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Being A Natural With Women

Did you know that all the seduction techniques you learn are really just about portraying the behavior of a man that is a natural with women and mimicking what works for them?

Essentially, the good strategies that actually work were all “discovered” rather than “created”.

For example, one guys would do something completely naturally (without knowing what the hell he was doing right) and it would work. Then, either that same guy or someone else would analyze and break-down what he did that made him successful.

That’s how REAL seduction techniques come to light. So, if you want to become a natural with women you need to learn how to adopt the right traits into your actual character. Once you’ve done that (and it’s automatic like breathing) then YOU become the natural seducer who gets analyzed.

What is that type of guy really like?

He’s someone who games and says things for his own amusement, not to impress.

He’s someone who screens women just to see if they are up to his standards.

He’s someone who will disqualify women for his own reasons or “just because”.

Girls are attracted to guys that don’t try hard to impress women, but instead like to amuse themselves by being playful, fun, imaginative and not afraid to “test women” by disqualifying them.

Unlike every other guy you shouldn’t really care what women think of you, because you already know you could have them if you choose.

Ultimately your goal should be to become high value, not to fake it through techniques.

Once you become high value you will naturally tell interesting stories and great game will just spill out of you. Instead of pretending to be high value, you will BE high value.

You’ll be confident because you are a socially accepted high value male.

You’ll be secure in yourself, so women will not the first priority in your life.

You’ll be very sexual and not afraid to show it, you are comfortable around women.

You are seductive because everything you do naturally portrays your sexuality.

Lastly is just the ability to connect and relate to girls. Women ultimately want a guy that resembles themselves and has similar interests, but also able to voice his opinion on things.

They want a guy they can trust.

If you can trust a girl and tell her personal things than she will trust you.

So to sum everything up, if you want to be able to game naturally you have to have this mindset:

I am a male that does things for my own amusement and pleasure. I am a high value alpha male, and I beam high value to everyone around me. I need to test all women to see if their up to my standards. I love myself so a woman is not the most important thing in my life, and I’m a challenge. I am sexual and not afraid to show it. I am naturally seductive with my eye contact, voice tone, and body language and I’m not scared to show my sexual attraction through touch. I am socially accepted and have the ability to relate to women.

Your goal ultimately in seduction should be to become a natural with women by first improving your life and yourself.

Once you improve yourself you will become a naturally attractive person, period.

– LadyKilla

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