugly that you wouldn’t consider taking her to bed under the right circumstances.

Now picture her whispering something sexy into your ear.

How do you think you’d feel in that situation? Most likely you would be ten times more attracted to her than if she said that same thing directly to your face.

You’ll instantly want to bang her brains out.

She might not be the hottest girl you can get, but at that moment she’d seem incredibly sexy to you.

See what a difference maker a simple whisper can be?

Whispering is an unparalleled source of power when it comes to seduction, so use it to your advantage.

First, Be Prepared

The next time you meet a girl or are with a girl you already know (and like), I want you to do a few things:

First you MUST smell good, so put on some nice cologne and make sure that you smell great.

Also your breath should smell good. One whiff of bad breath when you whisper and that can ruin it all.

Next you will need to isolate her.

Get her away from her friends or the group the two of you are in. If she is alone, then obviously this step can be skipped.

We Are Closing In

Now that you are prepared, we plan to move in and give her the whisper of seduction.

Let’s say that it’s a new girl you have never met before and you’re at a book store.

Here’s what you do:

Walk past her once and check out what she is reading.

Next, go in the same section where she is reading and when you return make eye contact with her.

Immediately upon making eye contact (do NOT hesitate), walk right over and start a conversation with her using any opener that you learned from “The New Breed”.

Now the contact is made and the ice is broken. You smell good, your breath is fresh.

The set up is there. It’s time.

The Whisper

You can assume that if she did not chase you away that she is at least somewhat interested in you.

You’re on solid ground, so proceed on.

Next you’re going to move closer to her. Keep in mind that a girl is more likely to be seduced when whispered to in her LEFT ear, don’t forget that.

This is because the left side of the brain is the emotional and sexual part for girls.

Studies have proven that when a girl is talked to or whispered to in her left ear she is stimulated both emotionally and sexually.

The best way to remember is that Left ear equals Love ear.

Got it?

Good, so you’re on her left side and going to approach slowly. When you get within 1 finger-length apart from her left ear, it’s time to hit her with the magic.

Make sure that your voice is slow, clear, soft and confident.

Imagine that you are James Bond whispering into a girl’s ear if that helps.

The words that you say are really not all that important, but try to make it sexual if that would be appropriate under the current circumstances.

While you whisper to her, you will mildly breathe while talking so she can feel your breath.

This is a form of speed seduction.

The mild breathing will send her subconscious mind right into the sex mode.

Think about it; when you have sex you whisper into your partners ear, and while you do that you are breathing a bit heavy.

What you are doing here is mimicking that effect to make her relate your voice to sex.

This will stimulate her, but remember to make sure that she can slightly feel your breath while you whisper to her.

She should also get a nice whiff of your cologne and good breath (that’s why we prepared).

The Aftermath

After you gave her the whisper, get up and go elsewhere.

If you’re at a bar go pick up another beer for yourself or if at a book store go check out a magazine, then in 3 minutes return.

In the time you are away her subconscious mind will be exploding with passion. She’ll be sexually aroused and thinking about you, having a hard time concentrating on whatever she was doing before you approached her. This is now where you can take the easy road.

You just go back to her and use a little bit of your pick up skills. The rest is easy because now she desires you.

Just like that imaginary “average looking” girl that I mentioned earlier, her attraction levels for you will have skyrocketed.

Getting her number or taking her home will be light work.

If you want to guarantee your success, just use any of the advanced strategies from “The New Breed” and you’ll definitely end up taking her home!

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