How to get her back to your place

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Get Her To Your Place

It’s pretty simple really, but how do you get to take her home most of the time? Well, it’s all about where the actual date is taking place.

If you for some reason don’t have a place of your own or you decide not to take her out on a date in your town then you’ll most likely find it difficult to get her in bed.

I mean you could just take her to a school in your car or some park but really, when you’re a bit older that tends to get dangerous.

(Cops pulls up as you’re pulling up your pants and the condom you just used is quickly jammed into your nice new jeans)

So basically, the solution is to stay near her place or stay near your place.

If you live in an apartment in a nice city take her for dinner or drinks near your place and then tell her you want to show her something in your apartment.

Invite her up for more drinks.

The key is that your place is nearby.

If you’re out of town and near her place then ask her if there are any more bars around her place that you could check out.

If not just offer to walk her home.

If that doesn’t work ask to use the bathroom or make some excuse up.

“Yeah, the train isn’t working at this hour.” It runs 24/7 but she doesn’t know, and then just use that excuse to stay.”

Bottom line, keep the date close to home base.

– Wood

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