Have great dinner dates with women

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The Perfect Dinner Date

Pick a cool place. Something there has to be notable because chicks love to talk about these things.

So whether it’s a trendy sushi place, an expensive posh thing, or a bar that’s on the rooftop.

You should pick something that will make an impression on her.

If you’re 21 & up you should figure out if she’s the white wine type or red. See if she can handle what you like though preferably.

Bottom line here is you are the one picking the drink.

You are taking control.

Find your selection for the night quickly.

Don’t be an asshole about this, you know what you like and you should choose and not mess around. That’s what chicks do.

Be assertive in this like you are at all points in your life. Then find out what she is having and order for her.

Assertiveness/Confidence is your greatest weapon.

Hopefully, you have finished your meal with no significant obstacles and you were smart and didn’t pick something messy or that could get stuck in your teeth.

Now it’s time for the bill.

My method is if they are significantly older than you are you have to pay. No matter what they say.

If they are younger or close to your age and ask to pay, you have to say no its okay.

If she offers more than once to pay, though, then you tell her ok if she’s comfortable with it.

Next, invite her over to your place since obviously, you picked a place near yours! Crucial! Invite her over to ‘show’ her something or to have a drink.

Never, Never, Never NEVER choose a movie for a first date.

Honestly, it’s a dead end. Don’t do it.

I don’t care how old you are, a first date at the movies is borderline insanity. It’s doomed to be a boring, uneventful night in which you even up not engaging with her enough to get anywhere.

Avoid it at all costs.

– Wood

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