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How to be the leader of your group


Being The Group Leader

When you and your friends are the clubs it is natural to want to approach women as a group.

This intimidates most girls, who are usually in a group as well.

Tell your friends you’ll be back in a while and then go hang out by yourself.

This will not feel natural, and you’re right, everyone will notice that your hanging by yourself, whereas they probably wouldn’t have noticed before.

Girls who may be interested will find it much easier to approach you than if you were with your friends, and will also be more receptive to you when you approach them.

Once you have them hooked, you can then introduce them (and their friends) to your own friends and merge the two groups together.

Not only will this make your boys think you’re the man since you are the one who went and got the girls, but to the women, you’ll immediately be viewed as the leader and alpha male of your group.

Once everyone is talking and acquainted with one another, you will basically have your choice out of any of the girls (first dibs).

All of them will want to be the one who gets with the main man, the leader, which they believe to be you.

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