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Approach Groups Of Women Alone

Most guys are more hesitant to approach groups of women than they are with approaching a woman who is by herself.

I can totally see the logic in that, but I also see how illogical it is.

Approaching a random group of girls might seem daunting – but trust me – if you don’t make any of the cardinal mistakes then it’s FAR easier (and almost always more fun) than only talking to one woman at a time.

First of all, there’s really nothing to be afraid of.

The worst thing that they could possibly think of you is being a “strange guy with a ton of confidence”.

It takes some serious balls to stroll up and approach groups of women when you’re by yourself, and women know it.

Most men need the security blanket of their friends – or at least one wing man – to approach groups of women, but the guys who can man up and do it alone truly stand out.

In addition, “pack hunting” with your boys can be alarming to women, whereas one guy approaching solo is much less threatening.

That means being accepted into their group will take much less work.

Just the fact that you would do something like that will make most women become interested in you, if not at least curious to know more.

However, be aware when approaching a group that you run the risk of getting cock blocked one of the girls if you focus all of your attention on only one of them (the girl you like the most).

One cock blocking girl in a group is guaranteed to make sure that you will leave with none of them.

The key is to just be a cool, entertaining, engaging guy who they ALL enjoy being around. Let everything unfold naturally and then when it comes time to isolate the girl you like for a one-on-one conversation, that’s when you go into seduction mode.

That’s the big difference between approaching groups of women versus solo women:

You need to express your sexual interest in a solo girl immediately, but when dealing with a group doing that very same thing will explode in your face.

Eventually you will feel comfortable enough using your skills that you will be able to juggle multiple girls in a group and give them all an equal amount of attention and they will all love you being around, but the only way to get to that point is to practice.

Don’t worry, this “practice” isn’t very difficult. Like I said earlier, talking to groups of women is extremely fun, especially once you become a part of the group.

Just be real.

Be the awesome guy that you are (without trying any seduction techniques) when you approach them and you’ll be accepted.

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