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How to choose and use a wingman


Getting A Good Wingman

There are definitely perks to flying solo, but if you know how to choose and use a wingman properly your chances of success can skyrocket.

It can also make your night out much more enjoyable.

Before we get down to business, put on your thinking caps for a moment. Remember the last time that you went out with a wingman to “pick up some women?”

If you are like most men, the memory is most likely one you wish you could forget. The concept of wingman game is not a new one, but few people know how to successfully operate with a wingman, resulting in most attempts at gaming as a team being in vain.

Having a wingman can be an invaluable tool in order to help isolate women, create attraction and display social value, but a wing can also be a cause of failure if not used correctly.

Your wingman and yourself must always be on the same page, have chemistry and also great communication skills.

By integrating the following rules and techniques into your own wingman game, you can avoid the fatal blunders that other men have been making for years and still are.

To fly you need wings

Choosing a wingman is the first step to wing game and its importance is often overlooked. Picking the wrong man – or even woman – can sink your chances of success before you even begin.

• Choose someone that you can have fun with. Whether you know it or not (or choose to believe it or not), fun always equals success.

• Your wing must be well groomed. First impressions are lasting impressions. HIS appearance can either make YOU look better or worse.

• Good communication is not a bonus, it is required. Choose a wing that you can share that special chemistry and communication with.

• The more game your wing has, the better. Inside The New Breed, you can learn how to turn a total loser into the perfect wingman.

• Conversation is key. Find a smooth talker who can hold a conversation. If your wingman lacks social skills, you are both screwed.

• If you choose a wingwoman instead, make sure that she is as attractive as possible. Sexy wingwomen can almost guarantee success.

Communication is key

Great communication between you and your partner in crime is the basis of wing game.

In order to be one step ahead of the game, you need to know what your wingman is doing and what he is planning on doing next.

Communication can take place in several different ways: Verbal cues, as well as non-verbal cues are both effective ways of relaying information.

Any signal will work, but the idea is to keep them easy to use, easily recognizable and unmistakable to your wing.

The best wingmen are constantly aware of the next move their partner will make and are ready to react accordingly. This is also where a bad wingman stumbles, he doesn’t know what’s going on and is on a completely different page than you are.

This typically leads to him hindering you more than helping. That’s why communication and awareness are so vital.

These “Wing Signals” are discussed in great detail (they have a dedicated chapter) in The New Breed.

Teamwork wins games

In wingman game, it is almost always advisable to approach new groups of women alone and then have your wingman join in once you have them engaged.

Two or more men approaching at the same time will always place you in a bad starting point, because that’s what guys with no game do. They go out with their friends trying to get laid, then just want up to them as a group.

Bad idea.

Women have grown accustomed to that behavior and associate it with insecure men who are afraid to approach without “backup”, so when you do it you automatically acquire that negative label.

Not to mention the fact that two grown men approaching is simply threatening to many women.

This is an important rule: the person who initially approaches the girls has control of that interaction.

When you are entering into a group that was first opened by your wing, make sure to identify the woman he has his eye on, and NEVER try to steal that one away from him.

Discuss with your wingman and develop a signal in order to telegraph to each other which women you are after. Many times it will be obvious, but a signal is still required since social interactions can vary to such a great degree.

The primary goal of a wingman is to help you be successful with the girl that you like in a group you approached, then that favor will be returned when he finds one for himself.

This is one of the few situation where competition is completely unhealthy. NEVER work against each other.

Instant social proof

Your wingman can be an instant demonstration of high value in any setting. He is the coolest guy around (except for you), and that is why you are with him. This attitude is a huge display of social proof.

You need to immediately display this to women when your wing enters the group, done by way of the “accomplishment introduction”.

You are a team and your goal is to build one another up to reach new heights. When your wing arrives, introduce him and build him up with your accomplishment intro.

Here’s an example

“You guys have to meet my friend! This is Joe and he’s absolutely insane. He’s a stunt driver and drives like that even when he isn’t working. He almost killed him 5 times on the way here.”

Obviously, you will use your own personal accomplishment introductions when introducing your wingman. Plan your intro beforehand and have it ready to use on any occasion.

It’s also a good idea to have more than one intro memorized. This will help to keep things feeling interesting for the both of you.

Boredom can ruin a good time.

Things to remember

• Don’t go against your wing and agree with a woman that you like.

• Put all selfish thoughts aside, you are a team so act like one.

• The guy who approaches a group has first choice out of the women.

• Communicate verbally and with signals to always remain in sync.

• Build each other up. Together you achieve results, alone you fail.

• You WANT your wing to succeed. His success can lead to your own.

If you follow these rules, having a good wingman by your side can make a huge difference and boost your success with women. Enjoy!

– DLaw

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