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Give her time to get comfortable


Let Her Get Comfortable

Never approach a woman the minute she arrives at the bar, club or party. If you do, you are doomed to failure.

Instead, give her time to get used to her surroundings while you observe her actions and wait for the right time to make your approach, but don’t wait too long!

If you wait too long you are running the risk of many bad things happening, the worst being : You talk yourself out of doing it at all, or even worse, someone else approaches her first. Which obviously, would suck.

When approaching, many guys get caught up in the moment and begin to speak way too fast, especially when they’re just starting off. The adrenaline just gets to them and they lose control of their speech.

When you talk fast, not only is it harder for girls to understand, but also naturally heightens the pitch of your voice, and makes you seem extremely nervous.

Take the time to relax and slow down your speech, give her time to enjoy your presence.

Also, do not talk very loud when you’re at a club or bar, basically any place that is loud.

Talk mellow and slow, confidently.

Always whisper into her ear and let her know you are interested.

When you are whispering, move your body position to be behind her, then gradually lean your body toward hers.

If she doesn’t pull away, or even leans back into you, then you know that you’ve made progress.

– Moose

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