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How to get a girlfriend in high school


Get a girlfriend in high school

I know that there are quite a few new guys visiting this site and that some of you aren’t even out of high school. Being a able to get a girlfriend in high school is without a doubt the hardest feat to pull off at your age.

When you’re a bit older and out in the world you don’t really need to worry much about screwing up when you approach girls.

If you fail, it’s not a big deal because you probably won’t see her ever again – or very rarely.

However in High School, you are constantly analyzed and judged.

Everyone watches you. Everyone talks.

One mistake and your head is in the social guillotine, and a big screw up can haunt you for years.

So how do you become successful and get a girlfriend in high school without putting your entire social image at risk?

See the truth

The first thing to remember is that they are all just girls.

They’re not women. They’re GIRLS.

Even the few who act like they are 40 are still just young girls.

At the end of the day, they are very easy to attract because all of this dating stuff is new to them.

They are just learning and haven’t developed the elaborate defensive mechanisms and filtering methods that grown women use to choose their mates.

Regardless, you have to remember that in High School these girls are essentially forced to stay in a building within close proximity to hundreds of boys, all like you who are trying to score the hottest girls.

What I have noticed is that the generally successful boys start out with confidence.

You can actually get a girlfriend in high school pretty much with confidence alone.

Also, in this new age ran by social media, your every move can get instantly thrown into the void for all to see. You need to have swagger and keep your image in check at all times.

Set the trends

I find that you turn the most heads when you pop out of the rest, but not in an extreme way.

Dress trendy with a vengeance.

Don’t wear what everyone else is wearing today, wear what they’ll all be rocking tomorrow.

Musicians set most of the trends, so keep tabs on what they are wearing in the latest music videos, because I guarantee that’s what everyone at your school will be wearing soon.

What matters is who at your school gets there first, because that guy will be viewed as the trend setter.

He’ll be the cool guy that it seems like everyone else is copying.

Girls love to talk, so they will all talk about how you are so cool and always on top of what’s the hot thing right now, and how all the other guys are just one step behind.

Do that and you’ll have no problem being able to get a girlfriend in high school, you’ll be able to choose any girl that you want.

They’ll be chasing after you if they see someone who looks comfortable being at the top.

Play the game

Interacting with girls properly is a new beast to tame.

You’re trapped with the same people for 4 years.

Don’t say “oh well, if I screw up now there’s always the new kids next year”.

Your image will trickle down from your grade to the next. You have to think long term now.

This means taking it slow. Patience.

Use the techniques on this site. Learn body language and expand your confidence.

It’s time to be slightly arrogant.

Young girls like to challenge.

They live off of teasing and torturing the guys because subliminally it’s their way of testing to see which of them are the most stable, strong, confident or susceptible.

They take behaviors to an extreme. So what you need to do is become indifferent:

Pick a girl you like and observe her softly.

Your goal is to get a girlfriend in high school, so choose one that lives up to your standards.

This means that you’re not staring at her in the lunchroom or class watching everything she does.

Glance at her every 10 seconds for one second, and then proceed to glance at things around her, while keeping your eyes in front of you for a majority of time on something like a magazine.

Keep your face relaxed, with a hint of a smile on it. Look confident – not giddy or nervous.

Once you see the kind of girl she is, like how she speaks and what gestures she does often, it’s time for what I call the “walk around”.

Walk the walk

This is most effective at lunch and other large gatherings, and is a very effective method to not just get a girlfriend in high school, it makes many girls view you as being attractive so you have multiple girls to choose from.

Find a girl that would require you to walk by her to get to something like a vending machine (if you pick this please buy something or you’ll look like a bum) or even a friend will do.

Walk slowly, but do not strut!

Putting bounce in your step says you’re trying too hard. Instead, step firmly.

This means when your foot comes down it doesn’t just drag and stop. It means you plant it and it stays.

As you pass her, pretend to be looking elsewhere. Casually turn and pretend as if she caught your eye by looking her square in hers.

Once your eyes make contact (trust me, they will), give her a faint nod and smile.

Look for something unique but good about her and remember it. You will need it later.

Look away, take about 10-15 steps more before glancing back.

She will most likely be with friends, so even if she’s not looking, she knows what you are doing through her friends.

Now that she has a feeling you’re interested, it’s time for the return trip.

Walk back in her direction, and look for cues.

If the girls around her are watching you, you’re now in the spotlight.

Look for fidgeting, a sudden interest for the girls to talk amongst themselves, or even your target facing you.

Almost all of the time, you will see your target pretending like you’re not there, but her friends suddenly noticing you.

Now it’s time to stake your claim.

As you walk by slowly, either run your finger on the edge of their table WITHOUT making any eye contact with her friends, or if there’s not enough room, lightly tap the table in front of her.

This move here is extremely gutsy, requiring you to show nothing but confidence.

Not looking at any of the Girls shows that you are as oblivious to them as your target is pretending to be of you.

Once the table maneuver is complete, keep walking back to your table, and within 5 steps now, look back at your target square in the eyes to let her know your finger wasn’t a mistake.

This whole procedure conveys your interest, but also says that you don’t need her that desperately.

Follow it up

Wait until you see her again in the halls or even next day lunch for the best effect, to say hi.

Instead of just going “hey there” or “have I seen you before?”, say something like “You know, I saw you at lunch yesterday, and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful your hair looks” (replace hair with whatever unique you saw about her earlier).

Once she says thanks – which she will – say that you would love to talk more, but you’re in a hurry.

Ask for her name, and say, “Well I’ll see you at lunch” (or wherever you saw her. If you see her again that same day, postpone a meeting until the next day, same time).

This here secretly conveys to her that you are the one in control here.

Hopefully you will have her interest (which worked pretty much every time for me) and you can now start using the rest of the tips here.

Why the long tutorial on how to get a girlfriend in high school?

Remember earlier where I said you’re constantly being analyzed?

When she tells other girls about how you “picked her up”, they will all come to the conclusion that you’re confident and headstrong, which gives you even more options.

For all the seduction techniques you’ll ever need to know in High School, read “A Crash Course In Seduction”.

With what you’ll learn in that book, nobody in your school will ever be close to your level.

You’ll become the guy that dates the hottest girls in school like it’s nothing.


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