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How to touch a girl while flirting


How to touch a girl & get laid

Unless you’re an absolute boss like I am, then probably have no idea how to touch a girl properly. So it’s only natural for you read the title of this article and think something dumb like:

“How the fuck is just touching a girl going to get me laid?”

Since you’re probably not anything like me, I’m going to do you a favor and break this subject down for you.

First of all, you’ll never be able to bring chicks home to bang if you don’t know how to touch a girl while flirting with her, let alone be able to turn her on enough to get the pussy if you magically do manage to get her back at your place.

“But The Jerk, exactly why is touching girls so important if I wanna turn a girl on?”

Oooooo! I’m about to get philosophical on that ass.

Not really. That just sounded cool in my head so I wrote it. Fuck you.

Now listen up because I’m about to get serious (maybe).

One of the first things we need in this world other then food and water is human interaction (like blow jobs).

Instinctively, we NEED to feel the touch of another person, without that life just can’t be complete, unless you’re the World Heavyweight Champ of masturbation.

You probably are. Just Saying.

Main reasons to touch a girl:
• Shows Confidence
• Breaks sexual barriers
• Stimulate the person your attracting
• Shows and establishes your alpha male status.
• Breaks the ice
• Flirting/Teasing

Most guys just relate touch to sexual interaction, but it’s much more then that. In the purest form, touching is a type of communication just like body language is.

Shut up. I already know how fucking boring that sounds.

I wish all touch-related activities revolved around grabbing a tit here and slapping an ass there, but it just doesn’t work that way so stop being a little bitch and man up.

I had to, so do you.

Instead of just letting you be the average loser who just says “Hi” to girls and expects something special to happen, I’m gonna teach you the tactics to help you improve your skills at touching girls and turning them on, thus, cometh the pussy shall (BOOM, double meaning).

Speaking of average losers; how many guys that you know say “Hi” to a girl when meeting them, and that’s it?

Touching a girl is a way of being far better than that lame shit.

You can use it to establish your social status, show how comfortable you are around girls and just make you look like a real man. Trust me; a girl’s subconscious mind will definitely pick up on this shit.

If you act like a boss, she’ll think you’re a boss.

That’s the goal. Instead of being an average loser, you’re gonna be THE MAN by not being afraid to touch the girls that you want to fuck.

Just a prime example before we move on, you’re in a hallway, on your way to class, a meeting, or what have you, you walk pass a girl and you say hey and you introduce yourself to her.

While you’re talking, making her laugh, busting some cocky/funny and showing her your alpha status, you touch her arm as you say a joke or say something funny, or maybe you touch her shoulder as you leave.

Believe it or not, in that very casual, everyday situation, that much touching can stimulate her to remember you.

Joe Loser on the other hand, would have just said hey, she would have forgotten about him shortly after, but the image you left her with of you will stay in her mind for a while.

Anyway, as you progress with this girl, calling her up and establishing a date and such, you should continue to touch her if she is giving all the right signs and you’re sending all the right signals.

Eventually, she will become VERY comfortable with you touching her, and she will soon become very comfortable with touching you also.

As well, it’s always good to tease the girl you’re touching.

After a while, she will get very accustomed to your touch, and she will come to ENJOY it. This is where the fun begins.

Let’s say you’re at a party, and you see the hot babe you’ve come to know so well. You walk up to her, grab her lightly on the shoulders and whisper “Guess who?” and cover her eyes.

After you get past that, you will usually stand next to her and talk with the group she’s talking to.

While you’re doing this, place your hand on the bottom of her back, and slowly, overtime, keep going down until you get to her butt, then remove it shortly after and don’t touch her for the rest of the night, don’t even bother talking to her, just ignore her, play cat and mouse, talk to other girls, the whole 9.

Eventually, you go back up to her and wrap your arm lightly around her shoulder and establish that alpha status with her once again. Or maybe even walk up to her and grab her hand without her expecting it, then say you’ll be right back and don’t come back for a while.

Little things like this will drive her crazy!

Knowing how to touch a girl is important, but even more vital is the way you do it and continue to escalate. It can even be used in a sexual way to tease her in bed.

I’m not going get into much detail on this subject right now, but just keep that in your mind for now.

Don’t just limit your touch to those things though, another great way how to touch a girl is TICKLING! Girls love to be happy, they love smiling and having a great time.

More importantly, as much as they say they don’t like it, they love getting tickled.

That’s a little personal tip for you guys that I use all the time. (For the crazy ones out there, it’s not always a good thing to tickle a girl you JUST met, it’s good to establish a rapport first)

So that’s how to touch a girl in a nutshell guys. It does a lot of things for you and it’s relatively easy to use.

It gives girls that “connection” and “comfortable” factor that you need when it comes to meeting a new girl and even pursuing girls you already know.

Some touch hot spots:
• Neck
• Lower Back
• Waist
• Hips
• Neck
• Hands
• Major tickle spots
• Sides

Another quick tip for this guide; try to be very discreet when you touch a girl at first.

Don’t make it seem like you’re touching her just to be touching her, make it seem like you’re touching her and it’s just natural for you to touch her because that’s how you roll, be it in a sexual way or a playful way.

Also, make sure to keep your touching at a lingering level, and always lightly touch. A girl’s skin is soft, and it should be treated as such, especially when you’re flirting with them.

Give them that light, barley touching rub that makes shivers run up their spine and gets those “juices” flowing.

Also remember, when touching a girl, keep it as cool and natural as possible while flirting (soon it will be as natural as blinking). Don’t put any unnecessary attention on your hands.

Just as 50 cent says “Get to kissing and touching a little bit. Get to licking and fucking a little bit.”

We all hear stories about how “one thing led to another”.

Learning how to touch a girl is the first thing, actually touching her is the second thing, that leads into a series of other things, that results in the girl you wanna bang waking up in the morning and thinking “one thing led to another”.

Catch my drift?

Everything I just taught you is just basic shit.

If you really want to nail the hottest babes then you need to read my book : How To Be A Jerk Like Me

After learning all of my best secrets that are in the book, you’ll be a pussy magnet.

Read it now to start getting laid immediately.

– The Jerk

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