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How to go down on a girl like a boss


How to go down on a girl

The majority of women love getting some oral treatment – when it is done properly – which is why you need to know exactly how to turn a girl on and how to go down on a girl the right way if you want to be considered a great lover.

Deep down, girls love sex just as much as men do (well, almost as much), although they aren’t usually as open about it.

Ask a male if he masturbates and he will probably tell your straight up that he does.

Whereas if you pose the same question to a female, many of them will be taken aback.

It not their fault, blame it on society.

We can openly discuss our sex lives and it does nothing but raise our social value, but when a woman does the same thing they risk being labeled as a slut.

It’s not cool, but that’s the world we are living in.

Anyway, let’s get back to you learning how to go down on a girl and blow her away with your skills.

You have tried, and tried and tried with girls to get them into bed, but because of lack of experience and game you have fallen at the first hurdle.

So after reading up about girls emotional needs in regards to sex elsewhere around this website, you have the information you need to get that girl into your sack as soon as possible.

Now lets find out HOW to do it, starting from the top.

How to turn a girl on

No matter what you read in magazines and the like, the setting isn’t as important as you may think when turning a girl on.

That means that you don’t need to turn your home into a smooth jazz playing candle store before you can attempt to bed your girl.

Now look what I wrote.

I said setting isn’t AS important as people make out, although it is important to a degree.

A girl is going to feel much more at ease being sexual with you when she is alone with you, rather than in the street or in the middle of a public library.

The truth is that girl can NOT control when they get turned on.

What they CAN control is how far they let it go.

She could be turned on while browsing the cereal isle in a grocery store, you just wouldn’t know it.

Besides, that wouldn’t be the place for her to start flicking her bean now, would it?

What you are about to learn is to HOW to turn your girl on, how to KNOW when she is turned on and then how to capitalize on the situation to get her between the sheets.

The best way to go about turning a girl on is through touch.

Touch is one of the greatest weapons in your arsenal, and if you know how to use it you will have women giving you the greatest responses you have ever had.

Soft, subtle touches are what girls respond to, but you have to make sure it seems as if you do it naturally.

There are many, many ways to escalate touch but I am going to list the main ones that you want to know, the ones that will turn a girl on.

I won’t go into too much detail since this article is about how to go down on a girl. If you want to go deeper into the subject of touching girls to turn them on then read these articles as well:

How to touch a girl and turn her on and Make girls want you by using touch.

You can read those now or later, regardless of your choice I must move on.

Good area’s to go for are the neck and lower back.

These are hot spots on a girls and soft, subtle touches here will send a tingle up and down her spine.

Touching her thighs and upper legs is a winner as well and is great when you’re sitting next to a girl.

For example, when you’re in a car with a girl you can gently rub her upper leg, moving across to her inner thigh.

What do you think that does?

You guessed it; gives her a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling around that area.

I don’t need to tell you what organ is nearby, do I?

Touching with your hands isn’t the only way to get a girl hot under the collar, either.

When you are making out with a girl, why restrict to just her lips? Kissing her neck softly will make her melt!

By this I mean you smell her neck at the same time and kiss it.

This turns her on because you are displaying sexual power by doing it without her expecting it. She will wonder were you are going to kiss next!

Anticipation for women is the key!

Girls want to be controlled, but doing the same positions and same foreplay gets stale for both you and her after a while, and will make you predictable and boring.

Girls wear perfume and nice smelling products for a reason, so let her know she smells nice.

Mix things up a bit and tease her while doing this as well.

Gently touch her neck with your lips as if your about to kiss her, but then pull away and continue smelling her.

Don’t make her want the kiss.

Make her NEED it.

Be spontaneous and unpredictable and she will love you for this.

Doing this shows that YOU are the one in control and it also shows that you are not a needy male who is fully focused on having sex.

It also let’s her know – that given the chance – you have the power to be the one resisting her, rather than vise versa.

Testing out the waters

You either love it or you hate it, it’s the age old debate:

“Do you eat pussy or do you not eat pussy?”

First of all, the reason that some men do not lick pussy is because they have had a very hairy or very smelly experience during their lives.

Know what I mean?

Either that, or they have never been down on a girl themselves, yet have heard horror tales from other guys.

Well guys, sometimes this can be one of the nicest things you can do or it can be one of the most disgusting things you will ever do.

It’s up to you weather you do it or not, but you should still know how to go down on a girl properly.

Just in case.

Read on and I will show you a little test that I perform which determines weather the girl I am sexually involved with is going to get the pleasure of my tongue.

The first test is to determine if the chick is hairy, which you will see as soon as she whips off her thong or when you shove your hand down her pants.

Personally I don’t like a hairy pussy, but I’m also fully aware that there are plenty of guys out there that don’t mind it.

Usually if she has a hairy pussy it’s an indication that it is going to come packaged with an unpleasant smell, since a lack of grooming usually also means a lack of proper hygiene.

However – even if she’s clean shaven – you can never be too certain that it won’t smell.

This is where my second test comes in.

While you are fingering the girl, pull your hand back up as you kiss her neck.

Slowly and casually, reach your hand around the back of her head – so she can’t see – and take a whiff.

If everything smells fine then go ahead and get down there.

If not either choose to skip that step or stop moving forward entirely.

This will depend upon how bad it smells and your personal tolerance. Some guys are cool with still banging a hot girl even if she has a slightly unpleasant smell, while others will just forget about it completely.

That is your decision to make.

Usually if it’s not hairy and doesn’t stink, then it’s going to taste fine because she keeps herself clean.

Ready to take the plunge and learn how to go down on a girl?

Read on!

Building anticipation

Don’t just dive straight into the pussy.

Tease her and build up the anticipation as much as you possibly can. Let her mind have the time to not only process what is happening already, but also fantasize about what might happen next.

That is a huge turn-on for women.

If you start at her neck and begin working your way down her body, she knows exactly where your going down to.

Her pussy is obviously next, right?

No! She’s expecting it, so go AROUND the pussy, kissing her thighs and inner legs.

This have get her anticipating and desiring it even more, putting her into a more powerful state of arousal.

The most important thing about licking pussy is that every pussy is different.

They even look different.

From one pussy to the next, every one of them looks different and unique.

Girls know this, and many are very insecure about it.

Knowing this, it is a smart idea to throw in a compliment about how nice her pussy looks while you are kissing her thighs.

If she happens to be one of the girls that feel insecure about how her pussy looks then she isn’t going to get the most enjoyment out of sexual contact with you, so it’s ideal you let the girl know that everything is fine with her pussy.

That reassurance will make her feel much more comfortable and open with you sexually.

She won’t have that “Does he think my pussy looks weird?” question in the back of her mind. This will make her much more relaxed and free to enjoy the experience with you.

If she isn’t insecure about it, then the compliment won’t hurt you at all since she’ll be happy you feel the same way that she does about her perfect little pussy.

You simply can’t lose.

Once you’re done admiring her pussy and teasing her by kissing her thighs, it’s time to go in!

What technique to use?

Let’s start by debunking all myths about techniques like “drawing figure 8’s” and “writing the alphabet”:

Do those methods work?

The correct answer is, sometimes.

There’s no truly “right” or perfect way to do this.

Knowing how to go down on a girl in various different ways is the key to being a pro at eating pussy.

Just like you have a certain way that you prefer your dick to be sucked, every girl has her own personal preference for how she likes to be eaten out.

With each girl, you’ll need to test various techniques and use her reactions to discover what she enjoys the most.

The good news is that in a mere matter of minutes you can try many different strategies.

Once you are getting the right moans, grunts, OMGs and such out of her, just continue with the one that’s working.

It’s much easier than it sounds, and that’s basically all it takes know how to go down on a girl like a boss.

Let’s discuss the various techniques that you can use:

The Stevie Wonder

Many girls like it very soft. For these girls it is best to use the delicate tip of your tongue with your eyes closed.

That’s why this one is called the “Stevie Wonder”.

What you do – which will make the experience much more exciting for you too – is close your eyes and explore her pussy with your tongue.

Like a blind man softly runs his fingers across braille to read, gently run your tongue around her entire pussy to get a mental image of what it looks like.

Something that always gets a good reaction when doing this is to occasionally make a slight moan.

Not a girly, lame moan.

Do it like a man eating a fat, juicy steak for the first time in his life.

This lets the girl know that you’re enjoying this just as much as she is, and it also sends a slight tingle running up her body.

You like when she moans while giving you a blowjob, right?

Same concept.

Knowing how to go down on a girl is just as much about understanding the small things that enhance the experience as it is about the overall techniques that you can use.

The Turtle

This next technique is widely known as the “Turtle” due to the shape of your upper jaw when performing it (It looks like a turtles top beak).

You anchor your upper lip above her clit (make sure your lip is covering your teeth!) and this leaves your lower lip and your tongue free to work the vagina like a champ.

This strategy works well on both girls who like it soft and those who like it rough.

From this position, you can either lick gently or apply pressure. You can also go very slow or insanely fast.

This strategy can provide a good workout for your facial muscles, so don’t be surprised if your jaw starts burning from doing so much work.

It will get easier with practice as you build up those muscles.

The Pop Quiz

Most of you have heard of this one before.

If anyone has ever tried to tell you how to go down on a girl before, chances are they mentioned this or some variation of it.

The old strategy of writing the alphabet with your tongue is still a viable choice, depending on the girl you are with.

This works best on women who aren’t quite sure (yet) of how they like their pussy to be eaten.

When you face plant into her pussy and start drawing the alphabet on it with your tongue, it simulates a pattern of randomness since your tongue is constantly changing directions.

Girls who don’t know how they like it will enjoy this, as the random movements will throw them off of concentrating on how you are doing it and instead make them focus solely on how it feels.

So, yeah. Some old tricks are still great.

The 8 Out

Another oldie that can still come through in the clutch.

Personally, I find this one very boring and only fall back on it when nothing else seems to be working (so, barely ever).

Doing this is as simple as continuously drawing the letter 8 on her pussy with your tongue.

If you know how to go down on a girl using a less monotonous method, I’d advise always trying those first.

However, this is still great to know about

The reason why this works is because your tongue will roll up and hit her clitoris each time it gets to the top of the 8 and go down across the opening of her pussy when it gets to the bottom.

This constant and steady stimulation of both areas can be very pleasurable for a woman, but just as it can get boring for you to do it may get old for her too.

Save this for when you really need it.

Well that’s the basics you now know how to go down on a girl like a boss, enjoy!

ONLY the basics, you might ask? Yes, that is exactly what I said.

This right here is just entry-level information when it comes to handling a girl in bed and how to go down on a girl.

The Paragon Project has discovered a ton of secret sex techniques that can do anything from keep ANY girl coming back for more to making her fall straight in love with you.

It’s some seriously incredible stuff!

Click that link to find out exactly what I’m talking about. You won’t regret it!

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