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How to make out with a girl – 10 Steps


10 Steps : Making out with a girl

Are you ready to learn how to make out with a girl like a boss? In this article I’ll teach you 10 steps that are guaranteed to make her always come back begging for more!

First, here’s a fun fact:

Did you know that your saliva is a natural aphrodisiac?

When you make out with a girl, the testosterone in your saliva is transferred to her, causing a hormonal reaction in her body that arouses her sex drive and feelings of intimacy.

Cool, huh? Your saliva is sexy. It’s a scientific fact!

However, you’re going to have to get good at making out if you want to put this seductive power of yours to good use.

The biggest part of being a good kisser is knowing how to make a girl want to kiss you in the first place.

For a lot of guys, the thought of kissing a girl can be downright terrifying.

“What if she turns away?”

“What if she slaps me?”

“What if I’m not good at making out?”

These are common concerns that many men share.

Lucky for them – and for you – I have gotten slapped and turned down by girls enough times to have learned what works and what doesn’t.

So kick up your heels and relax. Let’s talk about out how to make out with a girl in a way that will make her think you’re the man.

1) Making out with a girl is not a big deal

The first step to learn how to make out with a girl: stop thinking that kissing is a big deal!

The more you build up the significance of a kiss in your mind, the higher you are raising the stakes. What should otherwise be a completely natural moment can suddenly feel like a complex, pulse-pounding, Mission: Impossible maneuver.

It’s just your pride tricking your mind.

Pride only hurts, it never helps.

Getting nervous about a kiss is a result of your mind messing with you.

The problem is that a lot of guys view a kiss as an important, climactic event. Can you blame them?

We’ve all seen the Hollywood Romantic-Comedies and the Disney love stories, where kissing is portrayed as a magical moment with huge importance.

Remember the scene in “The Little Mermaid” in the rowboat? The guy was so hesitant to escalate that even the fish got fed up and began saying “kiss the girl”.

Kissing is a wonderful thing, no doubt. But it doesn’t have to be a romanticized moment that only happens at the end of a date.

In fact, the earlier you kiss a girl, the better it often is!

This leads us into our next step:

2) Kiss her when you first meet

This doesn’t mean you should walk up and french-kiss a girl the moment you meet her.

In most cases, that’s a sure way to get slapped. But there are some perfectly acceptable ways to make out with a girl on opening. Considered “old fashioned” by some, these maneuvers remain time-tested and approved by players and seducers around the world.

The Hand Kiss – Raise the back of her hand to your lips, and give it a kiss. Raise her hand to your lips, don’t lower yourself to her hand.

The Two-Cheek Kiss – Kiss both of her cheeks. Hold her shoulders or head and guide her through the movement, or she won’t know what you’re doing and may pull away.

This style of opening seems to require a lot of confidence, but is it really as hard as it seems? In places such as Europe, kissing during introductions is customary. In fact, a girl may feel insulted if you DON’T kiss her!

The problem is, many of us have been raised in a culture where physical contact is rare and exclusive.

Society has trained you to be timid and physically shy.

Practice opening with your lips, until it becomes natural for you. In most cases girls will feel flattered by you acknowledging their femininity and sexuality.

It communicates that you are a confident, sexual guy, and it will instantly spike her attraction for you.

3) You need to MAKE it happen

Many guys talk about how they “go in for the make out with a girl”.

You should never have to “go” for it. It should always be there, manifested in her growing lust and interest, just waiting to be taken whenever you decide. Making out is not something you try to get.

A make out is something you create.

4) Where and how are important

Let’s be aware of minor, but important, elements that factor into creating attraction momentum.

Eye-Contact – Do it, hold it, plain and simple. Hold it past the point of being totally comfortable.

Logistics – She’s more likely to kiss you if you’ve isolated her. The more romantic and secluded environment, the better.

Movement – Physically move with her, even if you’re just walking around in a circle. Girls will feel more trust and connection with a man whom they’ve traveled somewhere with.

This is often referred to as “Shared Experience”.

5) Avoid these make out mistakes

– Don’t “peck”; avoid leaning in. If you want to be closer to her, move your whole body. Stay vertical, or even leaning slightly away. Pull the girl into you, or make the girl lean in to kiss you.

– Don’t suddenly try to kiss her out of nowhere. It’s unexpected, abrupt, and just plain awkward. You should always be slow, building anticipation, and drawing her in.

– Don’t try to “get” a kiss from her. Instead, you should “give” your kiss to her.

– Don’t ask her a question in order to “set yourself up” for a make out; the girl can always answer it with a “no.”

– Don’t put pressure on a girl. When you push a girl out of her comfort zone, she’s going to close up. That means even if she’s attracted to you, she may reject your kiss.

6) Lead her into making out with you

An attractive man is dominant and in control. Attractive men know how to make a with a girl that they like, and they make it happen without hesitation.

Being hesitant, nervous, or asking her permission can be a huge turn-off for a girl, because it shows that you’re not man enough to move things forward on your own.

You should communicate smoothness and experience. A girl wants a guy to create the moment, and to lead her through it. She’s not going to escalate herself for you.

She’s there to experience you.

7) Make everything go down smoothly

– Get her used to feeling your touch on her neck, hair and face. Playfully “beep” her nose, rub under her chin, poke or squeeze her cheeks, brush her hair away from her eyes, mess up her hair, etc.

– Get her used to your face being near hers. Whisper in her ear, smell her hair, rub your nose against hers, share your iPod earphones with her, etc.

– If you can, do things that combine both of the above (facial proximity, with facial contact).. The most natural thing here is that your cheek touches hers when you whisper or say something in her ear. This is a great way to talk to a girl in the loud environment of a club.

All these are used to escalate by pushing past her physical barriers in a non-threatening, non-alarming way. You “knock down” her “nose-touching-barrier” by beeping her nose, then you withdraw by talking about it, or something else, or even touching somewhere else.

Escalate, and withdraw. Very similar to the boxing style of “Stick and Move”.

She can’t protest if you’ve already moved on.

This “trains” her to be more compliant to your future advances, by not giving her a chance to protest; you’ve already moved on before she knows what’s happening.

8) Is she ready to make out with you?

You may want to make out with a girl, but does she want to as well? Here’s something fun for you to try out:

You should already be doing a lot of facial proximity and facial contact here and there. Kissing should not feel like a large, grand sudden seduction movement. It should feel like a culmination of many small steps; the more the better.

Your goal is to create momentum, like a snowball that enlarges as it rolls down a hill.

At some point when she’s talking, (and when she’s already used to her face being touched by you), place your index finger on her lips and “shush” her.

Say, as if you’ve just now noticed “you’ve got soft lips,” and touch your fingertip to her lips again like you’re prodding them. She’ll either laugh, or try to be sexy, or something else.

This is a compliance test in disguise.

If she reacts negatively or in a hostile manner to you touching her lips with your fingertip, it probably means that you haven’t build enough attraction in her yet to kiss her, and you should work on building more attraction.

9) Test her to guarantee your success

Assuming she doesn’t flip out and she responds somewhat positively, run this easy test on her:

The test should be a quick set of yes-or-no questions that you ask her.

The point is to ask questions that she will say “yes” to, successively, one after the other, to psychologically “train” her into further complying with you (a girl will generally feel more open to the advances of a guy who she finds herself saying yes to a lot).

Try to make the questions slightly sexual or romantic in nature. She should feel like she is being screened, like she is auditioning herself, or proving her worth for some unexpected surprise.

I like to stick with 3 questions, and they usually are:

– “Are you fun?”: Yes

– “Are you spontaneous?”: Yes

– “Are you passionate?”: Yes!

These questions are, of course, not set in stone. You can ask anything.

Sometimes a girl way say “no” to a question, it doesn’t mean she’s not attracted to you, it could simply be that she doesn’t consider herself a spontaneous person (or whatever the question was).

If she fails the test with a No answer, just ask another question. Keep going until you get 3 “yes” responses in a row.

10) Give her the perfect first kiss

So did she pass your test?

Reward her by saying “Awesome” or “That’s great”, or any term of enthusiasm and approval, and tell her to close her eyes. If she asks why, smile and say “Just close your eyes, you’ll see.”

Lead her, don’t explain yourself.

Create the moment, and lead her through it. She wants it to be like that. Girls imagine their first kiss with their dream man to be something JUST like this.

When she closes her eyes, what do you do? Yep, you guessed it. You kiss her!

Don’t make it a goofy peck, but don’t smother her and ram your tongue into her mouth, either. Remember, her eyes are closed, she may or may not be expecting your kiss. So make your kiss gentle and smooth. Think: “press” your lips against hers.

That is how to make out with a girl properly during the first kiss; slow and steady, then escalate later.

If she reacts with surprise and pulls away, tell her “shh… don’t ruin the moment” and gently pull her back in.

Be a calming influence to lead her through her nervousness.

Don’t persist if she says “no”, or tries to pull away again. Even the home run king Babe Ruth struck out hundreds of times. Sometimes it just isn’t happening, and you have to respect that. Don’t be a jerk about it.

Sometimes just knowing how to make out with a girl isn’t enough and you need to be patient.

Just because she doesn’t want to kiss you at that time, doesn’t mean she’s not attracted to you.

Give her a smile and bring things back to a positive tone.

You can even make fun of the situation by saying “Well, that wasn’t awkward!”

Be a source of fun and positive emotions for her, even in awkward situations. Always keep the option of her kissing you open for later.

Hopefully though, everything works out and she holds your kiss.

Now you’re in business.

Pull her body against yours, wrap your arms around her, and let your sexy saliva do it’s thing. THAT is how you make out with a girl the right way, but why stop there?

Why not learn how to make ANY girl fall in love with you?

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Your friend,

Julian Webb

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