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Foreplay : How to get her wet

As men, we don’t really need more than to see a sexy woman naked to become completely aroused and ready to go. However girls aren’t like that when it comes to foreplay, so you need to know how to get her wet and ready for sex.

Having a lot of game doesn’t mean that much if you can’t turn a girl on when it matters most.

If you don’t stimulate her enough and just try to “dive in”, there’s a chance you’ll kill the mood.

That’s not a good way to end the night.

Let’s take a look at a common scenario…

You get her number, set up the date and take her out. Everything goes great and you get her to come back to your place for “a few drinks”. You’re sitting on the couch kissing and fooling around with her, but after a while she says “It’s getting kind of late. I should get going”.

Being the gentleman that you are, you respect her wishes and show her out even though you are pissed off beyond belief and stuck with a severe case of blue balls.


The reason why this happens to many men is because of a lack of the proper stimulation.

If you want to get her wet and change “it’s getting kind of late” into “one more time before I leave for work” you must stimulate her mind and body, starting with her mind first.

Get her wet without touching her

Men are most aroused by what we can see and can touch, for example; a nice round ass or a big set of tits. We’re rock hard and ready to roll.

Girls are most aroused by what they hear and what they can formulate a fantasy about within their minds. They need to visualize it mentally.

Armed with that knowledge, one of the most effective strategies you can employ to really turn a girl on is talking dirty when things get intimate.

Telling a girl what you’re about to do to her before you do it will get her wet much more than actually performing that act on her. It’s completely different with men; we want to see and feel it, not hear about it.

You can easily plant sexual fantasies into her mind either by making statements about what you’d like to do to her, or by asking questions that elicit a sexual response from her.

Here’s some examples:

“Do I make you get wet when I kiss your neck?”

“I can’t stop thinking about touching your body.”

“Does it turn you on when I whisper in your ear?”

“Imagine the things you want me to do to you.”

“Want me to tell you what I’m going to do next?”

“I’ll find the spot on you that turns you on most.”

Saying things like that while you’re making out with a girl during foreplay is a bulletproof way to make her get wet – soaking wet.


Because statements and questions like those force her mind into the fantasy of thinking about what hasn’t happened yet, but is about to happen.

She’ll become overwhelmed with sexual thoughts and her body will follow suit.

How to turn her on with your touch

The more you continue to pleasure her with foreplay the less chance you have of her leaving or stopping your progress – as long as the foreplay is performed properly.

Most notable is keeping the escalation and flow going down very smoothly and ever progressing.

Always take things slow at first and refrain from making any sudden movements. If she gives you a hint that she likes her foreplay to be rough then you can adjust accordingly, but for now take it easy. The idea is to move your hands and body slow and smooth while maintaining fluid motion.

Keep touching to make her live in the moment.

Don’t do one thing for too long because this will give her time to think, and I can guarantee some of the first things that will pop into her head are:

“Oh my god, what am I doing?”

“I’ve only known him for…”

“What will my friend’s think?”

“Is this guy just playing me?”

That shit is obviously not in your best interest.

You always want to take it to the next level of foreplay before the current level goes stale.

The trick is to keep things happening faster than her mind can keep up, because if her mind is given even a few moments without the need to concentrate on what she is doing, she could begin to think about the current situation and may have second thoughts.

Besides, you need to be escalating the foreplay constantly and guiding it towards sex.

Here’s an example of how foreplay should go:

Kissing her lips > kissing her neck > touching her boobs > kissing her boobs > touching her pussy > eating her pussy > fucking that pussy!

During foreplay always remember to keep talking dirty (unless your mouth is otherwise preoccupied), and restrict the conversation to being sexual at all times. If you allow the topic of discussion to drift to something that isn’t sexual in nature then you’re screwed.

Not screwed in the way you were hoping to be.

Whisper your comments into her ear and kiss her ear while you’re doing it. Her ear is one of the best spots to kiss a girl to get her wet and turn her on. If you are kissing her body, always work your way back to her mouth every so often, and each time make your kissing more intense.

Multitasking magic will get her wet

During foreplay you don’t need to place all of your focus on just one thing at a time.

Doing multiple things to her at once is better.

By far the best way to escalate foreplay to the next level is to make use of multitasking.

For example, instead of going right into sucking on her breasts after kissing her neck, it’s better to begin rubbing on her tits while you are still kissing her on the neck. Then while you have her distracted by kissing her tits you can casually slip your hand down her pants. Keep escalating like that and it will seem so much like a natural progression that you can take it all the way.

That’s some smooth shit, right?

This “warms up” the area you are going to make the move to next – which eases the transition – and it gives her an even stronger sense of the mental fantasy that she needs.

It makes stepping up to the next level seem much more acceptable to her:

“He’s already rubbing my tits, stopping him from kissing them doesn’t make sense”

It plants even more fantasies in her mind that will turn her on even more:

“Oh my god, now he’s grabbing my breasts. Is he really going to suck on them next?”

It makes it hard for her to keep track of everything that’s going on at once:

“Him sucking my tits felt so good I didn’t even realize his hand slide down my pants!”

That’s why this stuff works like magic.

Some final foreplay tips you’ll like

Minimize titty play:

Do not linger too long when playing around with her tits. Feel them for a few minutes, suck on them for a few minutes, then quickly move down below. Any stimulation you can provide to her breasts won’t get her wet like you will when you start touching her down low, so they should only be given a relatively small amount of attention during foreplay.

Besides, you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to touch and kiss her tits during sex.

Ditch the jewelry:

Before ANYTHING happens you should always remove any rings/watches/bracelets that you have on so you can slip your hand down into her pants quickly without anything getting “hooked” and ruining your flow. Don’t do this blatantly in front of her or she might get the impression that you’re about to completely undress yourself like you assumed she’s just going to have sex with you.

Take care of it with discretion and just put that stuff in your pocket when she isn’t paying attention, or while you’re kissing her reach both hands behind her and take off what you need to.

Buttons can wait:

Forget about her belt and unbuttoning her pants at first. Even if she has tight jeans on you can get your hand down there without doing any of that, trust me. If you waste time attempting to undo that stuff she may stop you by grabbing your hand and shaking her head no. You can do all of that later because once she is turned on enough none of it will matter anymore.

After you’ve had your hand down her pants and have her soaking wet it’s basically a done deal at that point, so you can then remove as much of her clothing as you want without worrying about any resistance.

By then she’ll probably want you to just rip her clothes off and get down to business.

If you’re out there smashing random girls, be safe and wear condoms!

Want to know how to make the hottest girls that you know want to have sex with you so you can use these foreplay tricks on them?

I’ll show you exactly how in my book – The Player’s Black Book – just read it and start getting laid.

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