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How to tell if a girl likes you or not


Can you tell if a girl likes you?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could read minds and always know what people are thinking? It’s too bad real life isn’t that fun, but even though you can’t read minds there’s still something else you can “read” to always know how to tell if a girl likes you or not.

It’s all about reading body language.

Believe me, a girl’s body will always tell you more about how she really feels than her mouth ever will.

Way more.

The best part is that body language can rarely tell lies, so when her body is giving you all of the right signs, it’s very easy to tell if a girl likes you or not.

Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

I’m going to outline the most important signs that a girl likes you by asking questions. The next time you’re around a girl and want to know if she likes you, just ask yourself these questions and the truth will be hard to miss.

Is she smiling at you?

One of the most common types of body language signs is the smile.

Her smile is a universal sign of acceptance and happiness. This is particularly true if her eyes meet yours while she is smiling, and a genuine smile that says you are welcome to come closer is a clear signal that she is into you.

Smiling is a pretty clear indication that a girl likes you, so I’m not going to waste time writing about it.

All that you need to know is that if a girl across the room is looking at you and smiling, all is right with the world.

Did she make eye contact with you?

Something else that is very important to look for is eye contact, and taking notice of how long she is willing to hold it.

Sometimes you can almost feel when a girl is looking at you, or you catch it from the corner of your eye. You can easily tell if a girl likes you when she’s looking at you:

Just turn toward her and lock eyes, but for only a few seconds. Be careful, because a direct stare lasting more than a few moments can be misinterpreted as aggressive, hostile or even creepy.

Hold the eye contact for no longer than 5 seconds, then smile and look away.

DO NOT forget to smile before you look away.


DO NOT look down. Look to the right or left.

Now take note of what happened.

Did she hold the eye contact for more than 3 seconds? If so, she’s probably feeling you.

Did she look away immediately but then fiddle with her hair or clothing nervously (you’ll learn more about this in a minute)? That’s also a sign that she likes you, but may just be a bit shy.

On the other hand, if she looked away quickly but didn’t give any indication that your eye contact affected her at all, that might be a sign that she doesn’t like you. I use the word “might” because you don’t have enough information yet to reach a solid conclusion.

Time for some detective work.

If you can see a girl looking at you from across the room, look for any other signs of interest.

She may gaze at you, look away, and then return her gaze to you again.

She may or may not have a slight smile on their face. If you turn and catch the gaze, and she smiles or even blushes and then looks down or away, you have caught her interest.

All of these are good signs that she is into you but they can be easy to miss (especially the double take), so keep a keen eye out for them.

Note: If she looks down that generally means she is either submissive or shy by nature. If she looks to the left or right then she is most likely more aggressive and outgoing by nature.

This is the same reason why I told you not to look down earlier, but instead to look away. It makes you appear dominant, and girls find that to be very attractive trait in men.

Do her pupils dilate looking at you?

When you are talking with a girl for the first time there are quite a few signs they can give you as to their willingness to continue the conversation.

Subtle non-verbal signs are given off that can say “I like you” or “I am interested”.

One of the most discrete signs that she likes you is pupil dilation. This is a hard one to catch, but it pays off.


Well, this is the only body language sign that a girl is feeling you that is impossible to fake or hide.

It doesn’t even matter if she’s the world’s leading expert on the study of body language, this is simply a bodily function that can not consciously be controlled.

This sign is fool proof.

If you can see it and confirm it, then the girl is definitely into you. No question.

Here’s how it works:

When a girl is looking at something they are interested in, whether it is a person or an item, their pupils will dilate.

Smart salesman can catch this with a prospective client to know when they are close to making a sale. With women, you can use it to tell if a girl likes you or not.

If her pupils are dilated that means she likes what she is seeing; and since it’s you she’s looking at then she likes you.

If they are not dilated it means the opposite; that girl does not like you.

Keep in mind that ambient light plays a MUCH larger role in pupil dilation than desire, so this is a very unreliable way to tell if she likes you or not.

For example, if you are in a club her eyes will always be dilated due to the lack of light, and if you are at the beach her eyes will never dilate because of the bright sun.

This body language sign is only useful in neutral lighting situations, such as being inside a normal building (house, store, school, etc.) during the daytime.

If the lighting conditions aren’t right, you can do comparisons using other people to determine a particular girl’s pupil dilation.

For example, if you’re at the beach on a sunny day talking to a group of three girls, you won’t be able to notice any huge pupil dilation in any of them due to the sunlight.

However, what you can do is compare their eyes against each other.

If one of them has larger pupils than the rest, then that’s the girl that likes you the most.

Does her body point toward you?

Next up is body position, which is a very important and easy to spot body language sign to look for when trying to tell if a girl likes you.

When a girl is interested in you she will often stand with their body facing you directly. By directly I mean with both shoulders pointing straight at you.

If she can’t directly face you, she will angle her body in your direction the best way that she can.

This is a very easy way to instantly tell if a girl likes you, so don’t ever ignore it.

The other side of this coin is when she positions her body to face away from you on purpose, which obviously is a sign that she does not like you or you need to work harder for her attention.

The best way to never forget to look out for this is to remember the phrase: “She will point her body at what she wants.”

Open and upright palms (pointing at you) are also a good sign; this means the girl likes you and is being open and submissive to you.

This is very unreliable however, as it is entirely situational and can be affected by what she is doing at the moment.

It is worth mentioning, but take note that you will need to see some other form of body language sign that she is feeling you along with this one.

Noticing any nervous behavior?

Preening is your bread and butter when it comes to body language signs that tell if a girl likes you.

This is normally a subconscious thing that most girls don’t even realize they are doing, and it is also very obvious and easy to spot.

Girls will most often play with their hair, swirl it around their finger, or toss it over their shoulder.

These signs are an attempt to look their best for the person they are engaged with in conversation, which makes it easy to tell if a girl likes you the moment you see this happen.

If she is playing with her hair while you’re talking to her, then she probably wants you.

Are her arms and legs feeling you?

When the girl you are talking with is sitting, here are a few things to consider:

A girl who is sitting with her legs slightly apart and knees pointed in your direction is open to you.

If she has her legs crossed, then she may not be interested.

However, legs crossed loosely with a foot or leg pointed at you can mean that she is subconsciously pointing at what she wants, and that is you!

If she has her arms crossed over her chest or has her hands stuffed into her pockets, these are signs that she is closed off and doesn’t feel comfortable opening up to your attention. This can be a tricky sign though as it can also simply mean that she is slightly uncomfortable with herself, not a signal for you to back off.

Be mindful of any other body language signs if you notice this.

See any of these? Then you win!

The last few body language signs that I’m going to mention make is so easy to tell if a girl likes you or not that if you notice any of these you can basically just walk up and get her number.

It’s yours for the taking, go and get it!

Girls will lick their lips briefly or bite their lower lip while looking at you, usually just after making eye contact.

This is an extremely good sign, and if you see it happen you don’t really need to put much effort in at all to seal the deal.

Take heed that only very outgoing girls will do this, so if you’re into shy or reserved girls then you’re out of luck with this one unless you get lucky and catch them in a very rare mood.

Another slam dunk is when a girl touches you briefly in a safe area, such as your back or your arm. This will usually be quick and innocent, but it conveys an immediate interest in you.

By doing this she is basically telling you that she would like to touch you more – and even better – wants you to touch her too!

The final big sign of interest is mirroring.

You may notice that a girl is slightly mimicking your movements or gestures, and perhaps even your mood. If you’re having this type of an affect on a girl, then there’s nothing on the planet that can change the fact that she is feeling you.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and this is a prime example of that.

When this happens, you no longer need to know how to tell if a girl likes you, because she’s already yours.

Now that you know how to tell when a girl is into you, the next step is to learn how to seal the deal.

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