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How to flirt with girls : Top 2 secrets


Learn how to flirt with girls

Consider yourself lucky, because I’m somewhat of a master of this stuff, and you’re about to discover some of my best flirting secrets. If you’re ready to learn how to flirt with girls like a champ, then keep reading.

Personally, I believe flirting is the one of most powerful aspects of your game, especially if you know how to use it to your advantage in a fun and inviting way.

Flirting is what separates casual, boring conversations from entertaining, sexual interactions.

That’s why girls will choose a sarcastic, funny asshole over a dull, average nice guy every time.

It’s all about the fun factor.

Flirting is a harmless and fun way to show your sexual interest to any girl that you’re trying to pick up, and you’d be surprised by the things you can pull off doing and saying to a girl if you’re giving off the right kind of vibe.

But don’t forget, it’s supposed to remain fun. Don’t step over the line and say something hurtful or harmful.

In the end, you’ll just be screwing yourself over.

Now with that disclaimer behind us, let me show you my top 2 secrets for how to flirt with girls:

Tease her to please her

This works like magic, probably because teasing is what flirting (well, proper flirting) is all about.

Most guys take flirting with girls way too seriously and then wonder why nothing seems to be working for them.

The entire point of flirting is to create a fun and engaging interaction that the girl (or girls) will enjoy. Anything you do while flirting that can be considered as normal or serious will completely destroy the fun mood. You’ll end up going home to beat your dick and wonder what went wrong.

Just like any game, in the dating game there are winner and losers.

In this game the losers don’t dare overstep the false boundaries that society has programmed into their stupid minds about what is acceptable behavior when flirting with girls and what isn’t.

Want to know what’s not acceptable?

Pulling her pants down in the middle of the club and then laughing. That’s about it.

I’m just fucking with you, but hope you understand the point that I’m trying to make. Anything you do or say is alright as long as it doesn’t; insult her, embarrass her, degrade her, hurt her, make you look needy, make you look unattractive or make you seem creepy.

Anything at all.

The winners in this game understand that and don’t live within those boundaries. This mentality frees them up to tease women in a way that ultimately it gets them laid.

Picking on them is exactly how to flirt with girls and keep them engaged and having fun.

90% of the time this type of teasing is done verbally, so let me show you some examples:

Her: “Do you like my hair? I just had it done.”
You: “You’re hot enough to date me now!”

Her: “Are you going to buy me a drink?”
You: “What? You’re the one hitting on me!”

Her: “All these bitches in here are haters.”
You: “Want me to leave so they stop looking?”

Her: “We just keep running into each other.”
You: “Not really. I think you’re stalking me.”

Her: “What do you think of my outfit?”
You: “It’s fucking ugly, take it off right now!”

See how this shit works?

THAT is how you flirt with girls by teasing them and keeping everything interesting.

If you act like that when flirting with a women the interaction will never go stale and she will be loving every second of it. You’ll be keeping her on her toes, and in turn keeping her right next to you long enough to seal the deal.

No touch is too much

Well, as long as we are talking about the right kind of touching.

Remember above when I said as long as it doesn’t make you seem creepy? The wrong type of touching can do that really fast, but the right touching can get her soaking wet even faster.

The art of touching a female while flirting – not many things can be more powerful when it comes to seduction.

Let’s say you’re spitting game to a girl for about 5 minutes – haven’t touched her at all yet – and she seems to be losing interest. After 5 more minutes pass by you still haven’t touched her, and now she’s already gone.

Want me to tell you why she rolled out?

It’s because you acted like a scared little bitch and didn’t touch her.

Hot women don’t go out looking for men who don’t even have enough balls to show their sexual interest in her by flirting by touch. If you can’t show her you’re comfortable with casual touching she will simply assume that you aren’t accustomed to touching girls, which makes you look inexperienced and lacking in demand.

That shit is not how to flirt with girls. It’s not attractive at all and just scares women away.

Now if you had touched her lightly and confidently occasionally during those first 5 minutes, then escalated it to more intense touching during the second 5 minutes, she’d still be right there and getting increasingly more comfortable with you touching her.

Even the most simple touch (like tapping her arm) can be insanely important. That’s because the more she is used to you touching her, the higher your chances are of kissing her.

The first kiss is a huge milestone not because of the “seeing sparks and fireworks” bullshit you hear in movies, but rather because it completely opens to door for you to touch her in FAR more sexual and intimate ways.

Once that door is open, escalation towards sex can begin. That is the goal, right?

Why else would you care about knowing how to flirt with girls?

I just showed you how to score.

To further enforce my point, let me ask you a few questions:

Have you ever had an awkward first kiss with a girl, or had a girl pull away when you tried, or she seemed like she just wasn’t ready for it?

That’s because you didn’t touch her enough. If you had the situation would feel natural – not awkward – and she wouldn’t pull away because she would’ve been expecting it.

Not only expecting it, probably even excited and waiting for it to happen.

Next question:

Have you even went to have sex with a girl and she hesitated and stopped you, or said she doesn’t have sex on the first date, or said she hasn’t know you long enough?

Yup, that’s also because you didn’t touch her enough. Trust me, there’s a hidden meaning behind every single one of those excuses.

If you had escalated your touch, she wouldn’t have stopped you since almost all girls will have sex on the first date with the right guy. She’s just saying you didn’t do enough yet to become that guy in her mind.

Also, her saying that she hasn’t known you long enough just means that she hasn’t experienced enough of your touch.

With women it’s not a matter of “time” at all, it’s about feelings. That’s why they love to say things like “we just met but I feel like I’ve known you for so long”.

Think about making a girl feel comfortable with your touch as nothing more than a tool that you can use to fast forward time, because on a mental level that’s exactly what it does to her.

She just wants to feel a connection, that’s it.

I would go into detail about exactly how to touch a girl for the first time and the escalate it all the way up until you’re banging her, but I’ve already written an entire article on how to touch a girl while flirting for you to read.

Hit that up to learn more about how to flirt with girls by touching them and get laid.

Here’s a few things to remember:

Always keep flirting on a sexual level. Showing your sexual interest in a girl is what flirting is for in the first place.

Make it light and humorous. However when the time is right  don’t be afraid to escalate and step it up to the next level.

Always look for – and use – every opportunity to make a sexual comment or innuendo. It will prove to be very effective.

You’re a man, so fucking act like one.

If doing this stuff makes your nervous, you need to just sack up and get over it.

If you want to take the easy way out, then read my book “How To Be A Jerk Like Me” and you’ll just start getting laid like crazy.

Problem solved.

– The Jerk

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