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Get a girl who is out of your league


Girl who is out of your league

Allow me to tell you a story about how a close friend of mine finally came to realize the truth about what beautiful women actually value in a man. Once you’re finished reading you will not only understand how to get a girl who is out of your league, but also what’s been holding you back from doing it up until now!

Shall we begin?

Some time ago I was in one of my favorite bars with my friend Nick. Now Nick is someone who’s always wanted to meet beautiful girls, but could never understand how to go about it.

Like most regular guys, Nick believed that he just wasn’t good looking enough to land himself a smoking hot babe.

So we were sitting there and I was explaining how seduction works. I told him all about why looks really don’t matter as long as you have some solid game, but all he heard me say was that looks don’t matter and missed the part about game being needed.

Nick got a little upset and started ranting and raving about how he’s asked plenty of pretty girls out, and that they would always reject him.

He went on to elaborate how no girl who is beautiful is going to want to be with a guy who looks average because she is hot enough to pick a better looking guy if she wants.

“You can’t get a girl who is out of your league unless you’re rich or famous,” he was saying.

I’d respond, “then how do you explain ME dating women that are better looking than I am?”

This went on for a while, Nick just wouldn’t listen to reason and insisted that he was right.

Well, God must have been listening in on our conversation, because 15 minutes later in walks this absolutely stunning brunette.

She had it all; legs, breasts, long flowing hair, and she moved very gracefully.

She obviously knew she was hot.

I got excited because I was getting ready to go talk to her and give Nick a live demonstration of how it’s really done, but before I got the chance she walks right up to this guy who was obviously her boyfriend, kisses him and sits down.

Nick’s jaw hit the floor, because the guy was easily 10 years older than her and he looked like just your average guy in his mid to late 30’s.

He didn’t have a pretty boy face, wasn’t very tall, was slightly overweight and dressed average.

There was nothing unique about the way this guy looked at all, and I assure you he didn’t appear to be rolling in cash either.

I made sure to point out to Nick:

“See that girl who is out of your league? She’s way out of her boyfriend’s league too.”

Nick and I watched this couple as their friends joined them over the course of the night.

I did my usual rounds and talked to random groups of girls as they came and went, got myself a few numbers and set up some dates, just routine stuff to keep my game on point and not get too bored. However I kept checking back on the group with the brunette and her man.

I wanted to use it as an example to prove my point to Nick and settle our argument for good.

Eventually my curiosity got the best of me and I just couldn’t help it. I decided to find a way to make conversation with these people.

I had to find out what this guy was like, and I wanted to show Nick too.

Not long after I was chatting with him and his girlfriend (I confirmed it was his girlfriend), and Nick and I were blown away by his personality!

The only way to explain it was that he was one cool dude.

He was cracking funny jokes, telling stories and just generally entertaining the whole group, Nick and I included. Everyone seemed really comfortable around him, and his girlfriend was obviously in love with this man.

Later that night, Nick said to me:

“You know Sebastian, if that normal looking guy can get a girl like that with just with his personality, I can too!”

He never mentioned anything about me being right all along, but we both knew what was up.

That night his entire perspective changed, because he saw with his own eyes that it was possible to have what he wanted. He knew it was possible, because he saw someone else who was uglier than him who had a girl that was better looking than anyone Nick ever dated.

I’m sure that wasn’t the first time he saw an average guy with a hot girlfriend, if you look around you see it every day. It’s just that this time everything clicked in Nick’s mind. Perhaps it was our conversation (argument rather) from before that made him look at it in a different light.

Now here’s the thing:

Nick could have always gotten girls that were out of his league, but what stood in his way was his limiting beliefs about girls.

This might be what’s going on with you.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that if you’re not getting what you want in terms of girls right now, it’s because you’re getting in your OWN way.

So what do you do to change that and get a girl who is out of your league?

You must first learn how to break down the mental barriers that are holding you back from getting the girls that you DESERVE!

Now how are you supposed to do that?

That’s a good question, and it is the exact reason why I’ve written Simple Seducer – the most complete guide to becoming the man that you want to be and getting any girl you want.

Read my book and your entire life will change for the better.

By Sebastian Steele
Author : Simple Seducer

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