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How to make a girl orgasm every time


How to make a girl orgasm

Being able to make a girl orgasm is what separates the guys who are great at sex from the ones who aren’t.

This one skill makes all the difference.

You could be a “minute man”, but if you can make her cum within that minute she is going to be satisfied and tell her friends that you’re incredible in the sack.

This is not only how you keep your girlfriend happy, but if you’re single and dating it’s how you can guarantee all of the girls you date keep coming back for more.

Hold on. Before I continue, a quick disclaimer:

*WARNING* Reader discretion is advised! The following article describes sexual concepts and situations in detail. You must be 18 years or older to continue reading.

Alright, with that out of the way let’s get down to business.

This is a topic I’ve done plenty of “research” on 🙂

Knowing how her body works

You may or may not already know that the clitoris (or clit) is the key to making a girl cum, but just knowing what it is and touching it isn’t enough to get the job done properly.

Most guys just rub it whatever way they think is right, which is a mistake.

For anyone reading this that may not know, the clitoris is a small round thing (kind of, more oval than round) that is at the very top on the outside of the pussy.

It hides just underneath the area where the two outer-lips meet at the top and it “peeps out” a little and grows slightly when stimulated. Just like our dicks grow when we are sexually around but not so dramatically; on girls it is barely noticeable.

Also, for the record; stimulating a woman’s clit is far more effective than hitting her g-spot.

That’s not to say the g-spot isn’t important – because it is – and stimulating both simultaneously is an ideal strategy to make a girl orgasm.

However if you ever need to choose between them, always go for the clit.

The clitoris is what gives girls the most pleasure and the most pain during sex.

That’s why the most important thing to remember when dealing the clit is balance:

Too much stimulation will make a woman’s clit so sensitive that she will become uncomfortable, while too little stimulation will never make her orgasm.

Rubbing too hard on a girl’s clit will hurt her (this is the most sensitive and fragile part of her body).

Imagine a girl rubbing really violently on your sack. That’s what it’s like for a woman when a guy has no idea what he’s doing and goes too hard on her clit.

On the other hand – if you want to make a girl orgasm – rubbing too softly on her clit will not provide enough stimulation to make it happen.

Always remember, balance is the key ingredient.

Stimulating her clit during foreplay

Rubbing on her clit in a circular motion before sex is highly advised.

Some girls prefer clockwise while others tend to like it done counter-clockwise, so try both and the direction that gets the best reaction out of her is what you should continue with.

NOTE: It’s rare but occasionally you’ll come across a woman who likes an up-and-down motion more than anything else.

If you don’t play around with her clitoris during foreplay then making her orgasm during sex will be much harder.

Do this for a few minutes while kissing her lips, neck and tits.

Get used to multitasking, it’s a required trait if you want to be a great lover.

Next tell her to start sucking you off or grab her head and guide it downwards.

Obviously you can skip this if you want to hop right in, but personally I prefer the “best of both worlds” approach.

If possible do this with you lying down or sitting on the bed in a way that allows her to be beside you so you can reach around her ass from behind and continue stimulating the clit.

Around this point I usually start talking dirty and make her try to answer me with my dick in her mouth.

Talking dirty really turns them on and when they make noise while blowing you the vibrations from their vocal chords feels good and adds a little spice to the act.

That’s just a little something selfish to add to your own enjoyment, it’s not required to make a girl orgasm.

Once she is aroused enough, proceed to have sex with her.

Don’t be afraid to try a bunch of different positions, because this is important in making her orgasm which you’ll learn in a moment.

Spend at least a few minutes in a each position, as switching too often can kill the mood.

Don’t bang her like a porn star!

Ready to learn something that will turn you into a better lover than 99% of the guys in the world?

Forget EVERYTHING that you’ve learned from watching porno.

Porn stars are the absolute worst when it comes to making women orgasm. The way that they do it in porn could not make a real girl cum if they hit it for 10 hours straight.

Let me explain.

Sex in porn films is all about getting the “right angle” so the viewers can see all of the action.

Sex in real life is not supposed to be that way, well at least if you want to make a girl orgasm it’s not.

You need to keep your body much closer to the girl to make her reach an orgasm, so close that if someone were watching they would not be able to see much of anything going on “down below”.

This is why porn stars are doing it all wrong.

They bang chicks in a way that allows for good camera angles, not good sex. If they were to do it the right way then the porn would be lame because the viewers wouldn’t be able to see anything.

So why all this close contact?

It’s all about the clit, remember?

You could easily bang girls like the porn stars do and reach your hand down and rub the clit right?

Sure you could, and sometimes that works very well.

However if you really want to make a girl orgasm every single time there is a much easier and more effective way to do it:

Keep your body close to her

The trick behind this is to gently rub your lower stomach against her clit as you grind into her.

Once you start doing this to her you will know immediately why it’s so much better than using your hand.

She will instantly start breathing heavier and moaning louder. Many girls will also get more vocal, telling you not to stop.

Whenever a girl says “don’t stop” she means that what you’re doing at that moment is something that can make her orgasm, so keep fucking her exactly like you are when you hear her say that.

This technique is pure gold.

Have you ever watched a porno an noticed the girl start rubbing her clit herself while she was getting hammered?

It was because she was lacking this type of stimulation. That alone should show you how important it is.

Most girls CAN NOT get off without any clit stimulation at all.

While switching up positions you might want to flip her and start going at it doggy style (my personal favorite), but then you’ll instantly notice that you can’t rub your body against her clit from this position.

No problem. I have a quick fix:

You need to substitute your hand in this situation because it is your only alternative.

Reach your hand around her leg and rub her clit while you a fucking her from behind.

Problem solved.

Finding her g-spot during sex

Alright, by now you should have her hot and sweaty enough to be ready for the big moment.

It’s time to hit her with your secret weapon and make sure she’ll NEVER forget that you’re the best lover she’s ever going to have.

Have you been wondering why I haven’t mentioned the g-spot since the beginning of this article?

That’s because the whole point is to avoid it until the last position you’ll be in.

This is where everything comes “crashing down” on her and she gets lost in a barrage of ecstasy that will leave her legs shaking for an hour.

For those of you who don’t know, finding her g-spot isn’t very difficult.

The g-spot is inside of the pussy on the top wall and about 4 inches in. It’s kind of “behind” the clit, so to speak.

However, just like not all girls are identical on the outside the same can be said for the inside. Most girls have their g-spot in the usual place, but this can vary (quite drastically sometimes) depending upon the girl you are with.

Don’t worry about finding her g-spot too much, you’ll instantly know once you’re hitting her g-spot.

The g-spot on a woman is not some invisible thing that only she can feel, you can feel it too. The best way to explain it is that it’s like a little “speed bump” that you can feel your dick press against, then if you put some more pressure you’ll push past it.

When you do that, you’ll get a good reaction from the girl letting you know that you’re hitting her g-spot and doing the right thing.

Best position to make a girl orgasm

Believe it or not, it’s good old missionary!

I’m being serious.

Here’s exactly what you need to do:

Lay her on her back and get on top of her and start hitting it in the normal missionary position.

Next lift both of her legs up high and wrap them around you, then make sure to put your arms on the inside between her legs and you.

This will allow you to “hold her in position” while you pound away, and grabbing her waist is a good idea to amplify this effect.

Girls love the feeling of being dominated during sex and this helps bring them to an orgasm.

Next pump once or twice (you should be rubbing all up on the clit right now, a little harder than before) and when you do watch her reaction.

She looked at you like “Holy shit, your the man!” didn’t she?

You know why?

It’s because you just came with everything that gives her pleasure and can make a girl orgasm in one powerful pussy pounding package all at once:

You are dominantly holding her down.

Your dick is probably rock hard right now.

You’re rubbing her clit with your body, and…

You guessed it, now your hitting her g-spot.

From this position it is impossible to not be hitting her g-spot as long as your dick is over 4 inches when hard.

If you still haven’t found her g-spot, it’s only a matter of moving her legs higher or lower until you find it.

Sometimes you can feel it with every pump, and other times you don’t feel it at all. This is probably because some girls have smaller g-spots than others, but as long as you’re getting the right reactions from her then everything is going perfectly.

Now it’s time for the grand finale

She will orgasm from only about 2 minutes of this, 5 max.

Just control yourself because this is where your mind power plays a major role.

You need to make sure not to blow your load before she cums!

This is going to be harder than you think because when I say this position will feel good to you I’m not joking.

It feels REALLY damn good, and will increasingly feel better when her pussy contracts as she gets closer to her orgasm.

Everything tightens up, so be ready for it.

All of your hard work will be ruined if you aren’t prepared for how great it feels and end up busting a nut before she does.

Just keep your mind clear of any thoughts about sex and keep doing your thing.

Try to ignore what she does because at this point she will be screaming and moaning like crazy and may be scratching the hell out of your back, all of which are things that can distract you.

Keep at it until she cums, than get yours in as well.

Afterwards, sit back and listen to her tell you how much better you are than anyone she has been with and how she never thought sex could be that good.

The only thing you need to worry about now is how to make her leave you alone 🙂

The guide you’ve just read contains all of the physical techniques required to make a girl orgasm, but that is not the only stuff you need to know how to do if you want to be the perfect lover.

Talking dirty, playing upon her fantasies, creating the right atmosphere and mood, role-playing.

All of those are all examples of things that can amplify the effects of the physical stuff you now know, and are vital to your success.

To learn every single trick and secret that can help you make a girl orgasm, check out my book.

Inside you’ll learn how to make her cum multiple times, and harder than she ever has before. I’ll also teach you how to get her to do anything (yes, anything at all) that you want her to do sexually.

With my book, you’ll become an absolute boss in the bedroom.

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