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Gaming girls that are older than you


Picking Up Older Women

So I’ve told a bunch of people this tactic before and it’s something I use consistently.

This is important for gaming older girls and is also a great tip for anyone concerned they are too young for a woman.

Now inevitably age comes up, especially if you look younger and the girl is clearly older than you.

Age should never be a factor and it should be avoided by any experienced player.

I tend to be curious and ask because I like to know where their mindset is.

So when I ask a 30+ girl or a girl who is at least 5 years older than me I, in turn, get asked the same thing.

Sometimes they’ll just blurt it out since I do look pretty damn young.

It’s okay, there’s a way to keep her mind at ease and make yourself cocky funny at the same time.

I’m 23, so 15 is an incredibly young age to throw out there.

So whenever I am asked my age I fall back to I’m 15.

This will usually get a laugh and some touching probably from her nudging me for teasing her, but it will also more often than not get her to question me again.

When she asks again you simply ask her what age she thinks you are.

When she does this she may say a flattering age very close to hers.

If she does this you tell her she’s wrong and she’ll say a younger age.

After the 2nd guess, you tell her no you were right the first time, I just didn’t want to make it that easy for you.

There you go, now you are effectively in her age range and the comfort level is now sky high.

This works for all ages.

If you’re actually 15 tell her you’re 13 how great it feels to be finally a teenager.

This is highly effective. Try it, thank me later.

– Wood

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