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How to text a woman you like


Texting A Woman You Like

Once you guys are able to open and hold a conversation, getting a woman’s phone number will be easy. Even an average guy can get numbers, but knowing how to call and text a woman properly is entirely different. This is where many men screw up, so I’m going to show you the right way to go about it. Want to be able to spit some serious game over text messages? Then read on.

Most guys starting out in the game will hit a road block when it comes to phone and text game. You will not always get second dates and you will get flaked on or ignored.

The good news is that there are many ways to game by texting to create more attraction, tension, intrigue and value to help solve that problem.

First off, if you want to make gaming over the phone much easier, you need to have a strong first interaction. If it’s a night game environment, try to get a kiss before getting her number. Even better, take her home with you.

After sex it takes minimal effort gaming over the phone via text.

There will be many times when you can’t escalate enough to get a kiss or get laid because the interaction is too short, this is mostly in a day game situation. In these situations, make sure to build as much comfort as possible and game to a decent level before you get her number.

This will make it so you get more responses to your texts and don’t get flakes on so much.

I prefer to text when I game, especially at first. A text does not have to be in real time like a phone call, so if she’s not near her phone, she will eventually get it, read it and respond. Voice conversations allow you to create more comfort and connection with the girl, so you should eventually call her after texting for a while and establishing a good level of rapport.

Knowing how to text her properly is vital to having success and setting up dates, so let’s go over some tricks to help you win.

Here’s my 6 rules for texting a woman that you like:

1) Don’t use boring and predictable conversation. Especially when texting. None of the normal “Hey whats up”, “Nothing much, how about you” bullshit. Try to say something fun and unpredictable. Gaming over text requires you to create some level of comfort first before you break rapport or create tension or intrigue. Be funny, silly, use emojis – make everything fun and carefree so she stays engaged. If you feel like she’s losing interest, text her something crazy to pull her back in, like “You won’t believe what I just saw…” then insert anything interesting when she asks you what happened.

2) When you call or text her and she asks what you’re doing, always appear to be doing something when she asks. This will embed value into your text and conversations. Say you’re with friends, or with another girl who is your “friend”, or mention anything to do with you taking care of your body or image (at the gym, getting a haircut, shaving, buying clothes, etc.). Letting her know that you’re busy while you are texting her not only shows your value, it indirectly let’s her know she’s important enough to invade your personal time. She’ll feel special and like you more a a result.

3) Mention things that elicits positive images or emotions in her mind. For example, if a girl asks me what I’m doing sometimes I’ll answer with “I’m cooking orange chicken and rice.” I’ll usually get a response like “That sounds yummy, I love Chinese food!” It simulates good images of food and positive emotions, and the fact that I can cook adds more value to me in her eyes. You don’t need to use cooking, you can text her anything that is a positive or cool activity. Never just respond with “not much” or “nothing”, you must always appear to be doing something.

4) Even more powerful is sending her texts that will force her to think about you in a sexual way. For example, if she asks what you are doing you can say “Just got out of the shower and I’m drying off” or “Standing in my closet in my birthday suit trying to figure out what to wear :)”. When she receives those texts from you, her mind will immediately picture you naked even if she doesn’t try to on purpose. It’s a natural human response that is virtually uncontrollable, so use it to your advantage every chance you get. Just don’t be too perverted about it, and please – no dick pics.

5) Talk to her like you’ve known her forever, like she’s a good friend. Never be unsure or hesitant to open up a bit to her, especially via text. Telling a woman a story about your past and then ending the story by texting her “I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone about that before” is extremely powerful. You can really hook a girl by doing that and create a strong bond that will make her feel comfortable about opening up to you as well. This will also give a good vibe to the interaction and usually lead to her wanting to meet up with you or go out on a date.

6) Don’t appear desperate. You need to show limited interest while phone and text gaming. The biggest mistakes guys make are trying to rush things and calling or texting too much. This will quickly scare the girl away. Being the man you have to be able to lead the relationship, rarely will the girl make very much effort to lead the relationship for you. So you should call or text first, just once. If you call and she doesn’t answer, leave a voice mail with a hook at the ending that makes her want to call back. A great example is – “I just heard the craziest rumor ever, call me back!”

Those 6 simple tricks for text gaming should be more than enough to set you on the right path.

If you want to learn even more about texting women – like the absolute best tricks and secrets – then you should check out the Perfection Outside book that comes in “The New Breed” package. You’ll find some seriously powerful stuff in there that you can basically copy and paste into your text conversation with a woman to make her come straight over to your place for some sex.

I’m not joking, check it out at the link above to find out for yourself.

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