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Using Your Social Proof

If you have been studying seduction material for a while chances are you’ve heard the term “Social Proof” before.

The most simple way to describe social proof is that it is your “local fame” within your network of friends and/or acquaintances, otherwise referred to as your “circle”.

When you are trying to determine how much social proof you have, it is important to understand that it is NOT the amount of fame that you have, but rather the amount of fame that you have compared to the other people within your circle.

Are you the leader or a follower?

Do people favor your opinion over those of others?

Are you the first person that people call when they want to find out what is going down during the weekend?

Do you get a high level of respect from those around you?

These are all questions that you need to ask yourself to determine your overall social proof, and if you answered negatively to any of the above then you will need to do some work on improving your value within your circle.

Men that have the most social proof within their group are always viewed as the most powerful, and girls find that power to be very attractive.

This is why men that are viewed of the leader typically have their pick of the girls that are in the group as well as any new ones that are introduced in the future.

Build up your social value and the girls will automatically want you instead of any of your friends, and you will also gain a higher level of respect from everyone you encounter.

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