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How To Stop A Cockblocker

There’s really no way around it. Eventually you’re going to be in a position where you’ll either need to know how to stop a cockblocker or run the risk of losing out on a woman that you really like.

I’m going to show you the best possible way to deal with a cockblock before it even begins!

Let’s say you’re talking to a girl, and you’re building attraction with her. She’s giving you all of the right signs and you know you’re going in the right direction.

Suddenly, another guy comes barging in and starts hitting on the girl that you like. This is direct cockblock.

How do you stop him dead in his tracks?

Most of what you’ll read out there will recommend that you “label” the actions of the cockblocker as “nice guy” behavior in order to strip him of his sexual appeal.

The old way to stop a cockblocker

Here’s an example:

Cockblocker: “Hey babe, blah blah blah.” (to the girl you’re after)
You: “This guy is a very nice guy, he knows how to treat a lady. He’ll buy you flowers and call you all the time.” (now he’s in the friend zone)

DON’T listen to that advice!

Sometimes you may get lucky and that could work, but THIS is not one of the situations in which you want to risk failure by not using the best method at your disposal.

Five years ago I would have seen that strategy as genius. I would have copied it word-for-word, and I would have bombed.

But this is now – not then – and I have plenty experience to speak from.

I can tell you from that experience that trying to “label” a cockblocker will not work, especially against the more aggressive and direct ones.

They will roll their eyes at your comment and continue to hit on your chick. Or worse, they’ll tell you:

“Whatever dude. Why don’t you go buy the lady and I some drinks while her and I get to know each other better.”

This line can be combated, but it’s hard to come back from without feeding his value.

So how do we combat an aggressive, direct cockblock, and blow the dude out without confrontation, without awkwardness, or without ruining your chances with the girl?

If you go about trying to label a cockblocker’s behavior, you risk lowering your own social value by putting too much effort into it.

It shows over-interest on your part by placing you into a position where you’re competing with the guy for the chick. This drops your value by putting you into the same category as the cockblocker – just another guy fighting over her.

Now all your hard work building up your value in her eyes has been wasted, and you’ve also got some serious competition to worry about.

Instead, be confident in the attraction that you have built up to that point.

Trust your knowledge and skill.

Push the girl TOWARDS the cockblocker.

How to REALLY stop a cockblock

Say something along the lines of:

“Check this guy out. You should totally date him, he seems to really want you bad.”

This approach does four things:

1) You can rub her back while you pretend to “convince” her that she should go with him. The power of touching is self explanatory, and this also places you into a higher level of comfort with her than the other guy.

2) You are falsely disqualifying yourself. You KNOW that she is into you more than the other guy, but you’re disqualifying yourself WHILE attraction spiking with touching. Done right, this will make her feel MORE attracted to you and make her want to chase.

3) Instead of handing over control of the interaction to the incoming cockblock (which is what the old method I described earlier does), you USE the cockblocker’s entrance as an excuse to run more game on her.

Flirt with the girl that you like indirectly by speaking to the cockblocker ABOUT her. You can continue to rub her back while saying to him:

“She’s cute, isn’t she? You make sure to treat her good though, or I’ll have to kick your ass. She’s like my adorable little sister.”

*hug her close, kiss her forehead, then push her towards the cockblocker and pat her ass*

4) You highlight his over-interest, which contrasts with your flirtatious disinterest. This makes your value appear much higher than his.

The cockblocker will think that you’re helping him, so he’ll stumble even more by showing over-interest, meanwhile the girl will be feeling more and more attraction towards you due to your push-pull tactics.

You’re pulling her with your affection and attraction switches:

Protection: “make sure you treat her good, or I’ll kick your ass.”

Leader: “here, take her.”

Romance: *hug her affectionately*

All the while you are pushing her away at the same time.

It’s the same psychological effect that you see when parents tell their little kid to say hi to another grownup, and the child instead runs and hides behind the parent’s leg.

Done right, she’ll always turn back towards you and stay. No way he wins in this scenario.

Then you can reward her with a little more attention, then push her away again and watch her chase some more.

With this strategy you will always be able to stop a cockblocker dead in his tracks.

He will eventually leave on his own or try to cut in with some stupid comment that you can easily diffuse. That’s the inevitable result every time.

He never had a fighting a chance

The difference between this method and the other approach is the old theory wants you to rely on your WORDS to describe his “nice guy” tendencies, and you’re supposed to expect that to somehow magically work.

Whereas, the approach I’m recommending you try is: you don’t RELY on anything.

You USE the cockblocker’s entrance as an excuse to run more game on the girl that you like. The cockblocker becomes nothing more than a wall for you to bounce shit off of.

You strip him of his power by taking what he gives you (his direct approach), and exaggerating it to such a degree and contrast to your own presence that the girl will directly REFUSE him and want to hang on to you.

You turn him into unwanted goods by pushing her to accept him before he even has had a chance to raise his value.

He gets completely destroyed before he even gets the chance to run ANY game.

That is how you stop a cockblocker in less than 60 seconds.

You force the girl to accept or reject him before he has even gotten a chance to prove his worth. Of course, given such options (in contrast with your own high value), she’s going to reject him.

She’d rather lose a guy she doesn’t even know than lose you, who has been getting her hot and horny the more she gets to know you.

The poor cockblock gets bounced out before he even really stepped in, by over accelerating his game to the point of no return.

Check and mate.

Have you ever heard of a better way to deal with a cockblock? Now you’ve seen that I know what I’m talking about, so have a look at my Rising Star Seduction Program.

If you think this strategy is good, just wait until you see what I wrote in the book!

Your friend,

Julian Webb

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