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How to get girls at parties and clubs


Get girls at parties and clubs

So guys its Friday night and you’re ready to go get girls at parties and clubs.

You get two different calls from your friends.

One call is telling you that a friend is having a huge open house party with a keg.

The second call promises a night of dancing, hot babes and an upscale good time.

It’s too bad you can’t do both, so which one do you choose?

The point of this is to explore the two most typical gaming fields that you could be a part of on any given weekend.

I have had my share of both and started to think about how they are similar and different in regard to pros and cons.

Once I stacked them I up I realized that certain things in my game had to be changed in order to increase my success and get girls at parties and clubs depending on where I was.

Not so much big changes in the game itself, but mainly what is to be offered by the venue itself.

The most striking difference in the house party vs. bar/club comparison is the social dynamics of the scene.

I will break it down in an easy way to understand.

First I will list the pros and cons, then follow them up with a detailed summary of the ideas/theories on the list so you can learn how to get girls at parties and clubs on your own terms.

The house party

:: Pros ::

– Economically better. No cover charges, expensive drinks or parking.
– Easier to talk to girls, they are less on-guard. Less approach anxiety.
– Easier comfort building. More isolation spots to chill and game a girl.
– Less noise, better hearing. Typically easier to have a conversation.
– More of a laid back, fun, open atmosphere. Better social activities.

When you roll up to a house party you are going there with a group of friends.

Perhaps the guy throwing the party is a friend, or even a friend of a friend.

The key is that you will most likely be introduced to many of the girls there, therefore eliminating the need to run an opener.

It’s like you get a head start each time you meet someone.

Still be aware of your game (body language, flirting and touch), just cause you don’t have to open in the traditional sense doesn’t mean you should abandon your discipline.

Mostly likely your friends will scatter into other groups, which are mixed with people you know and don’t know.

Since your friends will be all over the place, your approach anxiety should be minimal.

Plus this is a great time to use multi-threading, improvisation, and any other routine.

With you and your friends being familiar with each other, topics to talk about should be flying around, such what you guys did last weekend.

You can still approach strangers in the normal sense and have great things to talk about, such as who do you know at the party.

Having a core group of friends there takes off some pressure.

Plus at most house parties it is easy to join groups that are playing typical drinking games, just join in and have fun.

Comfort building is also facilitated as a house party will offer many spots to isolate women.

Anywhere from a quite couch in the living room or the kitchen will make a great spot. Since the party people will be scattered, finding a good quite isolation spot is easier.

Also moving a girl away from her friends into a comfort build spot will be easier do with the more laid back environment working for you.

Her friends are more apt to let you two be alone, knowing that you two can’t just run away in the house.

Plus your social proof will make you some what more trusting in the sense that you have been very social during the night, from when you walked in and gave all your friends pounds, to when you are seen making everyone laugh in the kitchen.

In conclusion, the house party atmosphere is typical very fun and open.

You have a lot of social proof, plenty of ways to beak the ice, much support of your friends and a quite environment.

The biggest advantage of the house party over the club is the lack of loud music.

How many times have you tried to approach a girl at a loud bar, only to have her not be able to hear you, or vice versa?

You will not have to peck, or repeat yourself 10 times.

:: Cons ::

– Higher chance for a sausage fest. Usually many more guys then girls.
– Smaller margin of error. Bombing with a girl hits your social value.
– Higher chance of the friend-zone trap. You must be highly sexual.

The ultimate fear of any house party is a lack of girls; also know as a sausage fest.

When the ratios of girls to guys are something like 1:8, there is going to be a lot of tension in the air.

Basically when you go to a bar or club it almost guaranteed that there will be enough girls to game, you even figure there will be a bunch of average guys just standing around doing nothing.

However, a house party can easily succumb to the horrors of a sausage fest, and the whole social dynamic changes when that happens.

The girl’s protective shields becomes stronger; she can’t hook up with all the 12 guys there.

Therefore, the few girls that are there are then reduced to a pieces of meat that all these guys are fighting over.

Ultimately the girl will become very selective due to all the guys trying to game her.

She will get sick of all these guys hitting on her every 5 minutes and just shut down completely.

At a bar or club, if you strike out really bad – I mean just made a complete ass of yourself – you can simple walk away like nothing ever happened.

In a packed club guys are getting shut down left and right, but you rarely notice it because some many things are going on at once.

Music, lights, smoke, people everywhere and hot babes walking around.

So when you mess up your social value it’s not diminished since the next girl you approach will most likely have not seen you get shot down earlier.

It’s like starting fresh at each approach.

At a house party, since it will be a lot less congested then a bar/club, you screw ups will be much more noticeable.

One big mistake can cost you the night.

Your social value affects your ability to get girls at parties and clubs both, but at a party it can follow you around like your shadow.

Another setback of the house party involves when you meet a friend of a friend.

Lets say you meet one your friend’s good friends who happens to be a hot girl.

You and her are hitting it off, you guys hook up and then that’s it.

This causes drama in your circle of friends.

That girl can start to complain to your friend about you, about how you played her or whatever.

Even worse, she will try and put you in the friend zone either before or after you get with her at all.

The bars and clubs

:: Pros ::

– Will always have plenty of girls cycling through during the night.
– The best place for practicing in a social value risk free environment.
– Great place to watch and observe other guys successes and failures.
– You have a huge margin of error. Strike out, just move to another.
– The upbeat, high energy location is ever changing and memorable.

The clubs and bars are the ultimate battlefield for players.

It’s like what a football field is for a quarterback.

When you go to a bar you will be surrounded by a large amount of potential girls to talk to, so go ahead and go approach them with the newly developed skills that you’ve learned here.

If get shot down by a girl, like mentioned before, just leave and try to approach another girl.

You need to say that you will never see this person again if you happen to fail the game; you have an array of women to practice game on.

This is the place where you will see what openers stick and which ones tank. You can then perfect your game to get girls at parties and clubs.

Here is where you can see how far you can take a it through your display of social value stories and various strategies.

Basically you have nothing to lose, and all to gain.

Hey guess what?

You’re not the only guy gaming at this venue.

I like to take time out to see how all the other guys are doing.

It’s good to watch a guy’s success or failure and then assess what went wrong for him and what went right, then think about what you would have done differently.

Study how a player works a group, how his body language speaks out, see what signs that she is interested they are sending him.

Basically if you learn to see these thing when other people are interacting, it will become second nature to recognize it in your own game.

You can learn a lot about how to get girls at parties and clubs just by being observant.

As mentioned before, you have a huge margin of error.

Your failure earlier will not affect your chances with other girls, assuming they didn’t see you get shot down.

Even if they did see you get shot down, it’s so loud in the club that they don’t even know what you guys said to each other, you could have been the one to shoot the other girl down for all they know.

The beauty of this type of venue is that it cuts you so much slack on practicing game.

This is a great place to practice new stuff that you’ve never tried before or anything crazy you can think of, because your failures mean nothing and have no social penalty.

In conclusion, this is the testing field, the game arena, and main event all rolled up into one.

This is where you really go to see how much your game has improved. You can get girls at parties and clubs easier once you’re game has been stepped up, and the club is the place to do that.

Not only that, but once you get into the groove of the club it can be a really fun place, as it is meant to be.

Just remember you are still at a social gathering, so socializing is a must.

:: Cons ::

– Finding a quiet comfort building/isolation spot will be much harder.
– The loud noise and music will make talking to girls more difficult.
– Approach anxiety will be more prevalent due to lack of introductions.
– Economically worst. You will spend money there one way or another.

Of course all is not perfect.

You main problem will be getting a girl isolated away from her group of friends for comfort building.

It’s always possible to isolate a chick from her group in any venue if your game is tight, it’s just the matter of subtly of the venue.

Guys are there to score with the ladies, and the girls are very aware of that plan.

So if you do not win over the obstacles first, her friend will protect her by cock blocking you.

Also, if the venue you are at is very packed, you may even have trouble just trying to find a good place to sit down with her.

How are you going to move her to the couch if there’s already a bunch of assholes sitting on it because they’re scared to go talk to any girls themselves?

That can produce a big problem.

The biggest killer of game is the loud music.

It will be very hard for people to hear you when you talk, and for you to hear them as well.

This is not good and makes it hard to get girls at parties and clubs alike, however at a party you can just turn the music down or go somewhere quiet.

You look needy when you are forced to take poor body language stance such as leaning in and repeating yourself.

The ideal stance is that you are slightly leaning back rather then leaning in.

You can always learn to read lips better or simply just try to game an area that is not being bombarded with sound.

In any event, you must learn how to deal with these obstacles to get girls at parties and clubs.

When you roll up to a bar/club, you will most likely know very few people there, usually who you came with or met up with there.

The only girls you will be gaming are pure strangers, unless you brought sand to the beach, so it is expected that you will experience much more approach anxiety.

At the house party you could just wander into a group of girls that your friend introduced you to earlier and it’s game on, no stress.

At the club you’re going to have to rely on your game 100%.

You are going to have to make all the magic happen, from start to finish, but doing so can be very rewarding personally and a big confidence boost.

Just remember that you have nothing to lose.


Now you know the social dynamics of each type of gathering, you can adjust your game and plan accordingly to get girls at parties and clubs.

Based on what I have presented, you can see how the each venue offers different advantages and disadvantages to your game.

Ultimately your success will not depend on where you go, but how good your game is, which is to be expected.

Final Thoughts:

If you have to choose one or the other:

Go to a house party if…

– You just want to have a fun and relaxed time with all your friends.
– You want to practice game slowly in a lower pressure atmosphere.
– You are looking for a long term relationship or higher quality girls.

Go to a club or bar if…

– You want to really give your game some fast and effective practice.
– Want to dance, drink and get tons of numbers all in the same night.
– You’re looking for a quick hook up or lay with an easier type of girl.

Just remember that you can have success anywhere you go.

You are not limited to get girls at parties and clubs, they are everywhere.

Want to know the REAL best places to meet girls? I’m talking about where most of them are single and they outnumber men 5 to 1?

Inside “A Crash Course In Seduction” you’ll learn about all of these places, and exactly what to do when you get there to pull all of the hot women you desire!


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