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How to look more attractive to girls


Look more attractive to girls

You will constantly catch me quoting my signature phrase “game is all that matters”, which I know to be true. However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t still try to look more attractive to girls after your game is on point.

Being able to look YOUR absolute best should be an integral part of your game, because it is.

If for no other reason, do it to give yourself an advantage over the other guys who have some game too but let their appearance slip at times.

Nothing feels better than crushing the competition.

Many men seem to lack in this area, simply because of the fact that they’re not aware of how important small flaws in appearances can be to girls.

Believe me, they always notice them.

It might not be right away, but they always end up identifying – and being irritated by – even your most insignificant physical downside.

I’m not talking about parts of your physical attributes that are God given and can’t be changed. For example, if you have big ears and a girl likes you, she’s not going to eventually dump you because of that.

Women don’t care much about that stuff.

What does matter to them are the things that you have the ability to change for the better, yet fail to do so.

That drives them absolutely crazy.

Girls see your overall potential – what you could be – and hate when you refuse to realize and strive to reach that potential.

Ambition is one of the most attractive traits a man can have, so a lack of it can spell doom for your dating life. If you have zero motivation to try to look more attractive to girls, that’s two things working against you.

Brushing your teeth and bathing daily should not even need to be said, but some men still fail to perform these routine tasks.

If you fall into that category, you need to start doing this stuff immediately, or risk learning the hard way.

Get your hair cut on a regular basis.

I prefer to have mine cut every other Thursday so it is fresh for that weekend.

Don’t be afraid to have your hair style changed on a regular basis, you will be very pleased with the impact it will have on your appearance.

When you always have that next level, trendy style; more new girls will notice you and the ones that you already know will be impressed by your ability to adapt quickly and always stay one step ahead of other guys.

Always keep your wardrobe up to date with the latest styles in the fashion industry.

Not many things can make you look more attractive to girls than a modern, trendy outfit.

For more information on this topic, read my other article “what to wear on a date with a girl” in which I go into detail on everything you could possible wear when you go out.

Working out always helps, but is not required.

Girls will always find muscles attractive because it is simply their natural instinct.

I’m not just talking out lifting weights though, having some kind of cardiovascular activity (like running) in your daily routine is also essential to staying in shape.

I recommend dancing as a replacement for running because you will meet tons of girls at night clubs, and girls love a man who can dance.

Personally, I don’t ever do any cardio specific exercises. Instead, I just dance on the weekends and play sports whenever I get the chance.

That gets the job done efficiently and is much more fun.

Keep your fingernails clean and neat, girls will almost always notice a man’s fingernails.

It depends on the particular girl, but many women do not like when a man’s nails are either too long or look like he bites them.

However, all girls are extremely turned off if your nails have dirt underneath them or are nasty looking, so keep them clean.

Shave every day, or at least before you are going out. You don’t need to be cleanly shaven, but if you have any type of facial hair it needs to be trimmed and shaped up appropriately.

Girls hate lazy men, and unruly facial hair is viewed as an extreme sign of laziness.

Either that or they’ll think that you simply don’t care, which shows them that you lack ambition.

Shave in the shower under hot water (no shaving cream required). The warm water softens your hairs, allowing you to shave against the grain for that super smooth feel without getting any of those nasty razor bumps.

As soon as you hop out of the shower, use a mirror (of multiple mirrors for a good side view) to do the more intricate parts of your shave and get your desired look nailed down.

That’s it for now.

I’m not going to go into detail on the more basic stuff that you should be automatically doing (brushing your teeth, washing behind your ears, wearing deodorant, etc.) because you already know that stuff.

Regardless, everything that I just discussed are simple things that you can change today and see instant results.

You can always completely transform yourself into a great looking man if you know the right tricks.

If you put in the effort to look more attractive to girls to the best of your ability, you will notice an immediate change in the way women view you as a man.

Be the best you can be – from top to bottom – and girls will love you for it.

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