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How to be funny and make girls laugh


How To Make Girls Laugh

Humor is one of those things that can make you or break you. You can make women attracted to you just by being funny and knowing how to make girls laugh, and you can also ruin a good thing by trying too hard and ending up saying something absolutely corny.

The best rule to follow is to never TRY to be funny.

If you ever catch yourself thinking “I should come up with something funny to say” or “let me tell her that one joke”, stop immediately!

That usually won’t end well. Let’s look at a scenario:

Okay, so you’re hanging out with a girl, you’ve been touching each other and everything seems to be going great.

So naturally, you’re feeling like you’re Don Juan and that anything you say or do will make this chick love you even more.

Your confidence is through the roof. You’re the MAN.

So what do you do? You tell a joke, of course! Oh yeah! Never mind the fact your idea of comedy is a talking orange cat in the Sunday newspaper. Oh, Garfield, that hamburger isn’t for YOU!

Like a train wreck in slow motion, you confidently open your mouth and try to make a joke.


Now, I want you to imagine for a second that everyone on earth has a spirit guide that accompanies you throughout your life, unseen, like a floating, invisible life-coach.

This is the moment where your spirit guide is slapping himself in the forehead.

“So, hey girl, check this out. I walked into a bar last night, Yeah, heh, I mean, who put that thing there! It like, seriously came out of nowhere!, You get it? I like, walked, INTO the bar?”

Oh GOD. Even the crickets cringed from that.

To your (astonishing) surprise, the girl that was hanging on your every word DIDN’T laugh!

What gives, man?

In fact, not only did she not laugh, she made a grimace and said: “that was lame.”

Ouch! I can’t watch, someone tell me when it’s over!

You see, you’ve just skydived into “corny zone”. You know, corny zone? That nightmare dimension where Carrot-Top, fan fiction-verbiage jokes (“Call me FRODO, cuz I would totally HELMS DEEP her HOBBIT, if you know what I mean.” Can I please beat this guy up?), and laugh-track sitcoms come from.

It’s real hard to get out of corny zone once you’ve fallen into it, so instead, let’s figure out a way to avoid it all together.

Didn’t See That Coming

First of all, I think that you and I can agree that girls LOVE guys that can make them laugh. Shit, *I* love guys that can make me laugh.

Maybe not in the same WAY, but yeah; let’s just agree that being funny is an attractive and cool trait to have.

I don’t think of myself as a comic genius, but I do know how to make girls laugh, and that’s all I’m here to talk about.

What I’ve come to understand about humor in general is that the unexpected is funny.

Family Guy is great with this type of “unexpected” humor. I don’t know if you watch Family Guy, but Peter is one of the main characters.

He’s a fat, lovable, stupid guy with an outspoken, self-righteous attitude.

In one episode, he was in Australia (don’t ask why) repeatedly poking a sleeping crocodile with a stick.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey mister wrinkly skin, why ya sleeping huh? Why ya sleeping? Hey, hey.”

The crocodile opens its eyes finally and glares at Peter, peter continues to poke it.

“Oh there you go, how ya doing huh? Hey, hey, you hungry? You hungry mister crocodile? You hungry? Hey.”

At this point, it’s SO damn obvious that the crocodile has had enough of his constant poking and badgering, that everyone knows the crocodile is going to bite him.

So what happens?

A koala bear flies out of nowhere and lands on Peters’ face with a vicious Kung Fu death-grip.

And to watch it, it’s hilarious. Why? Because it’s totally unexpected.

This is the part of humor to use to make girls laugh; unexpected punch lines. You build up to a logical conclusion, then you punctuate it with something totally illogical or irrelevant.

I’ll come back to this in a moment so we can work on it, but now we’re going to focus on the other element of being funny as hell: your delivery.

Your Delivery Is The Key

Just like how unexpected punch lines makes the joke funny, the same thing is true with your delivery. If you make it SEEM like you’re trying to be funny, it’s likely not going to work.

But if you do the OPPOSITE, your humor will come unexpectedly, and THAT will make your delivery great.

Body Language Delivery:

My body language is that of complete confidence and relaxation, and boredom, and apathy, and disinterest.

As if I’m the most wanted person in the room, and I’m thinking of all the other places I’d rather be than here.

At the same time, I wear an amused expression.

I’m inviting, but distant. This mixed-signal works great with girls, psychologically it works on everyone, actually, not just girls.

I do this in elevators, when I’m standing in line, when I’m at an event, sometimes I’ll just go to a public location and sit down somewhere like this, and I’ll get approached by guys AND girls.

There’s just something about someone who masters this look that makes you want to get to know them.

I haven’t really nailed the head here when it comes to figuring out the full psychology behind it, but from my own personal experience I can say that the better you get at this type of “physical delivery”, the more people will try to engage you in conversation.

I work this body language when I’m building up to a punchline.

I smile coyly like I’m remembering something funny, but at the same time, I look up and slightly away.

It’s important to look ABOVE their eye-level and not BELOW, you want to display confidence, not insecurity. This elevates you in their mind to someone who is of more value than they are, simply put, it makes them admire you.

I lean back and relax, I take my time with my words as if I enjoy pulling them along, and as if my speaking is the most important thing in the world.

That way, I can take all the time I want and be justified with it.

For the punchline delivery, I’ll pause before it, maybe do something else, then come back and drop it like it’s hot. Because of the apathetic delivery, the punch line will be a total surprise.

That’s the goal, and that’s the game.

The humor I like to work with is self-sharing humor. Making fun of myself, making fun of her, making fun of things.

Whatever it is, I’m saying things as if they are coming directly from my “head voice”; the voice that comments on everything you do, you know?

This is your funniest voice to speak with, so let it out. Speak your mind.

Example 1:

Last weekend, this girl that I just started dating asked me when I was heading to my car, and when she’s going to see me again.

I said, “you know, I’m actually leaving in a few days.”

She looked concerned and asked, “when are you coming back?”

I did the body language thing, leaned back against the trunk of my car and smiled slightly, looking up and away at some trees while she stared at me and waited.

I held out my hand and was raising one, two, three fingers, and I softly said “hmm , hmmm.”

I kept raising and putting down fingers like I’m counting how many days or weeks I’ll be gone; one, two, three, four, three, two, three.

Then finally I took a long deep breath, looked at her, and said “My fingers are awesome. Okay now, what was your question? I wasn’t paying attention.”

She laughed and assaulted me (affectionately). I called her abusive and asked for a restraining order.

Example 2:

Another time, I was laying on my back on a (different) girl’s water bed (awesome invention), and she was holding on to me like I was her dream realized, when I said suddenly “oh god, oh GOD. OH, MY, GOD!”

She perched up on her elbows, brushed her hair back over her head and looked at me with a scared expression and said “what?!”

I took a deep breath and looked concerned at the ceiling while she stared anxiously at me for a bit before I finally looked at her and said “EXCUSE me, can’t you see I’m having a conversation with the Lord here? Sheesh.”

She laughed and tried to wrestle with me, saying “you’re an atheist, you jerk!”

I replied, “Shh, he doesn’t know that yet.”

Example 3:

A girl standing with me at a crosswalk asked me what time it was, I looked at my watch for about 10 seconds with a confused expression, then I looked at her and said:

“That’s so weird, I don’t even know who’s watch this is.”

She laughed and we got to talking.

I hope you have a better insight of what goes into being funny to make girls laugh; amused expression, disinterested body language, and delivering unexpected punch lines, after a slow build up.

This works wonders for me. Adopt it into your own game and mold it to your own style.

For the best inside info on how to attract girls, go see my Rising Star Seduction Program.

Your friend,

Julian Webb

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