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You should always be wearing or carrying at least one genuinely interesting item at all times, regardless of where you may be going.

Even if you are just going to the supermarket to grab your food for the week, you should still be prepared to be around beautiful girls.

You do not need to be out on a Saturday night to meet new girls! By wearing something that is interesting you will be boosting your chances of being approached by girls, and be giving them a reason to approach you because they will feel inclined to ask you about your item.

This could be a unique shirt, belt buckle, hat or just about anything else.

Doing this would be considered as a Passive Opener, and the key word is “passive”, meaning that simply by wearing your item sets might open up on their own without any work on your part.

In short, wear something that stands out and grabs attention (e.g. Bright T-shirt, Shiny belt buckle, Cowboy hat, etc.).

A lot of people peacock but don’t utilize it for seduction.

A lot of times (with the exception of night game) a girl will not go further than saying “I like your shirt.”

In response to such a comment simply say “Thanks” and give her a light touch, then ask for her name and begin flirting away.

– by Anubis

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