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How to get out of a sexual dry spell


Get out of a sexual dry spell

Even the greatest seducers in the world have to get out of a sexual dry spell sometimes and experience dips in their confidence levels during such times.

Granted, their decrease in confidence may not be as drastic as with the average man, but it is still there and it is definitely felt.

I know this from first hand experience.

Life is all about ups and downs, and in turn so is the dating game.

You’ll have high times when you have multiple girls to choose from, and you’ll feel like you are the man.

Then before you know it, the next weekend you might not be able to reach any girls on the phone, have no date for the night and feel like you’ve lost your edge.

All of this is a natural cycle that everyone must go through.

How much you allow it to affect you on a mental level will determine how much it will affect your game externally.

Some men never figure out how to get out of a sexual dry spell, because they begin feeling pity for themselves and believe that it is somehow their own fault as to why they can not get any girls at that time.

Eventually, after a prolonged experience of feeling like you are a loser, you are going to actually make it become a reality since your mental state is so in tune with feeling that way.

You’ll accept is as the norm.

On the other hand, there are some guys who understand that nobody is always going to be chased by girls all of the time, and that we all are going to get rejected at some time of another no matter how much game we may have.

It’s simply a numbers game with a little luck thrown into the mix.

Think of it like gambling; you won’t always be dealt a great hand, but even with a bad hand you could still win if you play it right.

As goes the dating game, and when you are dealt a “bad hand” and are having a low point in your life, you need to man up and realize that it will not last forever so the best course of action is to try to make the most of what you have at that time.

Having a low time is out of your control – it just happens – but how long it takes to get out of a sexual dry spell is entirely up to you.

For example, if you go a few weeks without getting laid once and zero girls are showing interest in you, instead of sulking around with your head down you could be out meeting random people and building up your social circle.

Just because you are having trouble finding a girlfriend doesn’t mean you are going to have trouble making friends, and the more friends that you have the better chance you have of meeting a new girls who could be your next girl.

You might even meet a few new women.

Do you see how positive thinking not only can help you through the bad times, but also ensure that good times are soon to come?

Like most things in life, this is a battle that must be fought within your own mind.

You decide the outcome.

As I stated earlier, even the absolute best players around go through the same cycle of ups and downs that you go through.

I know this for a fact because I am one of the best, and I have to get out of a sexual dry spell on a regular basis.

It’s just the natural order of things.

Anyone who tells you that they have perpetual success with girls all of the time without any “down times” is blowing smoke.

Usually those are the guys who still have some insecurities and feel as if they have something to prove, so they put up a front.

I’m not like that, and without hesitation will tell you straight up that I am not perfect and there are times when girls seem to simply not be interested in me.

When that happens, what is do is simple:

I tell myself that I know it will pass and I’ll be back to feeling like a champion before I know it, and then I preoccupy myself by doing something else that is constructive to pass the time.

Whether the struggle to get out of a sexual dry spell is a mere speed bump or a brick wall is determined by your own perception of it.

If you think of it as a huge deal that is completely ruining your game, then chances are it might end up doing just that.

However, if you take it for what it is – a simple obstacle that you can overcome – you’ll be back to full form in no time.

The only way to get out of a sexual dry spell is to understand that you are still the same person throughout the entire process, regardless of how you feel.

Accept that it is normal and weather the storm. Clear skies are right around the corner.

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