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Get Respect From Girls

Respect is very important. You can’t hope to get girls to sleep with you if they don’t respect you.

Even if you manage to it will only be because they are using you for other purposes and feel that you will not give them what they want unless sex is involved.

In turn, you must also have a certain level of respect for the girls in your life but at the same time even more respect for yourself.

It is human nature to view people without confidence as unworthy of respect, so it should be obvious that you will first need to have a degree of confidence in yourself before you can expect to gain the respect of a girl.

You are a man, and you need to let girls know that.

Show them that you will not tolerate any level of disrespect towards you, which can only be done if you first have the respect of your friends and family.

This is because people tend to be led by example, and if you bring a girl out and a friend of yours comes along and she notices that he is showing you disrespect and thinks lower of you, she will most likely view this as alright and begin to do the same herself.

People will ALWAYS take advantage of others if given even the slightest opportunity.

Always keep your guard up and stand up for yourself in even the smallest conflicts so you never fall into a situation in which people begin to show you disrespect.

One person doing it can quickly turn into ten in the blink of an eye.

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