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How To Be A Jerk Like Me


Let’s face facts:

You’re only here
for one reason…


I get way more girls than you

Waaaaaaaaay More…

…and you know I can help you.


I’m the type of guy that you must HATE, because everywhere I go the girls are all over me. But we both know the REAL truth don’t we? Deep down, you wish that you could be…

You can get laid like me

You don’t? BULLSHIT!


Let’s be real:

Nice guys like you finish last


The ONLY type of guy that hot babes will always go for is an ASSHOLE who doesn’t give a shit!

Wanna be THAT guy?

Want to be a winner?
Want to bang a hot chick?
Then bang all her friends?
Want to be THE MAN?

I can teach you how…

Kind of. You see, if you weren’t BORN a natural jerk (like me) you’re never really going to BECOME one for real.

That’s OK, because what I’m going to teach you is even better. The secrets I’ll show you won’t change who you are, just teach you to ACT the right way to make panties hit the floor.

Night, after night, after NIGHT!

Just don’t expect me to tell you a sob, bullshit story about how I never got any girls until the one day when I figured out the “secret magic formula” and started getting laid left and right. That crap is corny, and such a cliche in this business. The guys who do that only make up stories like that so they can say “I did it, so can you!”

Don’t they know how
stupid that sounds?

The real truth is, for me it didn’t happen like that at all. I ALWAYS got hot girls because I ALWAYS knew how.

Think I’m playing?

When I say that this stuff will help you bang loads of hot chicks, I REALLY MEAN IT.

This shit WORKS!


I’ve been using the same tricks since high school (ten years ago) and they still work just as good today as they did back then, even better. Since then, I’ve turned picking up women into an art.

Every time the end result is always ME going home with the GIRL.

Can you do that?

I don’t think so, otherwise
you wouldn’t be here.


You might not be able to get nice looking girls yet, but at least you’re trying to do something about it, and for some reason fate landed you right here – the exact place you needed to go.

I doubt that…


Just the fact that you chose to read this far means that you are anxious and ready to make a change in your life.

Aren’t you sick of going home alone to spank the monkey when you know that guys like me are banging hot babes?

Don’t listen to people that tell you picking up girls is hard or takes a lot of work, it’s so SIMPLE when you know how that you could literally read my book TODAY and then find and bang a hottie TONIGHT!

Yeah, I said it.


There are no such things as “special lines” or “magic techniques” that work on any girl. What women are REALLY attracted to is certain behaviors and attitudes that a man displays. That’s exactly what I’ll show you how to do.

This book ONLY contains strategies that I’ve actually used to pick up women for myself.

You might be thinking “Yeah right, this stuff probably won’t work.”

Well, you’re wrong dickhead – and to prove it to you I’ll even let you try out my book RISK FREE for 30 days.

Yup, I’m that confident that my material will work for just about anyone that gives it a shot. Like I said before, this book doesn’t contain any shady tricks and gives you real USEFUL information that you can use to get laid.

Unlike many similar books, mine doesn’t try to make you memorize long ass step-by-step “scripts” that you need to recite when picking up girls.

That’s LAME.

Instead, I’ll show you how to be the guy that girls want to sleep with REGARDLESS of what you say to them.

It’s like you barely even have to try!

Ready To Man Up
And Get Laid?

Or do you STILL want
to keep attempting to
“just be yourself”?

How far has that stupid strategy gotten you? Don’t be an asshole and keep making the SAME mistakes over and over again!

Do you think I’d waste my time writing all this up if I didn’t have a great product to back it up with? Fuck that! That would be stupid considering that I give you 30 days to try out my book for free. I’d make no money if the book sucked.

Stop being so damn picky and buy the book. If you don’t even have the balls to try out something that is a sure thing in which you can’t lose, how are you ever gonna have the guts to pick up girls that look like super models?

YOU WON’T! So why not prove to yourself that you’ve got what it takes by buying and reading my book, it’s the perfect “first step” to getting where you want to go.

I’ll show you what I do. Because it WORKS!

NO LONGER will you be the “nice guy” who rides the bench while watching all of the “players” out on the field. From now on YOU will be the guy that gets the girl, and YOU will be the one who makes all of the other guys jealous. All you need to do is try my book, remember you have nothing to lose!

Only $49.99!


ONLY $24.99!

That’s a crazy deal! Even if you only get to bang ONE hot chick, that’s worth way more than a measly $25 bucks. You’re one lucky bastard.

Besides, you’ve got NOTHING to lose…

In case you already forgot about it, allow me to refresh your memory about my 30 day guarantee:


Be Like Me Guarantee

Ok, listen up. If you buy my book right now at the ultra-low price of only $25, you can try out my material for a full 30 days. If during those 30 days you don’t bang a TON of hot chicks, I’ll give you back your stupid $25, even though I’ll be pissed at you because I know you’ll really be getting a ton of girls anyway. Fair enough? Thought so. Now that you know I’m not gonna pull a fast one, stop being a little baby and buy the book already! Women like real men that act, not little boys who hesitate.


Look dude… if you don’t want to buy my book by now, what are you still doing here? Just leave. I’m done telling you about all the girls you’ll be able to get and that you don’t even have to worry about paying if it doesn’t work… if you still aren’t convinced that my book will help you, then guess what? I quit! Go somewhere else.

Those of you who are ready to take the next step towards banging all the hot babes you can handle, buy my book and learn how to do everything I do…

How To Be A Jerk Like MeThis is an instant access download, so as soon as you pay you will be given the download link for the book! You can be reading this great material in less than two minutes (even on your phone), so quit being lazy and get on with it already!


When you’re ready to man up… GET YOUR COPY OF THE BOOK:

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