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How to tell if your girlfriend is lying


Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Lying

What if you could always be able to tell if your girlfriend is lying to you like you’re a CIA agent?

Well, in this article I’m going to teach you the same tricks that they learn during training so you can catch her in a lie whenever you want.

Your girl will never be able to lie to your face again!

One thing that most of us all fear is being lied to and deceived. It’s only natural to think that your girlfriend may be telling you lies sometimes, and it really sucks when you have no idea if she’s telling the truth or not.

Do you want to find out for sure if she’s cheating on you?

Did she really go where she told you she was going last night?

Is there stuff on her phone that she doesn’t want you to see?

Do you suspect that she might be talking to some other guys?

You can learn the true answers to these questions – and any others you might have – simply by asking her and then using the tricks below to find out if she’s lying!

You’re about to learn my top 12 covert lie-detecting tactics that will help you tell if your girlfriend is lying to you  – any time – even during a normal conversation.

Once you know these tricks you will have the ability to see them when they happen with minimal effort and always know if your girlfriend is telling lies or being truthful.

Her mouth can tell lies to you – but her eyes can’t

Typically when people try to remember something and are recalling real information (the truth), we will look up and to the left. That is of course if we are right handed.

If we are left handed then we will look the opposite direction for accessing the same material.

Let’s try it.

Think of the last status update you posted on FaceBook, now STOP.

Which way did you look?

If you happened to be right handed but reacted in the way that a left handed person would, then that suggests that you’re either ambidextrous OR that you where originally left handed but learned to deal with society by picking up right handed tendencies, like the way that you write.

This is one of the easiest ways to find out if your girlfriend is lying to you, since barely any women can consciously control their eye movements.

Before you try to use this, it would be best to first figure out whether your girlfriend is “truly” right handed or not.

To do so is easy; just ask her a simple, no pressure questions like “What did you have for breakfast this morning?”

When you do it, watch her eyes. The way that she looked while trying to recall REAL information is what she will always do when telling the truth. Now you know whenever she isn’t lying to you, and also when she is – because she will look to the other side.

Use that as a baseline for watching her eye pattern movements, then you can ask her the real questions that you want.

Ask your girlfriend a question she might lie about and then watch how she moves her eyes, if she’s right handed and looks up and to the right that means she is accessing the creative side of her brain. This means she is most likely trying to manifest a lie to tell you.

For example, since approximately 6 out of 7 people are right handed, for the sake of this article let’s say that your girl is right handed.

So, if you ask your girlfriend a question and she looks up and to the right before answering or while answering your question, then she is probably lying to you.

If your girl is left handed, then you would be watching to see if she looks up and to the left, the exact opposite.

Her facial muscles will twitch when she’s lying

This is by far my favorite one to look for. If your girlfriend displays this one, she is almost definitely lying to you.

Watch her face. When people lie sometimes we have an involuntary muscle twitch on our face – that unless you are trained to notice – will go unnoticed.

Look under her eyes where her eye lashes are, and also watch her eye brows as they may twitch as well. Those are the most common spots to be easily noticed.

If your girlfriend is lying, you will notice a slight twitch in those areas.

The key to picking it up is to look at her entire face and watch for small changes like that.

Those are not the only spots that you can notice it, but are the most common and easiest places to spot it, since most of your attention should be on her eyes already.

Her vocal tone will change or she will speak fast

Another great way to tell if your girlfriend is lying to you is to pay close attention to the way that she uses her voice.

When people tell lies, their natural reaction is to try and hide it.

Sometimes this will be seen by mumbling or talking softly to try and hide it. So to them, the lie was never really told.

However, that is far less common than changes in vocal tone. When your girlfriend tells you a lie, many times her tone of voice will shift to become either higher or lower pitches than her regular speech, most often it becomes higher. This is because the change in heart rate when telling a lie can affect her tone.

More importantly, she will want to get it out fast. This results in her saying the lie really fast as compared to her regular rate of speech. She wants to get it out of the way, so it gets sped up.

This is usually followed by her quickly trying to change the subject, so be on the lookout for that as well.

Her movements will be unnatural or exaggerated

When we lie, we act irregularly.

Instead of being fluid and relaxed with our movements, we are more nervous and this can lead to unnatural movements.

When you need to tell if your girlfriend is lying to you, watch her body language.

She may appear to be more jerky with her movements and gestures as compared to being relaxed and moving smoothly.

In addition, sometimes she will go out of her way to add extra little gestures that are not necessary.

She is not doing that purposely, but rather it is a natural behavior that people do when they lie in order to draw attention to something else – and off of the lie they are telling.

Watch out for this one, it is very easy to spot yet very hard for her to hide.

Kids cover mouths, but adults rub noses and eyes

Have you ever seen a young child cover his mouth when he is lying?

I’m sure that you have, most of us have.

They cover their mouths in order to make themselves feel better about telling the lie and to cover it up like it is not happening.

As we grow older, that same action is still there in many people – yet it is not as obvious.

In adults, it is concealed by rubbing our noses or rubbing under our eyes. We do this naturally in an attempt to cover our mouths indirectly.

If your girlfriend is lying to you, she may do this.

This one is so powerful that sometimes when you ask your girlfriend a question she will begin rubbing her nose of her eye while she is thinking of a lie to tell, then she will remove her hand before telling you the lie.

You can call her out on the lie before she even says it when you see her do this!

This is also a very effective way to confirm your suspicions even when she refuses to answer your question.

If she attempts to cover her mouth by rubbing her nose or eye, you know that she was at least thinking of telling you a lie – but then decided to avoid the question entirely.

That is why this is one of the best ways to catch your girlfriend in a lie, as it works even when she remains silent.

She will excessively touch her face and her hair

When someone lies it makes them nervous (fear of being caught), so they are much more inclined to touch their face and head area.

With girls this can become very tricky.

For example, when you first meet a new girl and she is interested in you her body language will tell you that she likes you.

Many girls will touch and twirl their hair while talking to a man they want, and they do this because at that moment they are nervous.

However, when it comes to your girlfriend those initial nerves are long gone. When she touches and plays with her hair while talking to you it doesn’t mean that you’re saying some smooth stuff and turning her on – it usually means that she is lying to you.

If your girlfriend is usually comfortable around you but then begins displaying nervous body language, it means that something is wrong.

Keep an eye out for this and compare it to her normal behavior.

Her neck will get itchy and need a good scratch

When a person becomes nervous while telling a lie, it has been scientifically proven that the tiny hair follicles on their neck becomes agitated, resulting in them feeling itchy.

The next time you are in a business setting, watch the guys in suits. This can be seen when someone adjusts their collar (which scratches their neck).

With that said, you can tell if your girlfriend is telling you a lie by noticing if she scratches her next just after she answers you.

This is not the best indicator to go by, because she really could have an itch or could simply have become nervous based on the question that you asked.

Anyone would get nervous when asked; “Are you cheating on me?”

Regardless, it’s definitely a sign that people display when they lie so it made the list.

The best way to use this is in conjunction with some of the more effective tricks listed on here.

She will hide behind visible and invisible barriers

Often times when your girlfriend is stuck in a situation that she feels the need to lie her way our of, she will instead attempt to escape the situation.

When she can’t, she’ll create an emotional barrier between you and herself.

Examples of this can be seen when your girlfriend will place something (like her phone) between the two of you, or stacking little objects in front of you to create some sort of imaginary wall between you and her.

This gives her a feeling of “disconnection” from the situation (and you), which puts her into an emotional place that is easier to lie to you from.

Now don’t go thinking that just because her phone is on the table between you that she is lying, this only applies to her placing the object(s) down WHILE she is telling a lie, or just before it.

Smaller signs of this can be seen when she grabs and holds onto something that is between the two of you, such as holding her restaurant menu up higher (to create a barrier) when you ask her a question that she doesn’t like and is planning on lying about.

Anytime your girlfriend is deliberately creating a visible blockage that is in the path between you and her, it should immediately trip a red flag for you.

She will look for a way to avoid answering you

This should be an obvious one.

If she is looking for a way out of the situation or desperately trying to change the topic of conversation, that is always a sign that she is guilty or lying to you.

This can go as far as her actually trying to physically remove herself from your presence, such as going into an adjacent room and “talking to you through a wall” by continuing the conversation by yelling around a corner.

When the topic actually does get changed and she seems to be relieved (by putting herself BACK into the situation) then that should be a good indicator of guilt as well.

Only very disturbed people actually enjoy lying, so chances are your girlfriend does not take pleasure in telling you lies. This is why she will try to escape from the conversation as a first resort.

She’s trying to avoid telling the lie unless she is forced to.

This tip is particularly useful because in many situations your girl will actually be able to eject herself before she lies to you, but with this knowledge you will at least know that she really does have something to hide.

She will take far too long to “think” of an answer

When your girlfriend takes a long pause to think before answering your question (especially when accompanies by her looking and and to the wrong side), it should be a clear give away that something is not right.

Try it for yourself.

Think of one truth, then think of one good lie. You may notice it takes a little bit longer for you to think of a good lie than it does for you to think of a truth.

This is because truth are facts we recall quickly, while lies are something we need to create.

You can easily tell if your girlfriend is lying to you by asking her a question that would normally take a very short time to answer if she is telling the truth – yet she takes a long time to “think” of an answer.

Use this knowledge to your advantage.

She will look down and try to avoid eye contact

This is an easy one to detect, yet not very common in girls who are good at lying.

However this one works fantastically if your girlfriend is not accustomed to telling lies or has a heavy heart after she does.

After she has finished telling you a lie or during it, she will look down to escape your gaze because she is nervous and feeling guilty about lying to you.

She may continue to talk, but will avoid prolonged eye contact once the lie is “out there”.

If she was speaking normally and looking you in the eyes during the entire conversation, but then after answering a certain question she looks downward or avoids looking at you, then she just lied to you.

Watch for this change in behavior, and remember what triggered it.

She will be too nervous to want physical contact

While you are talking to her, it is a good idea to check her compliance with you.

Try holding her hand, then moving your hand slowly.

If she moves with you very easily, there is a good chance that she is also telling the truth. If she keeps her hand stiff and rigid – or doesn’t want to move easily – then she is probably nervous about something or holding something back (possible sign of deceit as well).

While you are doing this, if she tries to take her hand back it is another bad sign.

Also be aware of what you can feel:

If her fingers twitch while talking to you at all, be mindful of what she said just before it happened.

Can you make your girlfriend stop telling lies?

Not all of the time, but with some girls you definitely can.

Here’s how:

As you become more comfortable with detecting your girlfriend’s lies, your skill set will also increase to the point where you can tell if she is going to lie to you BEFORE she even gives you an answer.

This will usually come in the form of her taking too long to think, covering her mouth or touching her face/hair before giving you an answer.

Once you get that good, you can call your girl out on her lies before she even tells them to you, which in many cases can make her stop trying to lie to you completely.

Why would that work to make your girlfriend stop lying to you?

Well, because when you can do that you instill a level of intimidation into people. If she knows that you have the ability to catch her, she’ll become afraid to lie to you.

Once you have convinced her that you can tell when she is lying to you by reading her subconscious behaviors, she will also become very nervous about making eye contact with you when she is lying to you.

Basically, once she knows that you can detect all of the things that you’ve just learned she will become more susceptible to doing them because most of the signals rely on her being nervous and feeling uneasy.

Eventually (if you stay with her) she will give up trying to lie to you at all after being caught multiple times.

Obviously this only applies to normal women.

If you are dating a pathological liar then even once you have the ability to tell if your girlfriend if lying to you – it still won’t do any good.

People like that have mental issues that force them to lie even when they don’t need to, and you’ll never be able to stop them.

Being able to tell if your girlfriend is lying to you is one thing, but being in total control of your relationship is another.

Do you want that kind of control and freedom? To be completely free of ALL worries?

Read “The New Breed” to learn the best strategies for molding your relationships with women into the exact way that you want.

You can be the man, the leader who always gets what he wants.

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