Having sex with her for the first time

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Sex For The First Time

Never attempt to have sex with her unless you know (for sure) that you have the skills to pull it off the FIRST time.

If you try and fail, chances are she will be extremely uncomfortable around you the next time you get together, and probably never return your calls or avoid you completely because the situation will have grown into something awkward that she would prefer to stay away from.

Once you do have sex with a woman for the first time, NEVER ask the stupid question that people on TV always ask “Was it good?”

This is not the way that an alpha male would act because he will simply assume that she enjoyed it because women always enjoy him.

After having a good date with a girl and you are about to her place in the morning, try to leave something behind that will remind her of you.

Leaving a shirt behind is what I recommend because it will probably smell like your cologne and the smell will make her think of you.

This also gives you an excuse to see her again.

When she calls to tell you that you’ve forgotten something, act like it is no big deal and say that you’ll pick it up next time you get together.

This is one of those tricks that women love so much that you can even straight up tell them you left it there on purpose for her.

Have you ever had a girl take your hat/jacket right from you, put it on themselves and walk around like that while on a date?

That demonstrates just how much they love this stuff.

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