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Having A Unique Style

Variety is the key, switch up your hair style, cologne, and outfits on a regular basis.

Women love men that they can not predict.

You don’t want to be viewed as being boring, do you? It would also be a good idea to have something unique about your appearance that sets you apart from the crowd, this will help to get you noticed more often by women and even approached by them.

Having a unique appearance is one of the main ingredients to being viewed as someone who is interesting and a person that people will want to know more about.

One great way to boost your self-esteem is to start dressing better.

Improve your looks.

Take the extra time in the morning to do your hair, get your hair cut every few weeks.

Invest in some good facial moisturizers for the morning.

Go tanning.

It will boost your self-esteem, not to mention help get rid of unwanted acne, and makes you darker and more attractive to girls.

Another interesting correlation in life is that when your self-esteem goes up, so does your confidence and your ability to pick up and seduce beautiful girls.

To sum it all up; start taking care of yourself.

Girls notice small details.

Before you leave your house in the morning and go out at night, take an extra 5 seconds to look in the mirror.

Notice how great you look, and then go out feeling confident.

– Player87

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