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The Fortune Cookie Trick

Go to your local Chinese restaurant and have them put your phone number inside of a fortune cookie.

Trust me, they have a trick. They know how to and can do it.

When you see a girl that you like you like (this works much better during day game, but not so well at a bar or club) walk up to her and say “Want me to tell you your fortune?”

She’ll most likely be a combination of confused and curious at this point.

Next whip out the fortune cookie and have her open it right there in front of you.

She is curious and now you are mysterious to her.

Girls love anticipation when it comes to what’s about to happen next, so she will play along (I’ve never had a girl ever not want to open the fortune cookie, it’s just too intriguing to them).

When she cracks it open it will have your number inside, obviously.

Then don’t say anything at all and just look at her with a welcoming smile as you await her response.

She will probably bust out laughing or smile and blush, both of which are good for you!

Then proceed to introduce yourself like “I guess you need to know my name now that you’ve already got my number” and take it from there.

When you’re finishing running your game, don’t just tell her to call you, say something such as “That fortune may change your life. Don’t lose it, and make sure to use it!”

– Just_Plain_Old_Me

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