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Start Having Success With Women

Most of you probably believe that having success with women takes a lot of time, practice, and self improvement.

If you are one of those men, then you are entirely correct; if we are talking about long term success, that is. However, what about getting phone numbers, dates and even a quick lay?

Of course if you want to get the woman of your dreams or keep a hot babe as your girlfriend for a while, or even just have a steady stream of booty calls, you’re going to have to actually BE a pure alpha male with honed seduction skills.

Becoming that person can take years of practice and self conditioning.

However, when it comes to just getting phone numbers and random sexual encounters with girls, it can be a lot easier than you think if you have a winning strategy that guarantees your success.

You can even go out TONIGHT and enjoy having success with women as long as you follow that strategy to the letter, even if you don’t have much experience at all.

That is exactly what I’ve have done for you; put together a perfect winning strategy of 10 simple steps that you can follow to go out whenever you want and be successful with girls instantly.

This might sound too good to be true, and that is because to some extent it is.

This strategy is not intended to be used to find your next girlfriend or soul mate, it just doesn’t work that way. You can definitely use this to get numbers and get laid, but for long term success you will need to really practice your skills and actually improve yourself.

This is merely a very potent set of 10 steps that you can use to tide yourself over in the meantime so you can start getting some women immediately while you are still in the process of developing your skills, rather than waiting until you’re already a seduction machine before you begin getting laid.

It’s really hard to work at something for a long time without seeing any solid results, and for many people they even end up quitting before they achieve their goals simply because they just did not have any in-your-face motivation in the form “spoils of war”.

With that said, you can use this quick fix strategy in order to enjoy some sex with women for now, until the point where you’ve had ample time to apply everything within my Black Book to your life and can have lifelong success with girls due to the pure skills that you have developed in the process.

WARNING: Do not under any circumstances become fully dependent on the strategy outlined below.

I know that at first you may be thinking “I’m getting laid so easily just by using these 10 simple steps, so why bother with the hard work of gaining real skills?”, but believe me when I tell you that this is only designed to be used temporarily. If you become dependent on this alone, you will never be good at seducing women even though you will think that you are.

You’ll just be good at using this single strategy.

Even though what you are about to learn works magnificently to get you laid easily in 2016, it might be totally obsolete by 2020.

That’s why you need real skills; no single strategy lasts forever regardless of how good it is.

If you find yourself getting too accustomed to using this simple 10 step process, and it is the only thing you are doing since it gets you what you want every time, then I highly advise you to stop using it for a while.

That will allow you to determine how much skill you really have – and how much of your success with girls is just based on this fool-proof strategy.

Now that you have been warned, get ready to learn the most powerful strategy for getting having success with women that we have ever constructed: Golden Success!

The 10 Steps To Start Having Instant Success With Women:

These steps are extremely easy to follow, not very difficult to remember, and can be a breeze to use as long as you have the determination to follow through with every step and use them all exactly as they are intended to be used.

You don’t need to have amazing social skills, a great outfit, smooth pick up lines or huge muscles to pull this off.

This is an overall winning strategy that will guarantee that you either get laid or acquire phone numbers from women every time that you use it.

Anyone can use these 10 steps to have success with women right away, as long as each step is followed properly.

The only three things that you’ll need in order to pull this off every time are: a place where women gather, the guts to start conversations with people and a smile on your face.

Step 1: Go Where The Women Are

Get yourself somewhere where there will be an abundance of women.

Regardless of where you live, finding an appropriate venue should not be very difficult. It can be a house party, a club, a bar, the beach, a structured social function or anywhere else where there will be many people in your age group.

This is a vital step, if you can’t get to a place where the women are, you obviously can’t meet any.

Make sure that you dress appropriately for the occasion; don’t go to the beach in jean shorts and a t-shirt, or to the club wearing sandals.

Feel free to peacock if you want to, but these 10 steps are so effective that you can use them just fine without having a single article of clothing that makes you stand out.

Once you are ready to go, you should preferably go alone unless you feel too uncomfortable doing so. If you need a small amount of support, bring ONE friend along and make sure it is a friend that doesn’t mind being left on his own, because you need to do all of your gaming solo.

Keep in mind that having a friend will offer you a “safety net” that you can fall back on, which can be a relatively bad thing.

That is why this is best done completely alone, so you will force yourself to talk to girls instead of having a familiar face there to feel comfortable.

Step 2: Enter With A Bang

Within 30 seconds of arriving, start a conversation with a complete stranger, male or female, or even a group of strangers, it doesn’t matter.

Do it with a smile on your face and with a care-free demeanor.

This is a very important step, because you want to immediately show everyone there that you are an alpha male who isn’t afraid to approach new people and is accustomed to being accepted by everyone.

You want everyone to know right away that you are so comfortable inside of your own skin that you don’t even need a single minute to acclimate yourself to the new environment, you just walk in and start socializing!

When you approach someone immediately, you instantly display that you are a man who is worthy of at least having a conversation with any woman who is there, which sets you up for guaranteed future conversations with other girls for the rest of the night.

What this does is “pre-selects” you as a potential mate to every woman in the place!

They will want to know more about you, and why you appear to be so confident.

Step 3: Exit With Haste

Leave the conversation that you just started with that stranger in under 2 minutes.

Do not linger until the conversation goes stale or the other person has the chance to end the interaction themselves.

YOU need to be the person to end it.

Tell them it has been nice meeting them and that you’ll probably talk to them a bit more later, then move on.

Step 4: Make The World Revolve Around You

Observe your surroundings and determine where the center of energy is.

What I mean by this is find out where the most action is, the biggest thing that is going on and is holding the attention of a lot of people.

It could be anything from some sort of event or contest, to just a group of the coolest people there talking to each other, it all depends on what type of venue that you’ve chosen to attend.

There always is a center of energy, even if it isn’t very obvious at first glace. Just pay close attention and you’ll find it within a few minutes.

After you’ve found the center of energy, go over there immediately and get involved in it. If possible, try to get yourself into the very middle of it and make yourself the focal point of what is going on.

When you do this, make sure it is done with a “pay attention, the champ is here” kind of attitude.

Don’t be afraid to be a little cocky about it and show them that you deserve to be the center of attention. If circumstances do not permit you to get so involved that everyone’s focus will be on you, at least get somewhat involved in what is going on.

Step 5: Stop The World From Spinning

Eject yourself from the center of energy within 5 minutes. Just as before, do not linger long enough for it to go stale.

Leave before anyone else does and when you do it, do so with the attitude as if whatever was going on became boring to you and now you’re going to start looking for something better to entertain you.

If you did a good job at making yourself the life of the party, most people will just wait to see what you are going to do next.

Unfortunately for them, you aren’t going to do anything else out of the ordinary. The rest of this strategy will have you talking to specific people and clusters of people rather than entertaining a sole huge group.

This is a perfect set up, because everyone that noticed you while you were at the center of energy will greet you with open arms when you eventually make your way over to introduce yourself to them.

Your success rate at opening conversations with women will be very high.

Step 6: Mingle ’til Your Feet Tingle

Now that you’ve established yourself as someone that everyone should talk to – and they probably WANT to talk to you at this point – it’s time to start venue circling.

Venue circling is the act of roaming around the venue with purpose, opening random conversations with a huge majority of the people in attendance, specifically groups of girls.

You should try to talk to as many people as possible, regardless of their perceived social status or group structure.

You should approach everyone whether it is a lone women sitting at the bar by herself, a group of hot women, a group of ugly women, a dude and his girlfriend, a group of guys who look like they are scared to talk to any girls, the club staff. Basically everyone.

No discrimination should take place while you are venue circling, because your only goal for the time being is to meet as many people as you possibly can.

Why are you going to be doing all of this?

Because it will make your roaming social value shoot well into the stratosphere in contrast to the other men, and when that happens just about all woman at the venue will gladly offer up their phone numbers – or even more – to you before the end of the night.

The higher your perceived value is, the more desirable you become to women.

Above all else, women desire to have a man whom they believe is not only accepted by everyone else, but is admired by others. Your amazingly high social value in her eyes makes you the ideal candidate to be the man she leaves with that night.

Even more so, if a woman believes that you a socially accepted by everyone around, the chances of her feeling slutty by allowing you to take her home with you are dramatically reduced.

Obviously, this is an ideal way to start having success with girls with very little effort.

Step 7: Time To Start Being “Picky”

It is now time to start picking and choosing which women that you want.

That’s right, at this point you now have the luxury of having your pick of the litter because you have more perceived social value than any other man within sight, so if you play the rest of the game properly you technically can have any single woman that is there.

This is all due to your careful planning and execution, but you are the only person who knows that.

To everyone else, it will appear that you are just there being yourself, which happens to be a very likable guy with a ton of social value and options with women.

To get started, you should choose between 5-10 women that you personally like the most.

You must have have previously had some sort of contact with all of these women earlier on during your venue circling in step 6, so it is important that while venue circling you ensure that you stop by to at least say a simple “hello” to all of the hot women that you can find, because you may be choosing some of them later on during this step.

After you’ve chosen your top 5-10 women, it’s time to start narrowing that list down systematically.

Step 8: Let The Games Begin!

In my personal opinion, this step is by far the most fun part of this entire strategy that you are learning, simply because so many unexpected things can happen, most of them being great for you.

For example, in many cases you can end up with multiple women silently “competing” over you, which obviously provides a huge ego boost for you and raises your confidence substantially, only amplifying your ability to successfully close one of more of these women.

It’s a snowball effect that is truly great to see in action.

What you need to do now is to forget about all of the other people in the venue that you’ve talked to. The only people that should matter to you from now on are the 5-10 women you’ve chosen and whoever else is in the same groups that they are in.

You must then proceed to spend 3-5 minutes having quick conversations with each of the girls, making sure to play the game properly as outlined in the Black Book; such as teasing when necessary, using her friends to your advantage, making her chase you, pushing and pulling, and so on.

Never stay with one woman for more than 5 minutes, because you don’t want to show too much interest and you also need to make time for all of then.

You may even have one of the girls so interested in you by now that she might approach you herself and interrupt you while you’re talking to someone else. This happens frequently to me so be prepared for it.

When this happens to you, handle it calmly; smile and and tell the woman who approached that you’ll be over to talk to her in a moment.

Don’t worry about pushing her away like that, it won’t turn her off or anything because the act of her approaching shows that she is already in the bag if you want her.

Continue having these short 3-5 conversations until you’ve done it with every single girl you like.

Step 9: Should We Do It Now, Or Later?

Now that you’ve interviewed all of your top candidates, it is time for you to assess the overall situation and decide what your final goal is going to be for the night.

Are you going to try to get phone numbers from all of the girls?

Are you going to focus on a few and attempt to take one of them home with you?

Either one of these choices is entirely possible, so it is up to you to choose what you want at the time; either having instant gratification or the possibility of having a bunch of dates with many women lined up for the next couple of weeks.

Whatever you find the most appealing at the moment will do. Your success with all of these women is basically guaranteed at this point.

After making your choice, you will need to modify your game accordingly:

If you want to get numbers from all of the women, simply proceed to do one more series of quick conversations – this time keeping them very short and sweet – about 1-2 minutes each.

Use the number close technique of your choice, many of which can be found in my Black Book.

This will be the third time that you have talked to these women, meaning that you will have already established more than enough rapport with them to successfully get their numbers.

That rapport combined with your astronomically high social value guarantees that they will offer up their numbers with little resistance.

On the other hand, if you decide that you want to sleep with one of the women that night, you should instead proceed on to the final step.

Step 10: Two Shots Are Better Than One

If you’re interested in getting more than just a bunch of telephone numbers, then your next step is to narrow your list down to the two women that you desire the most.

You can choose them based upon any factors that you want, ranging from how hot they are, to how good you think they will be in bed, or even which you think will be most likely to come home with you.

Only you can decide which two girls to go after – and there are no wrong choices – so it’s best to just go with your gut.

After you’ve chosen your top two, you should begin to flip flop between talking with them, going back and forth and having conversations with each that last about 8-10 minutes.

Since you are attempting to take them home, it is important to talk a little longer than before to establish enough comfort to isolate them.

That is your next goal: isolation.

During your 8-10 minute conversations you should be attempting to isolate the women from the venue. If one of them doesn’t bite, then just go over to the other woman and see if you have better luck.

Continue to do this until you successfully isolate one of them, and at that time you will forget about the other girl.

That is exactly why you shouldn’t only focus on one woman right away, but rather keep two open all the way up until the time when isolation occurs.

It’s kind of like an insurance policy, because the chances of one out of the two giving in are very high, which almost eliminate your chances of failure because you have double the opportunity. This is the final trick to being successful at taking a woman home that same night.

After you isolate her, proceed on to game her properly, then take her home and deal with any last minute resistance that she may have.

From there it’s history.

Knowledge Means Nothing Without Action!

Now that you know this 10 step strategy, you can start having success with women right away.

You have the knowledge to go out and get telephone numbers or laid tonight. This strategy doesn’t take many practiced skills to be effective, it will work whether you are a seasoned veteran or brand new to the game.

However, having the new knowledge that you now have will be for nothing unless you put it into action. This can take quite a bit of balls to do the very first time that you try it, because talking to so many people in one building is most likely far outside of your comfort zone.

You’re going to need to step outside of that comfort zone if you want this to work, so if you think this is a little too much for you to chew right now then go read The Player’s Black Book first.

After reading the book, using this 10 step strategy will seem a lot less daunting; you’ll be able to execute to perfectly without any stress or anxiety.

Good luck out there (even though you really don’t need luck now)!

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