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How to gain social value fast

In this article I’m going to be telling you some of my greatest secrets for how to gain social value insanely fast.

First let me tell you a little bit about myself so that you can appreciate and understand how I came to be the social fireball that I am today.

I was a natural, and a nice one at that.

I used my looks, a combo of flair and social value to meet and date many girls.

I had girls chase me and I could create a bidding war in the midst of friends, but this was all natural; no strategy, no direction.

Then I met a special girl, moved around the world, and then got married.

Then divorce struck my path.

This led to my re-acclimatizing into the single world.

With my history and track record, you’d think this would be no problem.


Without my social value, I started to question the very foundation of what had made me successful.

This led to a spiral in the opposite direction, until I hit rock bottom.

My value and self worth was at an all time low.

I was so needy that I could barely land an ugly girl, let alone find the girl of my dreams. I know what pain is and it has led me to today.

As a child, I was very introverted.

I knew I had to change this, so I forced myself to be more social by attending theme parks on my own.

I learned how to approach people, how to make instant friends, how to how to gain social value quickly and how to be a person that attracted more people to his circle.

This is where my understanding of social value, proof and circles was born.

The biggest mistake people make when they meet new people is in their excitement they make too much of the meeting and its importance.

They occupy people’s time and become a nuisance in thought.

Who is this strange person?

Why are they talking to me?

Will they ever leave?

I found out naturally that it is better to hit and move, just like a boxer you get better with movement.

I would open conversations, talk briefly, then like a confident likeable person I would move on and continue my activities.

The whole mindset was that I was this fun guy that liked to go to exciting places, even when my friends were busy, because I would always meet cool people like the person I was speaking to.

Can you see the power in that frame of mind?

To prove my social value, after a few minutes of chatting to a particular person (I normally picked the groups first as it was easier to meet a larger group of people), I would say:

“Bye. You guys are cool, I’ll see you later.”

Then I would walk off to continue doing my thing elsewhere and with new people.

After a while of standing in line meeting people by just butting in on their conversations or opening them, I would start to run into people again that I had met earlier.

They would see me with another group (social value goes up), I would turn to wave, then put this group on hold as I go over and talk to the other group about what they were up to (social value goes up again).

I would then introduce people.

This allowed me to have a great deal of social proof as the conductor and mediator. Especially when you combine groups, because you become the Alpha of the newly formed group simply by being the link to each (yup, even more social value).

By doing this, I taught myself how to gain social value on the fly and in any situation.

I later adapted this into every segment of my social acumen.

I frequented one of the largest nightlife entertain complexes on the planet.

With all clubs open it held over 15,000 people in 8 rooms/clubs and I used what I had learned to amp up my social proof, value, and of course my success at a ridiculously fast pace.

It is as easy as circling round, smiling, locking eyes with both men and women, shaking their hand or giving them high fives and saying it looks like you’re having a great night.

The simple act of initially breaking their bubble evolves over the course of the night. The second time around they already know me and the third time it is like we are long lost friends.

My social circling techniques range from the very basic to very technical, but the concept is all the same:

Go around and meet everyone that looks cool, male or female.

Take the time to open each group that you find, large or small.

Never stay too long. The shorter, happier opening is always best.

Continue roaming around as if you were the owner of the place.

Maintain a decent window of time between seeing each group.

By the end of the night, you choose which after-party to go to.

It’s that easy.

Very few professionals in this industry can assure you of 90% or higher success rate in the most competitive environments on the planet.

We at the Paragon Project can assure you that we have MANY strategies – just like this one – that you show you how to gain social value so well that it will secure the contact information of every hot girl you meet.

Ask the best coaches how many numbers or contact information they could get on a good night.

For the elite, it’s in the 25 people average range per night.

I’ve gotten hundreds.

No bullshit.

It really is extremely simple when you know the fast and efficient way.

Just like in every other skill that you have learned for work or as a sport or interest; initially you have to be instructed, then practice, then perfect it.

The same holds true for how to gain social value as it is a skill that requires action.

Would you like to meet and date ANY hot woman that you see in a club, bar or anywhere else?

There’s only one place where you can get that information without sorting through a bunch of useless nonsense, and it is right here waiting for you!

What does the Paragon Project do?

It gets you to the next level, PERIOD.

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