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Never talk normal topics with her


Keep Topics Interesting When you are having that initial conversation with a new girl always try to keep the topics interesting by asking her questions that she is not used to getting from guys that hit on her and may have never even been asked before. By all means, you should try to avoid asking her the typical questions like “Where do you live?”, “Where do you go to school or...

Women respond to childish teasing


Childish Teasing Works Tease those girls, they like it! Remember back in 2nd grade when girls had “cooties” and you’d tease them, fight with them, and pick on them? Sure you do! It’s time to go back to 2nd grade people, because girls still respond positively to this. Teasing them lets them know that you are playful and could care less what they (or anyone) think about you...

Isolating girls before you seduce


How To Isolate Girls When dealing with a group of women, always isolate the girl you like before you attempt to seduce her and/or escalate your touching to a sexual level. Regardless of how attracted to you they may be, most girls will be hesitant to allow you to advance the relationship to a more intimate level while still in the presence of their friends. By isolating her before you escalate...

Teasing girls and dealing with tests


The Right Way To Tease I am a firm believer that teasing should be relatively unrehearsed. Also, do not insult the girl. Most girls, believe it or not, are relatively insecure. If you insult them they are going to automatically associate you with having a negative connotation. Just like text game, you want to throw that smiley face into the text conversation when you want her to know that you are...

Always know what to say to women


Actively Listen To Her How would you like to be better with conversations and have friends and girls enjoy talking with you more? How many times does someone tell you their name and a second later you forget it? How many times does someone tell you something then shortly after they have to tell you the same thing? Well, you’ve heard it time and time again: Listen! You may think you are...

Reading girls lips helps club game


How To Read Her Lips Ever have problems talking to girls in nightclubs just because of the simple fact that you can’t hear them very well? If so, I’ve got a simple method to get around this, and that is to improve your lip reading skills. It sounds harder than it actually is, all you need to do is watch some TV! Next time you are watching some TV shows (familiar shows with normal...

Know what to say by active listening


Always Know What To Say This tip is CRUCIAL, can make or break it with a woman, and will keep your mind sharp and alert after a bit of trial and error but does require a lot of active listening. Girls will always drop in little words in their sentences hoping you will pick up on them! This is where the active listening definitely helps and where girls “anti-slut” defense come into...

Free Seduction Guide

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