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How to have more confidence

Have you ever seen someone who is so good with talking to girls that it almost seems like he has magical powers and you wished that you could have more confidence like that guy?

Do you think that guys like him FEEL confident when they are around girls?

Okay now think about something that you do really well.

Maybe it’s interacting with customers or coworkers at your job. Maybe it’s a hobby or a sport that you have exceptional skill in.

Think of something right now that you KNOW that you can easily do.

Maybe it’s just shooting pool with your buddies, or bowling. Maybe it’s just TALKING with your best friend.

Okay, now as you think of the last time you did that thing that you’re really good at, do you think that you FELT confident while you were doing it?

I mean, did you actually have to make yourself feel confident in order to do what you were doing.

You simply did it.

It’s the same way with guys who are good at talking to girls.

Technically speaking they don’t really have more confidence than you do, they just don’t have the mental blocks that are stopping them from meeting people.

What I’m trying to say is that appearing to be confident is much more about having a lack of something than it is about having a special skill.

They don’t think about it, they just walk up and talk to people. And why not?

What’s there to be afraid of really?

So the real trick to being confident is NOT to try and develop more confidence. It’s to remove the things that are stopping you from doing what you want.

Maybe it’s a little voice in your mind that says “oh, she’s too young or old. She probably doesn’t go for guys like me anyway, etc.”

Maybe it’s a feeling of nervousness or anxiety.

Whatever it is, THAT’S what is getting in your way, NOT a lack of confidence.

You don’t need more confidence. Confidence is a result of clearing out the blocks.

Confidence is what you have naturally when you don’t buy into the reasons for not following through.

People who seem to be confident are not actually “trying” to be confident.

What they ARE is free of those blocks that screw up someone’s natural ability to do things.

You too can be completely free from the blocks that are stopping you from exuding confidence about girls.

That is exactly what you’ll learn to do with my Simple Seducer System.

I’m so confident it will work for you that I’ll even let you have it entirely risk free!

You have nothing to lose and a world of girls to gain.

By Sebastian Steele
Author : Simple Seducer

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