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How to get her to have sex with you


Get her to have sex with you

Alright, so you’ve managed to get a girl back to your place. She seems a bit nervous or looks visibly uncomfortable. What now? How do you make her to feel comfortable and horny enough to get her to have sex with you?

The first step to this is something you should do before you knew she would be coming over.

You need to set up a sexual atmosphere.

I’m not talking about throwing roses on the bed or having the slow jams playing even before the two of you walk through the door, that only works in the movies and will probably make her more hesitant since she’ll know you’ve planned ahead and are expecting to have sex with her.

The right things to do are more discreet.

Interesting and engaging

It’s important to have cool things (sexual in nature if possible) out in the open in your place.

For example, I know how to do handwriting analysis, so I’ll tell her about it and have her write a sample of handwriting on a piece of paper.

When I read her the analysis I get close to her and put my arm around her while pointing out the things that her writing reveals about her.

Instead you can learn how to read palms (it’s very easy) and have a book on it laying around so she’ll say she wants you to read her palm.

Maybe you know some cool magic tricks that you can entertain her with and all of the stuff you need just “happens” to be out in the open.

You could alternatively have a really cool art book with interesting and sexually suggestive pictures for her to look through and ask about.

Just find some fun things to help her relax.

You should always have stuff just sitting on your coffee table that a girl will think is interesting and allows you to interact and engage with her. Not only that, but having cool things in your place will make you seem like a more interesting guy.

What you choose to use is entirely up to you, I just provided some examples that work.

Your comfort = Her comfort

The next main thing that you need to learn how to do is to radiate a sense of acceptance, relaxation and comfort that she can pick up on.

This is what I do, and it works like a charm every time to get past the last few obstacles in the way and get her to have sex with you.

You need to have a state of mind that says:

“I’m totally comfortable here with you, and I know that you feel totally comfortable with me. I’m just waiting for you to realize it.”

Does that sounds like a bunch of New Age crap?

If it does, I don’t blame you – but it really does work. This kind of attitude develops on it’s own with experience, but you can start now.

The next time you’re talking to a girl, instead of paying attention to how nervous or horny you are just focus your thoughts on helping her feel totally comfortable and (here’s the key) help create an environment in which she feels safe to express herself in every way (including sexually).

She’ll only have sex with you if she feels comfortable with not only you, but the situation.

Allow it happen naturally

Lose the agenda.

If she senses that the only reason you brought her over to get her to have sex with you, she’ll shut down completely and resist your advances.

Remember when I said to be discreet?

Instead, just make it clear that you’re both there to have fun and spend time together.

What happens naturally is fine by you because you like her and you’re attracted to her.

When you can just relax and enjoy each other, she will start to loosen up very quickly and become open to being intimate with you.

Drop the “need” to have sex

Nothing kills intimacy like neediness.

Don’t feel the need for her to just get naked and bang you. Rather allow her an opportunity to have sex with you if she wants and decided to on her own.

If you make it clear that you’re comfortable in your own skin – that you’re not intimidated by sex at all – she’ll feel safe and you’ll be able to get her to have sex with you much easier.

Everything should flow smoothly towards sex, as if it were totally unplanned and natural.

Also remember to have your condoms nearby.

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Give it at read and you’re game will be on an entirely different level!

By Sebastian Steele
Author : Simple Seducer

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