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Stop Asking For Numbers

Never say “How about giving me your number?”. Always use something like “I’d like to talk to you again, is there a number I can reach you at?”.

This always produces much better results because she must avoid saying “no” or she will sound stupid because that will mean there is not a number she can be reached at.

It also makes you more original than every other idiot that asks for her number.

Another great approach is to simply hand her your cell phone and tell her (don’t ASK her, tell her) to put her number in it.

The first example is an open-ended way to ask for her number, while the second is a forceful way to get her number.

Both are equally effective so experiment around with them to find out which you prefer using.

Here is another cool trick for getting her number:

Walk straight up to the girl flipping a coin and say “heads you give me your number, tails I give you mine.”

You are guaranteed that she will at least smile and a conversation will start, but more often than not she’ll give you her number (or take yours).

This is particularly effective when she is in a group of her friends.

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