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Can you attract girls if you are ugly?


Getting Girls If You’re Ugly

Well, can you really attract girls if you are ugly?

The short answer is “Yeah!”, but that doesn’t do much to help you out if you think that you’re not good looking enough to get a girlfriend, now does it?

Thus, let us move on to the long answer:

My favorite saying is “game is all that matters”, and nothing could be more true especially when it comes to a topic such as this.

That’s because the proof is all around you, every single day. You’ve seen it in action, and if you haven’t watch this video of Johnny Berba doing it live.

Remember the time when you saw a guy that was either ugly, short or fat (maybe even a combination of all three) and he was with a woman that looked like he either pulled her right out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog or created her on some futuristic super computer?

You might have thought things like “he must have a lot of money” or “he’s probably someone important” or “he just got lucky” and you could be right, but the odds are against your conclusions.

Chances are that he simply has game – because with enough game – anyone can get the women that they desire.

Can you find a girlfriend if you’re ugly? Yup.

Can you date hot women if you’re fat? Sure.

Can you get laid easily if you’re short? *nods*

That’s because of the way that the true fundamentals of dating and attraction work. It’s not based on wealth or fame, but rather the primal instincts and urges that are psychologically built into all human beings.

Why do you like pretty women?

Seriously, think about it for a moment. Most likely you’re answer will be “because they turn me on” or “I like how they look and feel”.

Those are both correct answers – to an extent – but my real question is: WHY do they turn men on, and why do we love how they look and feel?

It’s because her looks are an indication that a woman will be a good mating choice.

Yes, it’s really just ancient, primal instincts controlling your desires.

Society does not (and neither you nor I) get to choose the type of people that are deemed attractive; human evolution does.

We’re just built that way.

So, how does this all tie in to you still being able to attract girls if you are ugly?

Well, just like evolution has determined that men will be instinctively attracted to beautiful women, it has also chosen what traits in men women find desirable – whether they want to or not.

Confidence, courage, ambition, leadership, dominance; these are the things that top off the list, and none of them have anything to do with what you look like.

Do girls still care what you look like? Is being ugly, fat, bald or short still a factor?

Of course it is, but it is not necessarily a DECIDING factor. Well, at least when it comes to quality women who aren’t so shallow that they’re not worth dating anyway.

Even if you only possess two of the five traits I listed above it can overshadow any physical shortcomings that you may have.

When we talk about “having game” here on the website, sometimes we are discussing actually talking to women (spitting game) but more often than not it’s about something directly related to those traits I listed.

Anything you read here about approaching women deals with having courage and eliminating fear, everything about social value revolves around leadership and ambition, and so on.

You see, if you possess those traits (and you can acquire them if you don’t yet, just search this site) then you DO have game.

You CAN get the women that you want, because you have the stuff they want.

Think about it, once you’ve learned even half of the information here you will know more about women than 99% of your competition.

You will not make any of the mistakes that they make, and will do the things that they fail to do.

You can directly compete for a girl with a much better looking guy and win. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen many times and have even done it myself.

There are however, some men that just don’t need anything but their looks to get beautiful women, but even these so-called “studs” are no match for someone with polished game.

Women look for many things in a partner, and how men physically look is just a small part of that.

However, looking attractive is still very important.

You can’t just get all of the game in the world and make yourself look even more ugly by slacking off and not trying to look you’re best at all times.

The idea is not to compare yourself to other men, buy rather always striving to look YOUR best.

You should only compare yourself to your best self, nobody else.

If you learn the secrets to looking your best, you will see that many more women will notice you and be receptive to you approaching them (or even approach you).

This opens many doors to having the opportunity to demonstrate your game and become a winner.

If you want to learn all the tips and secrets on becoming more attractive, you might want to have a look at The Player’s Black Book, written by yours truly.

With that book you’ll develop so much game (in a short period of time) that you quite frankly won’t really care about the looks that you were born with at all.

You won’t be standing in front of the mirror analyzing yourself anymore.

You’ll be standing there wondering how to get the note she wrote with lipstick on the mirror off without smearing it all over the place.

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