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How to get free drinks from women


Get Free Drinks From Girls

It’s simple: tell them you don’t drink and look very hesitant to try out your “first” beer 🙂

People always have that urge to break someone’s “alcohol virginity” once they find out you have never been under the influence of alcohol and will go out of their way to try to make you drunk, not worrying about their wallets.

Note that you can only do this to people that don’t know you well (yet) though.

Here’s another great trick to use after you’ve got your free beers and are spitting some game to a girl that will increase your sex appeal and overall character:

Wait until you’ve built up a good amount of rapport with a particular girl, then have your buddy ask you the famous line, (pretty loudly) “Is she hot?” and say, “Not that it would matter but yes, she’s attractive”.

This not only makes the girl you’re talking to feel good and more attracted to you, but all of the other women who are close enough to hear your conversation will now be attracted to you as well!

Their opinions of you will shoot through the roof and make them more open to a conversation with you as well.

– VoodooChild

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