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Dealing With Pretty Women

Never be afraid to say no to a pretty girl, because most of the time when a woman asks you for something or wants you to do something it is nothing more than a test.

You may or may not already be familiar with these tests, but in case you’re not, in the seduction community they are commonly referred to as “Shit Tests”.

To pass her tests, you can simply decline her request, which will display to her that you are a high-value man that she does not have the power to manipulate, thus increasing her attraction towards you.

To even further the effect of this, you can act as if you are disappointed in her for thinking that you are a low-value man that she can control and begin giving her less attention or even eject yourself from the conversation.

This will force her to re-approach you, which is an extreme indicator of interest.

Hot girls are used to being showered with attention from men.

It had been happening to them since they were infants:

Age 0 – “She’s soo precious!”

Age 7 – “She’s so gorgeous!”

Age 13 – “She’s just beautiful!”

Age 20 – “She’s fine as shit!”.

They have heard those things their entire lives, and now that they have grown into girls it’s so programmed into their minds that they barely even care when you walk up and say “You’re beautiful”.

However, they DO care when you don’t do that, and even act like they don’t impress you at all.

Treating beautiful girls like they are flawed is the best way to attract them.

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