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Gaming Virgins Properly

The issue about Virgins is that their natural defenses are always set to automatic and in overdrive, making it much harder to progress your game with them than it is with girls who are already used to that sort of thing.

When it comes to virgins you have to first build a lot of rapport and comfort which will lead to trust, but how do you do this?

The first thing you need to do is run your normal game by creating interest and attraction.

Once you have created attraction you have to build a lot of rapport by creating bonds, such as sharing similarities and touching to increase comfort.

Once you have rapport you have to escalate touching and teasing slowly and progressively, following the push and pull formula.

If you push too much or pull too much you risk over-complimenting or over-teasing.

Balance your pushes and pulls to create rapport and your chances of success will be very high.

Just don’t be an asshole about it and get pissed off if she won’t let you bang her on the first night.

Having sex for the first time is a big deal to virgins, and if you really do like the girl you should be fine with waiting a while and building up a relationship with her before you get into her pants.

Virgins are not the type of girls you take home for one night stands, there are plenty of other “broken in” women that can serve that purpose.

You can really screw up the way that a girl views sexuality if her first experience with a guy ended up with him just never calling again, so don’t be a dick.

– Player87

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