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How to isolate a girl from her group


Isolate Her From the Group

When you are approaching a group of girls and you’ve already picked out the one that you want, the only thing that should be running through your mind is “I need to get her ALONE!”.

Yes, that is your first and foremost goal, to separate her from her friends.

When I say alone I do not mean back at your place doing the nasty, save that for later.

I mean you need to get her off to the side with you, away from her friends so that you can have a one on one conversation without anyone else around to ruin your game.

Doing this also allows her to open up more and flirt with you the way that she really wants to, around her friend she will be more reserved because of the fear of them thinking that she is being slutty.

Now before you even begin to isolate the girl, you first need to know that she will allow you to break her off from her group, and you do this by talking to the entire group while watching for signs of attraction from each of them.

If you are not getting signals from a woman that shows she is interested but are getting them from one or two other girls in the group, you will either need to switch to another girl or forget about the approach.

This is because girls tend to be very faithful to their friends when they are together, even though they are not very faithful to them when they aren’t around.

So if the initial woman you like notices that one of her friends is feeling you right away, she may back down.

This can not be said for all girls, however, sometimes the group will go into competition mode in which they all compete for your attention, which is good.

This is exactly why you first need to look for signs of attraction by talking to the entire group at first, because these type of situations can go down many different ways, and you have to be able to adapt on the spot if you want to successfully get one of them away from their friends.

Once you know exactly which girl you are going to isolate, you can begin to focus your attention on her.

At first, begin to make eye contact with her while you are still asking questions to the entire group, then begin to ask questions directly to her, and when you feel the time is right, make the move.

Say something to her like “I want to show you something”, after she says okay ask the other girls in the group “Can I borrow your friend for a second, I promise I’ll bring her back”.

They will agree because if they do not the girl that you are trying to separate will feel as if she is being controlled by her friends which will embarrass her in front of you, in which case she will go with you anyway in an attempt to show you that her friends can not boss her around.

Either way it works in your favor.

Once you’ve got her off to the side spit game to her like a champ and get the digits, this is the easy part.

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