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How to get laid on the first date


Get laid on the first date

I’m finally ready to confess my personal method for how I’m always able to get laid on the first date.

Yes, this is the same strategy that everyone has been asking me about for so long.

Believe it or not, I learned this by accident – pure luck – on two different occasions with first dates that were separated by more than a year apart.

Both situations resulted in me accidentally using this technique at the end of the date without even being aware of it, and both times it led me to get laid on the first date.

It was only later once I had enough game to recognize that the two events were connected, that I realized the power of what I had stumbled on. After that, I started to purposely “field test” it as an experiment on new dates.

The first time it worked. Then it worked again, again and again.

That’s when I truly knew that I was on to something.

Something big.

I call this technique ”The Magic Moment”, and I now employ it on all of my first dates.

I’ve achieved a 100% success rate (yes, it has NEVER failed me) with it in terms of ending the night with sex.

In other words, with this shit you WILL get laid on the first date.

I should probably post a disclaimer, as there is always a chance sex may not happen due to things that are beyond your control. Perhaps she is on her period or some other fluke that is too large of an obstacle, but using The Magic Moment will still get you as far as you can in terms of intimacy with her.

Before you get too excited, first we need to make sure that you’re at the required skill level:

Prerequisites: This is “end of the date” gaming advice. You must already be able to approach women and secure dates, and on those dates be able to build attraction and sexual tension. I’m going to assume that everyone here can do those things, and if you can’t then there’s a wealth of information here (both free and in the paid books) for you to learn those skills from.

You good? Then let’s move on.

To be honest, I’m very hesitant about revealing this strategy because I’ve been able to get laid on the first date every single time ever since I first discovered it.

My first instinct was to keep it a secret from everyone and reap the benefits only for myself (which I did for quite some time), but where’s the fun in that?

Besides, I’ve improved so much that I feel it is necessary to give back – sometimes even my best secrets – to the community. I went from not being able to get laid at all to having the ability to create the flawless system for getting any woman to fall in love with you (in just 14 days) that can be found in my Rising Star book.

After finishing the book, I realized that it was packed with so many powerful strategies that I can afford to let some (like this one) go out to the general public as free articles.

So here we are.

Alright, are you ready for this?

Let’s dive in.

Step one: Build it up for nothing

This is your “rabbit in the hat” trick, the final card out of your sleeve. In other words, this is to be used at the very end of your date.

To be more successful, end your date earlier than you would normally. An hour earlier, or 30 minutes earlier if you feel an hour is too drastic. This will add much to the psychological effect that you will soon learn about.

Up until this point, you should have been teasing her all night, maximizing attraction and sexual tension.

When you have taken her home, do everything you normally would do to build up to the first kiss; softer, slower and deeper voice, more intimate touching, longer eye contact with you “sex eyes”, basically the works.

Hint at kissing her, but be extra subtle. Never actually say that you are going to. She may even try to make the move on you, or at least be licking her lips in anticipation.

Keep your cool. Continue to build sexual tension, but at the same time seem oblivious to her building desire. You want to appear as sexual and arousing, a man full of pleasurable promises, but at the same time oblivious to your own charms.

Your goal is to make her consider having sex with you, while at the same time you seem like you’re not deliberately trying to get laid on the first date at all.

When you’ve built it up beyond a shadow of a doubt that a kiss is going to happen – maybe she’s even started to lean in – SAY goodnight!

That’s right, you heard me.

END the date without a kiss! Just like that.

Again, you should seem oblivious to her frustration, as if a kiss had never even entered your mind.

Smile and take your leave in whatever way you choose, just do NOT kiss her!

Done right, she will be too flustered and confused to even say anything. She will be wondering what she did wrong not to attract such a sexy guy.

The purpose of this first step is to build sexual tension to a bursting point, and then NOT resolving the tension.

This paves your way to the second step.

Step two: Bring it all crashing down

Drive away in your car. Yes, drive away!

You WILL end up getting laid from this, but first you must trust me.

Kill 10 minutes in any way you choose, park somewhere and watch YouTube on your phone, whatever you need to do.

After the 10 minutes are up, return to her house. Adjust yourself with some last minute preening, and get ready for some of the best sex you’ve ever had.

Knock on her door or call her cell phone.

15 minutes should have elapsed since your premature goodbye, and it’s just the amount of time needed for her to have sadly concluded that she’s lost her chance with you forever.

Right when she had given up – you have returned – her knight in shining, sexy armor prepared to get laid on the first date!

She will come out, very confused and questioning.

Do NOT fold here!

This is the key phase. Be confident, casual and alluring (also be prepared to see her in her pajamas).

Slowly take her hips in your hands and pull her towards you while you explain your sudden reappearance.

This is KEY.

Simultaneous touching is important, but more importantly is your explanation. Your next words here will MAKE or BREAK you. So do it right.

I usually say, with a half-amused expression:

“I was driving home and I couldn’t get you out of my mind, I just had to come back and kiss those sexy lips of yours.”

Watch for her response, it will be a positive one. The instant you see it (or hear it, if it’s verbal), press up to her and start kissing.


Why do I call this “The Magic Moment”?

Well, psychologically you are giving the girl a moment she usually only swoons over in Romance Movies; the Lover Lost, then Returned!

You are giving her a moment that she only reads about in books. As such, expect her to melt like butter in your hands. She will be ALL over you as a result of the near incalculable sexual tension and release.

At that very moment in time, she will be more susceptible to being seduced than she will EVER be with another man.

You’ve just reached UNEXPLORED TERRITORY, my friend, in terms of men in her life.

You – in this magic moment – are her Mr. Perfect.

Take advantage of it and get laid, but also take some necessary precautions for sex.

Step 3: What she’s always wanted

Do not rush into it. You WILL get laid on the first date, it’s going down tonight for sure. Just be patient and allow things to unfold naturally.

You’ve just given her the gift of making one of her deepest fantasies come true, so allow her to bask in it for a while. Let her soak it all in; the feelings, the sounds, the smells. That’s the stuff she is going to remember forever.

The key here is to continue kissing her, but DO NOT advance it.

Advanced your touching while kissing her, but avoid taking off any of her clothes or touching any of her sexual areas. Remember, you’re in romance territory right now, any sexual touching will set off alarms in her mind.

Touch her arms and neck, kiss her collarbone, neck, lick her ears, feel her stomach and lower back with your hands, and always continue kissing her.

When she’s ready for sex, she will let you know.

There’s no need to press the matter because the moment you showed back up and locked lips with her, she already decided then-and-there that she was going to sleep with you tonight.

Why? It’s because you’re role playing her fantasy, like I mentioned earlier.

Plenty of times she’s dreamed about a guy doing something like this to her, and I guarantee you that at the end of her dream the guy always got laid.

There’s no way she’s going to allow the story to end in any other way than how it is supposed to end.

That’s good news, for the both of you.

I hope you enjoyed learning one of my best secrets for how to get laid on the first date (or any date really). I have tons of more great strategies for you, so if you’re interested in learning more stuff that’s even more powerful than this, have a look at my Rising Star Seduction Program.

Your friend,

Julian Webb

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