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Get your ex girlfriend back

Whenever you seek advice on how to get your ex girlfriend back after she’s gone, you’ll usually be given the standard answer by the community:

“You should never obsess over one girl and it’s better to forget her and find one of the million others like her.”

They’ll throw stats at you about the world’s population and number of girls available for you to approach in an effort to convince you to stop attempting to win over that one girl.

They only do this for your own good.

What they’re saying is true, it is very unhealthy to focus all of your time and life on trying to get one particular girl, even if she used to be your girlfriend.

This is never the answer that anyone wants to hear, although it is truly the best solution in most cases.

However, there are always exceptions to every case and rules are made to be broken.

We know that you’re still going to try to get your ex girlfriend back anyway, regardless of what we say.

You’ve already invested too much time, money, stress and effort.

My take on the matter is that as long as you’re going to try, you might as well be prepared.

That’s what I’m here for.

There is no single line you can recite or thing you can do that will make your ex realize that you are still the right man for her.

The harder you try to make her see this; she will only see more desperation, the opposite of your intended effect.

This is common knowledge, of course, but your strong, in-control vibe is something that has to be a constant through the entire process of winning a girl back.

Another thing that must be understood is that this will not be an overnight process.

A man who is attractive to girls is a man who is successful, happy, and lives life on his own terms.

Girls are looking for a man who has value and energy to offer to them, they need enhancement to their dull lives.

Ever wonder why the “bad boy” concept is so appealing to girls?

He does what he wants and doesn’t seek anyone’s approval. The only person that is in control of his life is him, and that dominance is the most attractive quality a man can have.

Girls get off on power; this is a big reason why the “nice guys” can never seem to win.

It’s not because they’re good people, it’s the weak and unsure way that they present themselves.

As much as men fail to realize it, the more attention they give to a girl, the weaker it makes them appear.

What kind of a man has nothing better to do than to sit and pine over a girl all day long, while the real man is out there enjoying himself?

If your ex thinks that you’re not that attractive type of man anymore, your first and foremost focus should be on proving her wrong by showing her that you’re capable of far more than she thinks she knows.

That starts the process of winning back the girl you’ve lost.

You can always get your ex girlfriend back after a break up. Once a period of time has passed, you can always change her mind.

That is something else you need to know; this will take some time.

Even if she wants to be back with you, it will still take some time.

If you’ve just broken up with her, she’s most likely still in “fuck men, I’m going to do me” mode, or stuck in the “even though I’m hurting, I can’t just run back to him because my friends/family (whoever supported her leaving you) will get upset with me” trap.

Nothing is impossible, but this requires a true change.

You see, the key to get your ex girlfriend back is fixing what went wrong in the first place.

If you come back as the same person and try and use the same game that didn’t work the first time, you’re done for good.

Take time to improve yourself as a person.

This is one of the most difficult things that we can ask of you, it would be much easier for me to give you a couple of lines to say and leave you to fend for yourself.

But that doesn’t work and wouldn’t be fair to you.

Anything that is worth having comes with a price, and the price for being good with girls is dedication.

The goal of this is getting the girl that you’ve lost, but you’ll gain so much more than that in the process.

Take a look at this from the girl’s shoes and ask yourself the question:

“Would I date myself?”

If the answer is not a resounding yes – and a truthful yes at that – then you need to take action.

Don’t expect her to fall back in love with you simply because you want her to. Fairness plays no part in the game of love.

You need to put in the work.

Besides, it’s not fair for her to be stuck with a man who doesn’t want to improve himself.

If you’re not happy with yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to be.

Improve yourself and come get your ex girlfriend back as an entirely new and improved version of yourself, that’s the only way that you can ever expect to succeed and make it last.

Before we wrap this up, here’s a step-by-step guide to keep you on track:

1) Step back and take a break. Give the situation time; it’s essential for the re-gaming of the girl and your preparation for this.

2) Stop trying so hard. When you finally let go and stop trying to manipulate every second of every interaction with this girl, that’s when things will start going in your favor.

3) Start taking control in life. Not just with girls, either, in all areas. Be a man of decision and action, never doubt yourself. Usually when a man loses a girl, it’s because he’s trying to win her over. Whenever you make her the prize to win, you kill your value, in your eyes and hers.

4) Fix what needs fixing. The old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is true, but if it is broken you need to fix it. If you try to get your ex girlfriend back with the same things that you used when you lost her, expect the same results.

5) Make a plan for self-improvement and stick with it, no matter what. Do this for yourself and the benefit of any girl you will meet. The better you are as a person, the better all of your relationships with friends and girls will be.

6) Remember that the past is the past. Once you feel that enough time has passed (usually a few months or weeks, depending on your situation) and you’re ready to get back in the ring with this girl, don’t let the past mess up the future. Give it all you have without looking back, because if you stay focused on the past, that’s where things will remain. Learn from your mistakes and excel the second time around.

That’s the general rules to follow.

This is far from being as in-depth as we go into this topic in “The New Breed”, such as the surefire strategy it contains to not only get your ex girlfriend back, but have HER come crawling back to get YOU.

This article is a good starting point, but if you are truly serious about getting your ex girlfriend back, check out the advanced method at that link above.

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