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Having nice cars can get you girls


Girls Care What You Drive

Let’s talk about cars. This is something very important to the player because what you drive says a lot about you to girls whether you like it or not.

All things being equal, if a girl sees you pull up at the club in a 1984 Toyota Corolla, your chances just got a lot harder than the guy who pulled in behind you to valet his Hummer H2.

I’m in the car business, but not a salesman. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Foreign cars are in, especially upper-end cars. BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, Porsche etc.

What most guys don’t know is that you can buy a car that’s two years old, looks like a new one and you can save tons of money.

I saw a new Porsche Boxster for $25,000 the other day.

My point is that even if you don t have a million bucks drive a set of wheels that says you do! Some other tips.

Keep your car clean! Wash it and have it cleaned before a date.

Also, don’t obsess about your wheels, don’t brag. Act like it’s just a car.

This will blow them away.

“Yeah, I drive a Benz. It’s alright.”

Girls want the finer things in life. By driving something nice it says a lot about you to the ladies.

Good luck out there.

– dfwaviator

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