How To Spit Game To Girls & Get Numbers

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Tips - How To Game Girls
These tips are for learning how to act around girls, and can teach you what to do to make girls want you. Learn how to behave around girls in this section, and watch the positive changes begin.

TIPS: How To Game Girls

Tips and strategies for having good overall game with girls. Learn how to get a girl's number and get laid as often as you want. Find out what you need to do around girls to make them sexually attracted to you.

Funny & sweet

For you new playas in the game, if you didn't know already, I'm let you know a simple yet effective little tip, when in the process of talking to a girl wether is through txt or phone or in person, remember always make her laugh, this will eventually lead her feelings into you, (now don't be a clown either) if done right you should get responses like "your so dumb" or "your so stupid".. your making her feel comfortable around you by laughter, now the "sweet" part, every girl wants a sweet guy, and I'm not talking about those corny lines like "your so beautiful bla bla bla" you know what I'm talking about, be original. throw in some funny then sweet lines it all has to come natural, the girl has to have that impression of "i never met a guy like him before".. before she knows it BAAM! one more girl to the list. & remember a playa isn't born, its made, ha - Ironman

Smooth like anything!

Gaming big time? If not, then get ready for this little piece of advice which will take you another level of awareness to realize your gaming potential! If you guys know about energy levels, you know what I'm talking about. There are two types of people: 1) Energy suckers: these are the people are always complaining and fault finding. Most of the time worried about unnecessary stuff and sucking the energy out of people in the social surroundings. DON'T BE THAT GUY! 2) Energy creators: these people are enthusiastic most of the time. Always bustling with joy and happiness while making people around them feel awesome too. They really don't even think about body language and stuff because it comes so naturally to them. They hardly complain about anything because they know that it's no use to advertise their troubles because there is no market for them. People love to hang out with these highly optimistic people with god-like energy. Back to the point... not only hot girls, but almost anyone can sense your energy level and either get attracted to you or repel from you. I won't waste your time now. Here are some golden rules to increase your energy levels to a legendary state: 1) Never complain about or blame anything. it's your life, TAKE CHARGE! 2) Be grateful for everyone and everything in your life and play the lead in your own movie. 3) Walk in nature everyday and observe it for 30 minutes. 4) Meditate in nature every morning for 20 minutes and laugh for at least 10 minutes either without any reason or recall something funny. 5) GO OUT, GAME AND ROCK YOUR LIFE! - TheSuperDuper

The Wolf Pack

Alright guys over the past few years I've lived far from home but every-time I came home for a visit I noticed Girls will always go for the guy that's the center of attention. It was so easy, I would go out with a group of friends and we would celebrate me being home then next thing ya know the girls would-be lining up to talk to me, from there you gotta be able to seal the deal but the fact of the matter is guys want the hottest girl and girls want the guy everybody else is talking about. To use this on a more devious level just talk to your "wolf pack", this should be a group of 4-5 guys, and convince them to pretend to be celebrating something for one person in the group, it won't matter what it is promotion, engagement, birthday, returning from war, what ever as long as the pack focus's all there attention on that guy and when the girls start flocking help him out. tell of his accomplishments, his cool car, endowment just get the guy laid, then the next week rotate and the next wolf gets his turn. Most importantly no cock blocking if it isn't your turn. - The Crook

Female Orgasm

Girls have vivid sexual fantasies and can spontaneous climax without having anyone touch them. The first time I discovered this was while playing with the breasts and nipples of my girlfriend at the time. I'd been at it for awhile, when all of a sudden, without any warning at all, she forcefully grabbed the back of my head and damn near smothered me while grinding her pussy into my hip, breathing heavily while she did it. At the time, I had no idea what the hell had happened, but as I became more informed, it dawned on me in an "oh shit!" moment. I've also toyed with a beer bottle while looking appreciatively at a girl and seeing her adjust her bra and skirt as she became excited. Finally she sat on a bar stool and surrendered her body to a series of barely controlled convulsions. The power of suggestion is unbelievable when practiced without your being shy about your desire and other girls will flock over to be part of party. Once you understand how their minds work, you can play with them for hours and they will love it because they know you understand and don't judge them for what they're thinking. Remember, girls just want to have fun! - John


Girls really dig this astrology stuff. Just know their birth dates and viola! You have the power to predict them 80% of the time and also know most of their personalities without really knowing them! For example, a Virgo is one born within 20th august and 22nd September, people like that tend to be gentle, shy, kind etc. Plus one can know their likes and dislikes. This knowledge has really helped me, trust me! The girls will be seriously on to you, if you can say lots about them CORRECTLY without knowing them. Also, I've gotta admit, this site is the best that has happened to men! - Keny

Chinese "take-out"?

Go to the Chinese Store. Have them put your # in a fortune cookie. Trust me. They have a trick. They can do it. See someone you like at the Bar, Bus, Train or at the school Library? Walk up to them and say "Can I tell you your future now or later?" ...she will be like huh? Bust out the Fortune cookie. Have her open it right there. She is curious and now you are mysterious to her. Girls love anticipation on what's about to happen next. So she will play along. When she cracks it open it will have your number. Then say "There's your Future" She will bust out laughing and say "Smooth"!!!!! Then with a pleasant smile shake her hand and introduce yourself and take it from there. When you or her time is up. DO NOT SAY: Call Me!!!! SAY: "See you around, and who knows that fortune may change your life. Don't lose it" - Just_Plain_Old_Me

Calibration and Value

A great way to develop a great calibration is to be observant. I've seen many people head straight into a bar/club/daytime without having developed a comfort for the environment. So a great exercise to do is to grab a few friends, take them out to these different "environments" and analyze the social factors that are playing. Identify 3 things: 1) Who has a high observable social value in this environment? 2) How could you develop that same vibe/social value? 3) Are you having fun here? and are the "competition" not having a good time as its obvious they have an agenda to "pickup" Do this little exercise as you enter each new environment and it'll calibrate your own game wherever you go. Many people suffer from approach anxiety as they also have no adjusted and developed and inner comfort the environment. So there is nothing wrong with approaching with the intent of just getting practice, so go out and approach mixed groups consistently with no game plan. Get shot down/numbers, whatever comes along it's all for your calibration to get used the environment. Once you are used to the environment with a natural comfort it's time too apply that game you've been learning :) - pHUiii

My Time Constraint

I find that the time constraint "Hey you seem like a fun chick, I have some friends waiting on me so I have to go but put your number in my phone and we can hang out sometime" (with a smile on your face and your body turned away from her, but facing her) Works really well for getting numbers! I get at least 4 or 5 numbers a day like this, but the other day a chick said "What No, boy i have a man" and I choked and said okay and walked away. So I'm still learning! - EdWEEZY

How to get free drinks

It's simple: tell them you don't drink and look very hesitant to try out your "first" beer :) People always have that urge to break someone's "alcohol virginity" once they find out you have never been under the influence of alcohol and will go out of their way to try to make you drunk, not worrying about their wallets. Note that you can only do this to people that don't know you well (yet) though. - VoodooChild

Beware of over-gaming

Over-Gaming is a problem that not many men are even aware of. You can't learn how to drive a car perfectly from just reading the drivers manual and you can't learn to interact with girls perfectly by having just tons of knowledge and techniques. One of the biggest things that guys do wrong is that they fail to calibrate their game to different situations. You don't have to be a cocky machine every second that you are around an attractive girl and you don't have to have a witty response for everything. It's okay to just have normal conversations sometimes! Too many guys get carried away with being cocky and funny that they become social robots. The key to attracting and seducing girls is balance. When you combine your cocky and funny responses and techniques with being a normal, fun guy, you will have achieved the perfect balance. - GoinPhoenix

Having No Way As Way

When a guy first thinks about opening somebody for the first time. The first thing that comes into his mind when he sees the girl is a jump of textbook crap and lines. Well when they attempt to do this they either bore the girl to death or blown out of the water. Why does this happen you ask? its because guys followed a set way that's fought to open somebody. And the truth is theres no real way or textbook line you can use to open a girl. You can say some of the dumbest shit or the most suave line ever and it wont matter to them as long as you have the balls to go up to them and actually initiate the conversation. So in truth theres no real way to open a girl or a set way to do it. - Jerdo

Catch and Release

Pretty simple, space builds attraction. It shows you aren't clingy, it displays confidence, and it gives her comfort. You can do this at a mall, at a club, even at a bar. The way you achieve the greatest level of attraction through the art of catch and release, is by leaving when tension is at its peak. This tension could be high sexual tension or it could be the peak of your interaction. It doesn't matter. What matters is you release when you are at your absolute best. When you leave you TOI, this shows her that she isn't the world entire to you. This shows her that you can live your life without her and that you aren't a top priority. This also displays confidence in you. It does it by showing her that you have your own world and your own priorities and you won't let a girl change that. Lastly, it gives her comfort/discomfort depending on the way you look at it. If shes having a great time and you leave it might elevate your attraction levels to unprecedented levels due to her comfort with you. If shes already seen your value, it could also put her in a discomfort zone which really is just another way of saying your value is that much higher than hers. - Wood

The Unattainable

While being friends is definitely the last thing you want to do with a TOI, its also a good way to build attraction through the backdoor. Lets say shes dating some other guy or shes a bartender whose Value obviously is different from other girls. She could even know about your game etc. This is where you work at chipping away her defenses. You can do this by raising your value in her eyes and making it clear you don't want to game her. So basically you game girls in front of her. You make fun of how you treat some girls and you do jerk things and laugh together about it. You talk to her about your own adventures while explicitly stating shes a good friend. You even listen to her own stories and if you have to fake real genuine interest in the things she says. You make it understood that you have no attraction at all with her though. In the meantime, you throw constant aggressive kino her way. Find any excuse for it and act on it more so than you would with a normal target you are gaming. All of this together will confuse the shit out of her. Maybe one night of drinks is all it takes for her to jump on you or for you to make a move. You are basically providing a comfort zone for her while also showing how awesome you are while being completely 'unattainable'. Now instead of her being out of reach, you take her power and you yourself are out of reach. - Wood


I actually hated the term originally. But yes, Warpigs are the best way to explain what they are. They are the runt of the litter. The fat girl of the group, the one with the back acne and mustache. They are also you TOI's best friend. You can see why. Girls are all insecure. They all succumb to using a 'best friend' who is clearly below their value, as a crutch to feel good about themselves. These Warpigs are also potentially your worst enemy. In seconds, they can see your intentions and they can reduce your value faster than vomiting in front of a whole room. And Yet, they serve a purpose. They are the ones who are almost willingly there to give approval. Since they are clearly undesirable and unattractive to even the lowest forms of man, they are eager to talk and even more excited at the mere thought of interacting with a man of your stature. This is why Warpigs need to handled like a little kid you're giving candy to. You give him a lollypop pat him on the head and then continue talking to the 'adults'. You don't give them anymore, because they'll make a mess and throw a tantrum, but you give them enough that they piss themselves with joy and tell everyone in the world how great a person you are. The end. You just bagged a hottie. - Wood

The Approach

As long as you have a smile on your face you can approach her any way you want: Straight on.. Diagonally.... backwards.. even zig-zagging while doing Navy-Seal summersaults and yelling "hoo-ah!" (though I wouldn't recommend it). Most guys worry too much about the minor details. Look her in the eyes, smile playfully, and just get over there to talk to her. How you get there is really your call. She's not going bust out a protractor and say "sorry, according to my calculations your approach angle was 37 degrees wrong". She's usually too busy thinking about herself in that moment. But girls do notice "eye language" cues.. If your eyes are darting around nervously, you'll come off as insecure. Look her in the eyes, and smile. It won't kill ya! As that goofy guy in Adam Sandler movies usually says "You can DO it!" Besides, girls like guys with good eye-contact. - Player87

The approach

Mastering the approach is a crucial component in the arsenal of a PUA. It is important to remember that it is not about the words you use, but rather the attitude and mind frame you have. Even with the best lines and techniques at your disposal without the right mindset they will be ineffective. It is not about the words you use or the actions you do, it is how you say the words and how you perform the actions. Always approach with confidence, and a positive attitude; without these traits girls will see through the "front" you are putting up. Also, relax and have fun, and soon you will be approaching any girls with ease. - by Baller21

The alpha presence

Let it be known when you walk in a room. Take up space and have confident but comfortable body language. Speak with a strong articulate voice. Have good posture and make slow deliberate movements. Remember to be comfortable with any situation at all times. When your comfortable around a girl she becomes comfortable as well. Girls are naturally attracted to the alpha and once you develop this type of presence, you will be amazed at the different responses you get from girls. - by Lady Killa

Gaming virgins!

The issue about Virgins is that their ASD (anti-slut-defense) is set to automatic, so you have to first build a lot rapport and comfort which will lead to trust, but how do you do this? First thing you do is run your normal game by creating interest and attraction. Once you have created attraction you have to build a lot rapport by creating bonds, such as sharing similarities and kino to increase comfort. Once you have rapport you have to escalate kino and teasing slowly and progressively, following the push pull formula. If you push too much or pull too much you risk over-complimenting or over-negging. Balance your push and pulls and create rapport and she will give it up 100%! - Player87

If you love it...

... let it go. One of the biggest traps new players get sucked into is getting too attached to a set once they make progress. Male-pattern tunnel vision. As a PUA, you must always be willing to leave a set, no matter what your progress with them when the situation calls for it. Here's something you can do to build your non-stick layer: Go up to a few sets and open them until one receives you very openly. Flirt unforgivably, and raise the hell out of that kino. Then, right before you would close. Just leave. "Sorry, I have to go", and walk away. If you can do that, then you've reached a major milestone. - Moose

Staying in control

One of the fundamental things in seduction that will either lead to your success or failure with any given girl is how well you maintain control of your interactions. One way you could react to "I'm bored!", "What's up?" and "Entertain me" is by responding with something funny in an attempt to do exactly what she says and entertain her. But wait a minute: she's telling you that she's bored and you obey her command and entertain her- doesn't that mean that she's in control of the conversation? So... we need to think of a way we can respond to that that keeps you in control of the conversation while still letting her enjoy the interaction. How we can do that is by re-framing her command and redirecting the conversation the direction you want. How I personally like to do that most of the time is by negging her then totally changing the flow of the conversation. My entire idea of the purpose of negs is that they exist for you to remind the girl what the power balance between the two of you is and that you're the alpha who controls how things happen in this world. This sort of situation is exactly the right place to employ them, since you need to correct her mistaken belief that she controls the conversation (btw I had a girlfriend a while back who used to do this all the time too and this can be actually quite fun if you turn these sort of statements around on her). - Goldi

The peacock open

In short, Peacocking is wearing something that stands out and grabs attention (e.g. Bright T-shirt, Shiny belt buckle, Cowboy hat, etc.). A lot of people peacock but don't utilize it for seduction. A lot of times (with the exception of night game) a girl will not go further than saying "I like your shirt." In response to such a comment simply say "Thanks, I like your ______" and initiate kino, then ask for her name and begin flirting away. - by Anubis

Balancing cocky & funny

Balance, the way to balance your cockiness is to be more funny. That will offset the negative citations of your high confidence levels and allow you to avoid giving off a self-centered vibe. However, you don't even have to toss on more funny to balance the cocky, you can just tone down the cocky and try to be more friendly. When you're really cocky, girls tend to either think you're an asshole, or they figure that you are interested in getting in their pants. Step it down a bit and use a bit of that nice guy inside you, which may or may not have been the reason you ended up here to begin with. We tend to overcompensate for our niceness by being very confident and cocky, but then you realize you overshot your mark and have to try again a little lower. I got called a cocky asshole for YEARS, I mean from the time I was like 8 till I was 20. By being mildly friendly, you can slip in the cracks and then once you get in close, you can strike without them seeing it coming and they are thoroughly surprised, but in a good way. I'm not saying to go overboard and be her friend, because we know you just end up with LJBF and that's no good either. Happy medium is the key to not just pick up, but all of life. - Player87

Action = Success

The key to success is ACTION. Instead of trying to figure out the best way to approach, then start doing it, which is useless. There is no 'secret formula' that loosens the pants of a girl! Seduction is a learning process, every approach leads to an outcome that you benefit from; success or feedback. If you succeed, bear in mind what you've done well in the approach. If not, you have gained experience and think where things may gone wrong, and implement this acquired knowledge into your next approach. Simple isn't it? - Player87

Expand your playing field

Always be on the lookout for girls wherever you are, some of the most unusual places may just turn out to be the best in terms of places where you can find single girls. Bars, clubs and parties will always guarantee that you will pick up a girl if you have enough game and try hard enough... but sometimes places like supermarkets, laundromats, parks and beaches can prove to be even easier places to be successful. Why? You have much less competition, sometimes none... plus girls tend to go into "bitch mode" a lot faster when they are situations where they know that many men will be hitting on them... so it's much better to approach them in other situations where they will most likely have let their guard down. Some people may try to tell you that in certain places you simply can not pick up girls... but they are wrong. I can tell you from my own personal experiences that even though some places may be better than others... no areas are "off limits" or impossible, anyone who tells you differently probably just didn't have enough game when they tried. Experiment and try to approach girls everywhere you go, you may even get lucky and find a gold mine of hot babes with their defenses down ready to be pulled!

What makes an alpha

Girls are attract to alpha males, we all know this. It's built into them just like it is built into us to stare at a nice rack or ass... we simply can't help it, and neither can they. Right now I am about to explain the #1 thing that separates the alpha males from the rest of the pack... and no it is NOT confidence. You can have so much confidence that it seeps out of your ears but will still always be out done by someone that has this quality: Initiative. Initiative means that you are always first, and make sure of it. You are the first to make a move in all situations: You walk straight up to a girl and initiate a conversation with her instead of waiting for her to come to you, you never walk behind other people when walking in a group... you stay in the front, you are the first to go when participate in activities like sports, you always go for the first kiss without asking, you always make the first move towards sex and always lead the girl to the bedroom, you are always the one who drives when you go out with others. Get the idea? Many guys have confidence, but not all of them can be called true alpha males because they lack initiative... and that is the trait that defines a true alpha male. At all times you should guarantee that you have the initiative, especially when you are in the presence of the opposite sex... even fight for it if you have to.

Want a dime piece?

Do you know what a perfect 10 is? Is the best looking girl you've ever seen one? Maybe, but maybe not... because for a girl to be a dime piece they need to have more than just looks. I'm talking gorgeous, intelligent, trustworthy and down to earth... a QUALITY girl. That is what you really want right, a girl that is beautiful as well as secure in herself that will never cheat on you or embarrass you in front of people by making ditsy comments? Sure you do. However, if you want to attract a quality girl... you will need to be able to show them that you are a quality guy as well, and the most important step in becoming a quality guy is have a skill. You need to be good at something, and I'm not talking about your job, I'm talking about an interesting thing that you do and are good at that adds substance to your character and makes you seem like a more interesting and motivated person. Don't get me wrong, by using what you learn from this web site you can easily pick up hot girls, and even get a really beautiful as you girlfriend... but on looks alone a girl can only rank at about an 8, maybe a 9. If you really want to get a "dream girl" you've got to add that extra something to your life that makes you stand a step above all of the other guys that are good at getting girls... and that extra something is exactly what all of those perfect 10's are looking for. They want something more because they can literally pick any guy they want and have him, so it's only natural for them to try and find the best. You can choose any skill that you want, as long as it is something that is interesting and impressive... if you love music anything in that field works perfectly. You can also learn how to read palms, girls absolutely love when a guy knows how to do that. Can you draw or paint fairly well? Being an artist is another great skill that girls admire. Be creative and have fun, you don't even need to be the best at the skill you choose, as long as you become good enough to show the ladies that you are dedicated to it and actually enjoy it.

Your social value

If you have been studying seduction material for a while chances are you've heard the term "Social Proof" before. The most simple way to describe social proof is that it is your "local fame" within your network of friends and/or acquaintances, otherwise referred to as your "circle". When you are trying to determine how much social proof you have, it is important to understand that it is NOT the amount of fame that you have, but rather the amount of fame that you have compared to the other people within your circle. Are you the leader or a follower? Do people favor your opinion over those of others? Are you the first person that people call when they want to find out what is going down during the weekend? Do you get a high level of respect from those around you? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself to determine your overall social proof... and if you answered negatively to any of the above then you will need to do some work on improving your value within your circle. Men that have the most social proof within their group are always viewed as the most powerful, and girls find that power to be very attractive. This is why men that are viewed of the leader typically have their pick of the girls that are in the group as well as any new ones that are introduced in the future. Build up your social value and the girls will automatically want you instead of any of your friends, and you will also gain a higher level of respect from everyone you encounter.

Baby steps

Ok, I'm assuming that you've already committed yourself to learning everything that this web site has to offer so that you will eventually know every single trick to picking up girls... congratulations. However, now is the time when you need to recommit yourself to something totally different, and ultimately much more important : Using what you know! You may now know 1001 seduction techniques, but all of your studying will be in vain unless you make the conversion and turn them into seduction SKILLS. Simply knowing what you are doing is less than half of the battle, actually being able to do it is the hard part... and the only way to get to that point it by honing your skills with some good ol' fashioned practice. One of the most common mistakes that guys who come to this web site make is believing that they must learn EVERYTHING before they do ANYTHING, this is totally wrong. Have you ever heard the saying "Don't bite off more than you can chew"? It applies here. If you pack your head full of as much as you can and then try to use it, you will only succeed in confusing yourself and adding to your failure. You do not need to know everything in order to pick up one girl, if you choose one simple strategy that you like it will be all you'll need at first... then when you master that you can move on to others. If you practice in this fashion eventually you will know so much AND be good at it as well, that you will be able to switch up your technique at the drop of a dime if what you are doing seems to be not working. Baby steps my young players, baby steps.

Pay her no mind, she'll love you for it!

Hot girl are used to being showered with attention from men. It had been happening to them since they were infants : Age 0 - "Aww, she's soooo precious!", Age 4 - "She's just beautiful", Age 10 - "She's gonna be a hotty!", Age 18 - "Damn, she IS a hotty!". They have heard those things thier entire lives, and now that they have grown into girls it's so programmed into thier minds that they barely even care when you walk up and say "Your beautiful". However, they DO care when you don't do that... and even act like they don't impress you at all. Treating beautiful girls like they are flawed is the ONLY way to attract them.

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